Launch Nibbles

Posted on Friday 28 November 2014

nibbles set out
A Toronto launch of the The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2014 was at Toronto’s Joy Bistro. Here are some of the nibbles laid out.

nibbles set out

nibbles set out

nibbles set out
As if set out for a cheese cookbook, isn’t it?

nibbles set out

nibbles set out

I forgot to photograph the creamy dill dip, sun dried tomato spread and hummus. (But I don’t photograph to represent everything; I ignore the meat and wine because they don’t interest me.)

More of Toronto on the flip side of weekend. Have a good one. See you in December.

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Eating Our Veggie Table

Posted on Thursday 27 November 2014

baked smiles
A couple baked potato treats, fresh boiled green beans.

eating out of the garden
Fresh garden produce, frozen on the stem.

Baked into a curry with okra, garlic and onion.

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Garden Fresh

Posted on Wednesday 26 November 2014


I forgot a meal. Soba noodles turned with hoisin sauce, hot pepper jelly and sesame oil. Firm tofu, grilled. Turnips, some our own, boiled.

And at the back there, our own sweet carrots. There’s a reason why they are bred long. Hard to peel when they’re stubby. We’re going to bed our carrots down and overwinter the rest. Never did that before. Wonder how it will go.

If you go to PB110003

And tomorrow, eating in Toronto!

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The Crusty Baker

Posted on Tuesday 25 November 2014

tray for the table
The Crusty Baker, Kemptville.

I don’t think there’s a wrong choice possible. But I didn’t have everything. Sandwiches were exceptional. Everyone seemed happy with their focaccia. They have local cheese, make various bread in house, and sweets.

4 kinds of butter tarts, apricot cheesecake, iced pies are mincemeat-like. The square things I forget the same of.

chocolate tarte
The chocolate tarte was intense and fruity and with a shortbread crust. Blissy.

PB150126 (1)
Veggie focaccia. Very good.

The next day, breakfast in bed. Musli with cashew milk.

breakfast leftover butter tart
It’s a different idea for butter tarts, beyond cranberry and caramelized top. Like mille foile.

breakfast in bed
The squares are white in the middle.

Have to try more of their bread next chance.

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Vegan Gumbo

Posted on Monday 24 November 2014

ontario garlic
Seems a natural fit with a starting point like this.

Yves veggie dog
Prego sauce is salty sweet water. But if you cook it with bay leaves, fresh pummmelled pepper, annatto, cumin, dried thyme, a crumble of dried parsley, sliced garlic, cayenne, and paprika it gets somewhere.

Add a cooked white swan squash that melts down into it and a large cooked carrot, a whole onion, a dozen okra. Served over noodles because I forgot to cook the rice at the start.

A little sweet herb for dessert.

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The Carleton

Posted on Friday 21 November 2014

pita, Carleton Tavern
Carleton Tavern’s hummus tabouli plate special with pita for $8.50.

hummus tabouli plate
This hummus was really garlicky but it depends. Like home cooking, it isn’t always the same. Good tabouli.

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Posted on Thursday 20 November 2014

sweet potato sandiwches
The Superstore bread with its marble slash looked alluring. Terrible, terrible bread. Gummy, bland despite the spice, no crust. So, toast with highly flavoured ingredients: arugula, hot mustard, horseradish, mayo, nutritional yeast and baked sweet potato. Aunt’s pickles on the side. Also, kale chips tossed with chilli powder and hot pepper flakes.

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