Posted on Thursday 26 November 2015

Sahlab at Jericho (thick hot milk with rose water and spice)
Sahlab at Jericho (thick hot milk with rose water and spice).

appetizers at Jericho
The vegetarian appetizer platter was nice. Nothing mcirowaved. Crisp outside, soft inside. Rich flavours.

The website if for their takeout, but they have posted hours for in-person from 10 am to 10pm most days.

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That’s a Final Wrap. Cut.

Posted on Wednesday 29 July 2015

Whole wheat wrap around nut butter with raisins and celery.

Since April 2006, 9 years and 2,829 posts. A shade under 100,000 views since Aug 2006 so just over 30 views per post on average, although readership is a slope down even as photos have improved.

But chips fall where they are. That’s a wrap. Like a message sent to outer space in a probe, I’ll say one last thing.

With a certain melon-choly, an asterisks and period ends.

When enough is enough, one can have gratitude to those who shared part of the journey, enjoyed, appreciated thanks.

Every audience member is valuable. My contribution is not.

Yes, it’s inane or silly to chime in, “I ate beets too!” but silence slays.

By gut one knows when one’s done.

Ultimately, does anything I say have any impact on anything but my own energy? I concluded not, which is also why I quit teaching 8 years ago after nearly 12 years.

I wished to advocate for the diversity of vegetarian food. The blog will stay up.

It used to be a reliable awkwardness among meals with family or friends — people being asses, mooing at me as they ate their burgers or being dumbfounded how one can eat without the main attraction. Tiresome. Tired. Could refer peppily someone to look up blog. But to reply is to ask for someone to continue opposing.

Can you imagine every time you wore shoes, people needed to discuss them and tell you you’re doing it wrong or fondle their own shoes at the provocation of you existing?

I have been at too many arguments of what nutrition is, where protein comes from. What is healthy. As the person who refrains from juice for its sugar content devours a quarter pie.

It was rarely about them.

I like record keeping and spreading ideas. I like to pay attention. I like to make beauty as part of daily routine.

Why stop?

It is not valuable to catch every ephemeral.

It is not a pleasure for me to take portraits of food at their best anymore.

It has not been a signal to stop and admire for some time. It is not learning more aspects of composition at quick street photography speed.

I will not pursue being a food stylist for pay.

Food Photos in blogging have become high art,lighting systems, having an infinite amount of tablecloths, props and sets of dishes. Which apparently only I find a false note. That’s manufacturing beauty not capturing it in the wild with minimal intervention.

Old audience goes and new audience has to be wooed. I do not wish to flog my blog on various social media or join blog organizations. If it doesn’t go thru FB it doesn’t exist.

We could say sabbatical. We could say sayonara. We could say, see you at Planet of the Scapes. We could say, bye.

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Posted on Tuesday 28 July 2015

Homemade falafel on thin buns with garlic sauce, sushi ginger, onion, basil and garden lettuce.

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Hamless Burger

Posted on Monday 27 July 2015

Thyme in view.

pure water
Pure clear water.

hamless burger
One of those fake meat burgers. Mustard, relish, ketchup. Homegrown lettuce. The smallest things can give the illusion of control and self-reliance, like homegrown lettuce or herbs.

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Posted on Friday 24 July 2015

Shish-kabobs with bbq sauce, potato salad with fresh dill from the garden. Sweet and sour lentils. Peach punch.

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Theme Coloured

Posted on Thursday 23 July 2015

yellow meal
Yellow pear, yellow mac and cheese with thyme and marjoram mixed in, corn with tarragon.

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Posted on Wednesday 22 July 2015

A vegan Greek salad, potato pierogies with mushroom and cheddar and asparagus.

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