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There's an interview with Ottawa Focus here and a 12 or 20 questions interview there. In April in the in Other Words column of the Globe and Mail was an article on me by rob mclennan.

Poetry CV 2010
over my dead corpus is out from AngelHousePress. There's a forthcoming trade collection been shed bore (Chaudiere Books, 2010).

On January 28, I was part of ABSTrACTS/RéSuMÉS: An Exercise in Poetry, a show that was a cooperation between the Ottawa Art Gallery and the AB Series as an ekphratic response to Michele Provost's art.

March 11, 2010, I was interviewed on CKCU's Literary Landscapes about the upcoming reading.

In July 2010, I will be a workshop participant in the Sage Hill Writing Experience with Daphne Marlatt.

I've been organizing facilitators for the Tree Reading Series workshops since the fall of 2009.

Poetry 2009
Writing: I blog for the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter and for myself at pesbo.

Giving Workshops: I gave a Dusty Owl Workshop April 19 on firestarter prompts and gave a series of 4 workshops at Tree on using particular forms and ways of editing.

Readings: In no particular order the first half of 2009 was moderately busy. I did a couple readings out in B.C. On February 5, 2009 I was the reader presented by Pooka Press at Pulp Fiction Book Store, Vancouver. With Steve Millar, Shannon Rayne and Warren D. Fulton, I was a reader at the Guerilla Poetry Series (vid link) on February 8, 2009. I was the feature reader at Ottawa's Sasquatch Reading Series on March 15. I was one of the features at the New Stalgica Series on April 12, 2009. I was part of the 15th anniversary tour for Pookapalooza in June. I was a reader with the AB Series in December with John Barlow. I did a reading with the Factory Series in 2008 and will return to the Ottawa Art Gallery for an ekphrastic show in 2010.

Organizing: I've been organizing facilitators for the Tree Reading Series workshops since the fall of 2009. I was a reader on panel for the Bywords Quarterly Journal for a year or so, and was on the editing panel for a couple chapbooks.

Radio: I was interviewed by CHUO's Mitchell Caplan in April 09. I was recently up at ditch,. Writings appeared in Ottawater 6.0 and in the AngelHouse Press essay series.

Lecture: I was a speaker at Tree. (Here's that talk on authorship).

Other: Since I was in Dublin anyway, I did open mic of a Glór. Watch for a chapbook from AngelHouse Press


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  • Shape Shifting, Haiku Canada (2010)
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  • Ex spots Ed a) and b) Peter F Yacht Club, issue 13, July 09
  • Pent Up (AngelHouse Press, June 2009) released at the small press fair with poems by Sandra Ridley, Pearl Pirie, Amanda Earl, Marcus McCann and Roland Prevost.
  • haiku in How Close the Moon, June 2009 Kado broadsheet
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  • Helena relates, above/ground press poem broadside #287

Readings and Publishing 2008 and Before:

Oath in the Boathouse (above/ground press, February 2008)

In 2008, I was one of the readers at the PFYC launch December 24. I was one of the feature readers for the Factory Series, Aug 14, 2008. As a promotion for this 15th anniversary of the series, Susan Johnson of CKCU's Fridays Special Blend interviewed Amanda Earl and I on Aug 14, 2008. I was on the billet as one of the Ottawa Hot Voices with Tree, and was one of the readers at Ottawa Night at the AB Series.

I was one of the invited readers for Radical Vulvas, Ottawa, August 10, 2008. I read as one of the invited readers at The Muses for Pumping Irony class Nov. 16, 2007. I was on the slate of as readers by editors for the Bywords Quarterly Journal Spring reading, April 27, 2008 held at Chapters Rideau. I was part of a group chapbook launch reading at Sasquatch in January 2008.

