OmniGothic NeoFuturist Poets


(That's Omnigoths for short.)



More regular and innocuous than nuclear wind, we workshop poetry in groups of 3-8 people.


Group Lineage:

Founded in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1996, out of remnants from Christopher Levenson's Carleton University Poetry  401.16 Course.


Past Projects:


Some Omnigoths past, and present but there's no accounting for:


omnigoth_lynne.jpg (17661 bytes)
Lynne Alsford
  • Find her. Buy the Beach Plum chapbook


omnigoth_aaron.jpg (14617 bytes)
Aaron Mills
  • last seen in TO
  • sampler coming someday?
omnigoth_al.jpg (18533 bytes)
Alastair Larwill
  • last spotted in PQ
  • sample?
wpe1.jpg (1094 bytes)
James Moran
  • sample poem coming?
omnigoth_jim.jpg (14252 bytes)
Jim Larwill
  • Ottawa's 2003 rep for the national CBC Faceoff.
  • Nab him and Buy the Eden chapbook
omnigoth_pearl.jpg (15725 bytes)
Pearl Pirie


  • sample?
omnigoth_rocco.jpg (9841 bytes)
Rocco Paoletti
  • anyone seen this man?
  • sampler?


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Stephany Willson
  • TBA
  • sample?
omnigoth_wendy.jpg (14218 bytes)
Wendy Brandts
  • confirmed spotting in Ottawa




More Information:
For joining in on a Saturday afternoon workshop, email



No army boots required.


(Data subject to change to actually make appearance of accuracy.)