White Lasagna

Posted on Thursday 29 January 2015


Made with fresh grated nutmeg and a white sauce with bay leaves. Fussy work but good results. I added 454g spinach to the original b├ęchamel recipe.

lasagna layer
Layered parsley.

lasagna layer next
and old cheddar and ricotta instead of parmesan.

Improv brownie for dessert. Too cakey.

12:33 pm
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The Pizza of Desperation

Posted on Wednesday 28 January 2015

pizza of desperation
$3 on sale for 2 servings.

pizza of desperation
I swear they put butter pats on top of this. I added kale and more mushrooms.

And Giddy Yo raw chocolate. Fruity.

12:31 pm
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The Cotton Candy of Vegetables

Posted on Tuesday 27 January 2015

sprout day 4
Day 4 ready to eat almost. Good to go.

sprouts day 5
Alfalfa sprouts with brown tomato in mini pita,

kale chips
Herbed kale chips, semi-solid food that melts in the mouth, the cotton candy of vegetables.

In the back an experiment with kale stems, ginger and various sauces. Didn’t fly. But the polenta refried with cremini mushrooms was nice.

12:26 pm
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Sprout Shout Out

Posted on Monday 26 January 2015

sprout day 2
Alfalfa sprout, day 2 of growth, very small but first few leaves.

sprout day 3
Day 3.

With some of of that home made bread,

lentil soup
Really too early to eat but we tried some anyway on fresh bread and ricotta (which tasted like milk fresh from the cow) and dill. A lentil/yellow split pea soup.

lentil soup

A perfect red pear.


5:26 pm
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A Thing for Chocolate

Posted on Friday 23 January 2015

Buckwheat crepe.

And I forgot to photograph the chocolate covered candied ginger. Imagine.

alfalfa to sprout
And at home we have started our sprout tower. The first is alfalfa to sprout. To be continued…

Have a great weekend.

12:50 pm
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Beware All Who Lentil In

Posted on Thursday 22 January 2015

Green and red lentils with Ethiopian spice. Spinach and toast.

The tamarind in in it which I got is terrible. Prod as I like I somehow miss chunks. It has seeds and husks and does not disperse into the lentils like the pureed kind we got before. Where did I get the good stuff?

It was better aside the cous cous cooked with chopped parsley and butter and 3-minute steamed broccoli turned with butter and lemon cooked tofu. A repeater for sure.

And finally we finish the Italian Christmas cake. Some blueberries and blueberry yogurt.

12:02 pm
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Sharp as Spinach

Posted on Wednesday 21 January 2015

The cooked spinach was turned with a huge clove of garlic (sliced), hot pepper, chipotle, olive oil and rice wine vinegar. That’s definitely a repeater. Basic boiled carrots.

Wedges of baking potatoes tossed in salt, pepper, italian spices and olive oil and baked for 15 minutes or so. Definitely a repeater too.

12:19 pm
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