  • what clouds, 1cent #398, Dec 24, 2008
  • identity guidelines in GAR #24, December 20, 2008
  • poetics statement: Weighing Maps: Travelling Poetry, Ottawater, issue 5
  • to unparch 1cent #394, Nov 22, 2008
  • a saying is a doing, unarmed journal #59
  • lying lo e, s0 and being a dentist to gift horses knows experiment-o.com, fall 2008
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  • The Next Phase (flash fiction) and conscious divulgences withheld (vispo) Peter F Yacht Club #12, Anarchy, issue 12
  • Can't leave towns without, Damn You, Fitzpatrick, August 08, above/ground
  • Whack of Clouds, chapbook with Amanda Earl, Marcus McCann, Nicholas Lea and Roland Prevost, Angelhouse Press, June 2008
  • happy birthday warren dean fulton dirty packrat press, June 2008
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  • Oath in the Boathouse chapbook from above/ground press, March 2008
  • untitled pakupaku vortext, self published, March, 2008
  • got it all away again and near 5 Irma Bombeck books in Cultural Shifts, March 2008
  • Walk out where we can talk, every sentence is wetter snow gravity, again makes same rounds, Furnivall, F.J. and flashes in Ottawater, Issue 4.0
  • Interview with Jenn Bredl in Mipoesias.com
  • 2 untitled in issue #384 of 1cent, winter 2007
  • poems in Listenlight 12
  • Who's counting but, assignment: to make, each year hotter, safe: pretend numbers are, all straw talking in Womb, equinox issue, 2007
  • untitled epigram and Drier Birch Leaves, Autumn-Blonde, Fly Past High Window in Collected Iron Works, chapbook, Rideau Review Press
  • Meg narrates to herself, age 3.5 in Photobooth broadside series of Pooka Press
  • Passing Dorval in London Times
  • Old Uncle in Best of Cafe Cafe, Summer 2007, MiPo
  • Better Ways to go than by Aspartame, chapbook, self-published, Fall 07
  • Making Connections won 3rd Place in the Ray Burrell Poetry Contest to appear in the 2007 issue of The Gristmill
  • In the Middle, Paddling, Congestion, Little Brown Bats, Damselflies, It Takes So Few Watts, and Thatch in English and translated to Romanian at LuminitaSuse.com
  • Making Connections won Honorable Mention in the Ray Burrell Poetry Contest, 2006 published in the 2009 issue of The Gristmill
  • Pick me up? You said, was picked up again by Bywords to go into the Moments Not Monuments: Remembering John Newlove chapbook in 2004.
  • Pick me up? You said in the John Newlove Memorial Issue of Bywords.ca, April 2004
  • (Untitled) in Valley Writer's Guild Newsletter, March/April 2003
  • Haiku Quiet, Eaten with a Spoon and Watermark Me Free I, Watermark Me Free II, pdfs, self-published online, Page Half-Full Poems, chapbooks
  • Bubbles, Peacekeeper and Eleven as Poet of the Week at www.PoetrySuperHighway.com for the week of January 6 - 12, 2003
  • Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, Part 2, in Valley Writer's Guild Newsletter, January/February 2003.
  • Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, Part 1, in Valley Writer's Guild Newsletter, November/December 2002.
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  • Archivally speaking: Although I had articles and editorials published through professional newsletters from late 90s, as far as poetry in print, in 2002 I realized that I hadn't submitted a single poem anywhere for more than 300 poems!  In fact my last biggest burst of submissions (6) at that point seems to have been in 1995. (That came more of a shock to me than you, I realize. :-))   I'm [theoretically] remedying my submission deficit as we speak though. Which is to say, I submitted 3 things in 2004-2005 and 1 thing in 2006. And a burst of a dozen in 2007. The chapbook I was putting together with another poet seems to have fallen off the back burner. Arg. On the plus side, I have a few manuscripts underway, a few full-lengths, a few chapbook-sized series and a novel being built. Check up on how I've been doing since then.

    Wish me, not luck, but strong teeth to bite many bullets!


    Pearl, circa 2001

    I have a blog of poetry drafts and the beginnings of thinking about the broader field of poetry and poetics at Pesbo. You know, of course, about the Humanyms blog. In life beyond poetry reading and writing, there are other things...

    Ottawa has so many options on the poetry calendar. I've attended and read in open set of readings at Sasquatch, Dusty Owl, and the Tree reading series on and off for years.

