And home bbq

Posted on Friday 3 July 2015

And if Flickr-Mucked-Up-by-Yahoo would be so kind as to let me see my own photos, I’d show you that.

Home garden greens of red lettuce and dill. And avocado, tomato, nayonnaise. Bean salad with grated carrot, cumin mix, oil and vinegar. A cob of corn soaked for a couple hours with outmost leaves off, roasted on the bbq until the kernals show thru. Shockingly we are out of butter so my first ever corn on the cob without butter.

grilled corn

It’s finally summer. Live it up, this fleeting hour of your one life. Make yourself a splendid weekend.

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Franchia & Birdland

Posted on Thursday 2 July 2015

Guess I went with holiday Canada Day option. All my camera batteries were drained. Sobeit. Back to NYC…

Looking up,

The ceiling at Franchia Vegan Cafe, Korean, NYC. Each seating area was stepped back into alcoves and balconies suggesting terraced farmed land.

We had a few dishes which was pricy but superbly done. There’s nothing worst than high cost for meh. This was the splurge of $80 for 2, tapas, no drinks, shared dessert.

The vegan mango sushi was well made.

The tapas plate of 3 kinds of pancakes, sweet potato, a kind of onion and one other.

The kimchi was exceptional.

The green salad was fresh with crisp bits of onion and strips of (tempeh or tofu) emulating chicken.

Dessert was black rice with a scoop of almond-cream ice cream with walnuts. A super finishing touch.

mousse extraordinary
Although as the night went on, tho we swore we’d never need to eat again, we shared a dessert at Birdland Jazz club, a chocolate mousse that proved someone in the world knows how to make chocolate mousse well.

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NYC Snack Attacks

Posted on Tuesday 30 June 2015

watercress & baguette
from Union Square Green Market, a baguette and watercress and a tomato eaten out of hand.

heritage tomatoes
The Market was cash only but there was a central booth where you could buy tokens, wooded nickels worth $2 each.


a real donut
From the Smithsonian’s design museum, one of the better donuts I’ve had. A bigger turnaround on the food than the much touted, long closed exhibition space.

nearly solid chocolate orange fill
Serious dense bitter chocolate with orange flavouring.

And tomorrow, shall I do Canada Day break or Canada Day food. Hm, haw.

We’ll see.

One more post on NYC to come.

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NYC Street Food

Posted on Monday 29 June 2015

In no particular order, some things noshed.
ice cream sandwiches

From the High Line, ice cream sandwiches, regular oatmeal and Chocolate and PB.

East Harlem
From East Harlem, a ice cream cart with Dominican tamarind ice cream. A dollar. Best deal.

halal falafel
Halal food carts were all around Broadway. Falafel. Messy, good.

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Posted on Friday 26 June 2015

Who says I can’t moderate my chocolate. 3 months(!) to get most of the way into the Soma exploration box. They all are 70% cocoa but have a unique flavour.

My top pick is Peru Nacional. Pretty sure. It’s complex and surprises me with the range of unfolding flavours every time I sample it. Sweet but sharp without being harsh. It’s apt to knock up the goosebumps.

Second pick is harder. Probably it is Ecuador Verde with a balanced flavour without it being flat. There’s a nuttiness. It’s a luxury to savour.

Dominican Republic Elvesia, while better than most chocolate, any store brand, Lindt, Hummingbird, or commonly available ones, is a little chalky but intense like cappuccino. A fruitiness.

Papua New Guinea is odd but shows what bean is by soil, climate. One root species but so variable. The package calls it astringent and smoky. It wakes up the palate as a treat from more homogenized chocolate. It is definitely a small quantity one.

In a way it seems absurd to even pick a favourite. The flavours change by context of which is tried first or what bookends which.

I may just have to get another of the same box.

Have a great weekend. Can you believe it’s almost July? Stay tuned. Next week, a report from NYC eating.

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Bella Via

Posted on Thursday 25 June 2015

We’re back to the new spot on Parkdale and Wellington to see the main course, if we have the willpower to overlook the extremely good gelato for the moment. A cold rain helps.

Bella Via
They had no non-meat options left but he said he could make us anything and we left him to it. He picked a bread, a swiss cheese, pickled artichokes, lettuce, hot peppers, and sweet peppers. Grilled it to perfection. The cheese off-setting the vinegar, the crisp balancing the soft, the base balancing the hot peppers. A pleasant burn of hot peppers. We had him make a second as soon as we finished the first.

That, folks, is how you do a sandwich. Even the olives were exceptional.

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Turnips Turn Out

Posted on Wednesday 24 June 2015

fried turnip, creamed spinach
I boiled the turnips until nearly tender then fried them in olive oil and rosemary until browned. That works. There’s not many vegetables that can stand up and duke it out with rosemary without being overpowered.

On the side, nayonnaise and green onion in cooked spinach to make it hot and creamy. Pasta filled with sweet potatoes and roasted garlic with salsa.

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