Mushroom Dumpling Soup

Posted on Friday 17 October 2014

dumpling soup
Made a broth soup with what have we todays: a container of mushrooms, a couple carrots, a handful of garden tomatoes, an onion. Considered adding a finely chopped potato.

Now it doesn’t look like a broth because once the dumpling goes on top it makes a sort of gravy-thickness of it.

I thought I’d better do something with the herbs before the frost gets them.

herbs chopped into dumpling batter
Chopped some parsley and thyme into the dumpling mix. Spooonfuls or ice cream scoops of it added on top of the soup on medium and then covered for 10 minutes will do.

dumpling plucked out
It is like steaming biscuits on top of the soup. They cook dry inside while also thickening the soup.

The recipe is part of this month’s Planet of the Scapes. I’ll append the link when I get it.

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Today’s Daily Special

Posted on Thursday 16 October 2014

Quick improv dish to go with carrots: some leftover rice stir fried with onion, celery and corn added at the end.

ground cherries
The firm tofu was marinated in a sauce from a ginger powdered sugar oil, for lack of plum sauce existing, a long-soaked plum herbal tea made for water, a handful of boiled down ground cherries, some ketchup, lemon, anise, hot pepper flakes, and chili powder.

The tofu was grilled and the remaining sauce thickened and poured over.

It worked wonderfully with the sweet and hot and I’ll probably never be able to recreate it.

one garden day
From the garden, more tomatoes. Other people have had frost twice and hail once this fall. We’re born lucky I guess.

Ottawa people, the 18th is the advance election voting day, your 2nd last chance to vote at city level.

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You Win Some,

Posted on Wednesday 15 October 2014

They can’t all work. Sometimes cooking mojo spontaneously converts to writing mojo or scrabble mojo.

The sweet potatoes run thru the mandolin were brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and got a few degrees too much heat.

The cucumber was turned with mustard, vegannaise and dill and a few bits of chopped green pepper and green onion. The cucumber is getting old on the vine, tough-skinned. I should have peeled it.

The orzo was cooked with a little herb and salt. Given a little dimness of cupboard and a little dimness of mind and what I thought was brown rice was mistaken for orzo. Luckily I noticed before they burned.

The lentils were cooked with a mix of marsala and curry, apple cider, chipotle, ketchup. The soft tofu was added at the end to heat through. It gave a muddied effect with too many competing flavours.

more garden
Forgot we had some turnip, and watermelon radish, carrot and kale still growing out there.

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Thanksgiving II

Posted on Tuesday 14 October 2014

Tofurkey, and cranberries from an Ontario crop.

Not sure that I’m sold on Tofurkey. It is to the tooth like cheese curds. A good analogous food?

small spread
Stuffed in around it carrots, onion, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes. Made a mushroom gravy with a touch of toasted rice powder and thyme. And parsnips besides.

lattice attempt
Oh pie dear lord. A rhubarb and strawberry made with all whole wheat crust. Because we’re apparently out of white flour. Whoops. And white sugar. (The cranberry sauce was cooked with brown sugar instead.)

rhubarb pie with cashew cream
The best was my pie, with cashew cream on top.

Remind me that it would be unhealthy to live on cashew cream and orchard fresh apples.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on Monday 13 October 2014

crab apple jelly
What says harvest like preserves? Crab apple jelly made by my aunts.

indian relish and pickles
Indian relish and sweet pickle relish.


Mashed taters.

Frozen veggie mix.

rhubarb pie
Mom’s homemade rhubarb pie.

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Posted on Friday 10 October 2014

Simple and good. At least passable grilled cheese from the new place in the Rideau Centre Food court who does only many variations of grilled cheese called MLTDOWN. They have timed presses that lift when done rather than workers checking for done. It’s heated until stringy cheese and tastes like real cheese.

This is the vegetable variety on 12 grain.

Kids breakfasts around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to the Canadians.

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Taco tada

Posted on Thursday 9 October 2014

vegan crumble
Metro had some of this spiced crumbled tofu with Mexican seasoning so why not. Chopped an onion, cooking it as I heated this.

That as the base of tacos with store lettuce but our own tomatoes. Salsa and cheddar. I considered fake cheese but it tastes so plasticky. That’s definitely not made of things of few ingredients one would have in the house.

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