    The Ottawa International Writers' Festival is great to soak in. It's twice a year of outstanding speakers. I've also attended 5 out of the 6 CBC Canada Poetry Face-Offs, as well as the occasional poetry slams, Wordlympics, and other poetry readings (in Ottawa, Canada and while on vacation in London, England and NYC, USA). I attended the 4-day Geraldine R. Dodge International Poetry Festival in New Jersey, USA. I recommend it to anyone who loves poems or storytelling! Go in 2008! [I hope to.] [Gah, it's been cancelled!]

    What else can I tell you?

    Writer's Statement

    Word by word, I write in faith that I am on a path to making the vital interconnections that translate knowledge into understanding, form, wisdom, community for myself and for others. Through art, craft, study, mentoring and practice, I hone my blade and whittle away at inarticulateness until I'm left with essential shapes of what it is to be humane and human, gentle and strong, humorous and celebratory.

    Poetry is music reachable by the conscious and unconscious mind. Chosen words are decorations and scars that mark one's life, one's tribe, one's faith. Poems are inukshuit, shadowed footsteps showing the brightness of snow around where one has been, making one aware of where one is and directions one can go. Poetry encompasses many ways to interact, learn, breathe, move and teach. By writing poetry -- this calling that I echo -- I learn to more keenly observe and bring these observations to insight.  (circa 2006)


    Workshopping and Festivals
    I am something of a "workshop junkie". I love conferences and training days and continuing education courses. I generally have taken 2 or 3 workshops or terms of classes a year for the last 15 years. I took Mandarin, Spanish, editing for plain English, pilates, Canadian Bill of Right and Freedoms, emergency lifesaving, Islam, Tai Chi, massage and everything in between. (What would be between?) I have taken everything from proxemics and proofreading to bellydancing and yoga.

    Language-wise, I workshopped poetry for the first time in 1987 with Mike O'Shaughnessy (who now is publishing fantasy short stories). Sometime in late 80s I met with the writer-in-residence Tim Wynne-Jones to get his feedback on my clutch of religious allegory poems. (I eventually got over them not being heralded as being from the next John Bunyan.)

    I frequent writer's groups online and face-to-face. I've been a regular at the Poetry-Workshop listserv for since 2003. I am part of the Omnigoths poetry workshop group, Tuesday Rubies and a group of us that we haven't named. In 2007 I attended a Haiku Canada conference and became a member of the national group, and of the local kado. I have been a member of the Valley Writers Guild for a few years. It holds workshop sessions, round tables and has guest speakers (I was its web designer).

    Since the early to mid-nineties, I've participated in writing courses under Christopher Levenson (1993-1994), Ruth Latta (2001?) Scott Wiggerman (2003). I learned in a few led by rob mclennan in 2006 and 2007, and one led by Stephen Brockwell in 2007.

    I have also participated in shorter writers' workshops. I took a Stuart Ross Poetry Bootcamp in 2007. Earlier ones were under Sheri-D and Wendy Morton in 2004's Words Aloud festival. There are a number of writing retreats I salivate over but haven't gone to yet.


    I am married to a like-minded creative, scientific-minded professional. He is romantic and understanding and loves to design things (such as a shoji-inspired lamp, a computer, ledge-edged bed and a Star Trek-looking dining table, which he then builds and in some cases, rebuilds. (3 iterations for table so far.) He made a water fountain [fountain video] He also likes to set up sites. He had previously created insightcentral.net about Honda's gas/electric hybrid. He now has another project at architypes.net for architects to use as a design resource and another at East Market.

    I also have a memoirs page and web portfolio of the sites I did ages ago.

    We had 2 cats (one crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2005, the second in July 2008) who are pictured here. They were largely indifferent to getting or making their own websites. But then, that's hardly surprising for cats. Although, Valerie blogged for about 4 years, Zoe did once swat a paw at the idea of blogging, set one up then promptly forgot her address, user name and password. (We didn't let her wander the streets alone.)

    Think that's about it.

    Thanks for Reading

    Make yourself a good day. I wish you enough.



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