Xmas Potluck

Posted on Friday 19 December 2014

The table is set.

fruit water
Apples, cinnamon and pomegranate water.

Jean’s green salad.

Not sure whose bread.

Frances’ salad.

From “Simply in Season: Recipes that celebrate fresh, local foods in the spirit of More-with-Less”, put out by the Mennonite Central Committee (Herald Press). Sold at Ten Thousand Villages, Waterloo.

Claudia’s vegetarian kale lasagna.

Laurie’s sherry and lentil soup.

Our bread, cheeses and olives.

MaryLee’s brownies.

Some main course.

Deb’s cheesecake drizzled with cream and maple syrup.


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A Little Italy

Posted on Thursday 18 December 2014

italian night
Italian ravioli sprinkled with black truffle oil, some tomato sauce imported from Italy by the Italian store and spinach. Truffle oil sets us right back to roving around Tuscan hills with a fresh loaf and looking at the views.

dried fruit
And from the freezer the last of our dried fruit from an Italian farmer’s market.

Mixed with some dried apricots and fresh apple and pear, red wine, brown sugar and mulling type spices: a stick of cinnamon, an anise star, a few cloves. The green in foreground is a rehydrated kind of mini citrus. In our rented cottage I stewed fruit into a night’s compote comfort from figs from the tree outside the door. No figs this time but comfort.

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Home Sweet Potato Home

Posted on Wednesday 17 December 2014

squash sweet potato
A soup made from baked squash, baked shallots, baked sweet potatoes, simply pureed with cashew milk. Christmas ritz.

spice mix
Savoury, tarragon and coriander are the main flavours.

squash sweet potato
It’s almost babyfood thick here. Smooth as satin. Hubby likes it thinner but I like it both ways.

Soma old fashioned Soma old fashioned
Cracked into the Soma Old School chocolate, just nibs and cracked brown sugar. That’s a grainy gnaw. But interesting.

The pears at the round butterknife edge of ripe.

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Cafe My House

Posted on Tuesday 16 December 2014

Photographing everyone’s food here. We were told portions are small and advised to order 2 things each at least. We were also told to make a reservation but we were the only ones there until partway through when a couple arrived.

Cafe Out House
The gnocchi. The sauce was perfectly velvety and complexly flavourful without being cluttered. Good colour and textures. Well presented.

It’s described as: Yam and sage gnocchi: sage & garlic cream sauce. dried cherries. enoki mushrooms. roasted beets. walnuts.

For $17 it was the amount of food of an appetizer.

Cafe Out House
The blue cheese stacks was cashew cheese and only confuses matters by calling it blue cheese.

The texture of the cheese was good. The sauce and garnish was well done. Presented well.

It was called “Potato & aged blue cheese torte: For those of you who are not afraid of a little funk.”

Where was the funk or the age? Or the torte part?

I didn’t like the potatoes. They were browned but seemed raw as well in the middle which is surprising since they were mandolined so thinly. Perhaps they were assembled raw and the whole mass grilled to heat it?

Hubby liked it fine. I was underwhelmed. The previous meal we had at Cafe My House was excellent in all respects.

The soup I didn’t like at all and was not photogenic with oil floating on top. Hubby thought it was good. It was on the discomfort side of hot for me.

But again, the mislabelled problem. If they called it a hot and sour vegetable soup I would have been more okay. But “our take on French onion soup” when it came with root vegetables and hot oil and no layer on top.

An apology from the kitchen arrived with the plate saying that they didn’t know the cashew cheese would sink which suggests they don’t kitchen test before they present on the menu and to customers. Which is frustrating. I can experiment at home.

They charge $8 for a bowl of soup. Which is a good price if it is beautifully done.

Cafe Out House
The clear winner plate was M’s: the [cashew] cheese and cracker tray, vegan, gluten and lactose free. A lot of flavours and also beautifully presented.

It’s described as “a sample size nut cheese with baguette or crackers. (Herbed Boursin/Apricot Stilton/Pistachio Cranberry Wensleydale/Aged Blue Cheese/Peppered Provolone)”

Next time I’ll try that. In the few times I’ve been in before that’s what I most often see on people’s tables.

But after two courses of food, I was almost as hungry as when we arrived. So off to the Carleton for my famishedness.


and pie.

They don’t mess up fries. They’re not spectacular but not bad. The pie was thawed soggy and heated but lots of apple and filling.

Even sharing them I looked like a hog but that was my first chance to sit down and have a meal of the day. I had a snack since the day before and this was my last chance to eat before morning. It’s a vulnerable thing to leave yourself in the hands of restaurants. Self-reliant is always best.

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Easing into It

Posted on Monday 15 December 2014

Starting the day with breakfast in bed. English muffins with jam, juice and fruit.

Clementines on the stem.


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Ciabatta Rounds

Posted on Friday 12 December 2014

Ciabatta round topped with either butter and garlic, salsa or salsa and italian herbs and/or liquid smoke.

steamy prints
Little steam prints.

eggplant pasta pillows
With fresh eggplant pasta.

And the pleasure of fruit.

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Ravioli as Dietary Viola

Posted on Thursday 11 December 2014

Hot chocolate, cheese ravioli, lima beans were they?, green salad with the last slices of the watermelon radish from our garden. Nothing more except herbs for months.


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