Pierogies Pierogies Please?

Posted on Friday 18 April 2014

pierogies and blood orange
Potato piergies (rely too much on simple starch and potatoes but aiming for more balance) beside blood orange. The pasta topped with bok choy, mushrooms and bavarian mustard, which looks like whole grain but tasted sweeter than sweet with no fire.

plum tea
Plum teas on the side.

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Put a Ring on It, or a few

Posted on Thursday 17 April 2014

onion rings
Squash baked with local mushrooms and local 1/4 small onion in it. Onion rings, frozen from Cavendish Farms PEI. Mixture of Californian baby spinach and arugula brought home while the temperatures aren’t freezing because otherwise what’s the point. They get too cold and wilt and rot otherwise. Pepitas seeds, greenhouse tomato and cucumber from…I forget. The greens counter the fat of the onion rings and the cheese. Onion rings are not expensive but bought in a bag, are about 5x cheaper than at a restaurant. It would be cheaper still to make myself a batter. Buttermilk and flour or almond milk and cornmeal? A concern for one day.

Saint André
Can’t remember who introduced me to Saint André. Triple cream. It’s melt on tongue from Normandy France.

As 5 Second Rule said “food doesn’t make you skinny. Hunger makes you skinny. Disordered eating makes you skinny. Suffering and starvation and disease make you skinny. Who wants these things? No one. No one wants these things.”

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Worth the Beans

Posted on Wednesday 16 April 2014

Bean salad: soaked black eyed peas, french cut yellow beans, 4 bean mix from a can, fresh basil, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, walnut oil, olive oil and black pepper, marinated. Great textures there. A lot of flavour pop.

What have we to try to cook in a wok? Asparagus, broccoli, chopped frozen spinach might have worked better without the spinach. Over spinach ravioli by Catelli. The name seemed vaguely familiar. Only after I tasted it did I remember why; ah that terribly thin sweet overcooked bottom of the line tomato sauce. A little brie on top did what it could.

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Posted on Tuesday 15 April 2014

spinachy soup
Think of the unborn grass finding sun. And mix what there is in the fridge in the blender. Apple, pear, spinach, half a carrot, bok choy, herb bouillon, tomato juice. What all else? I’m forgetting something. Wraps made from roti, falafel, cucumber, a smear of goat cheese and rosemary:

goat cheese and rosemary
Nothing like eating sweets to whet the appetite for greens. Three days without any and I’m utterly craving it. We also seem to be on a cheese kick.

balsamic balls
Has anyone tired the pearls of balsamic vinegar? It’s suppose to be analogous to caviar but vegan.

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Posted on Monday 14 April 2014

Still 2 left. They are like ferrero rocher, but a knockoff from Turkey.

snapea; pea version of cheetos
Now here’s a strange food from Sobeys. The Harvest snaps are like the vegan version of cheetos, made from rice and peas, except the variety made from lentils. They are extruded, crunchy, fatty, salty. The cat is sure they’re treats for her. They melt in the mouth. If you eat 200 of them, you have your recommended daily intake of something.

Nanaimo bars
And because we are in a spate of bliss, our lovely neighbour Julie gave us homemade fresh Nanaimo bars. Oh, they can taste good. I’d seen them, hard and very sweet. This has all kinds of textures and a chocolatey fudge.

Now, what to have for nutrition?

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Fusion, no con

Posted on Friday 11 April 2014

falafel roti with New Orleans condiments
Eating out of Sobey’s: Roti bread with muffelatta condiment (spice and olive mixture in New Orleans style), falafel, tomato, cucumber, pickles, rolled up.

And this spinach roll thing.

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Around Toronto

Posted on Thursday 10 April 2014

bubble tea
In the Chinatown Centre in Toronto’s Chinatown at a place I think called Ba Gao we stopped for some chocolate bubble tea.

steam whistle
Over to the Steam Whistle brewery to look around, got a sample.

steam whistle
See its ingredients.

Over to the Eaton’s Centre found the food court was fast and strikingly good food. This was Amaya ExpressSaag Paneer with yellow rice and a foil-wrapped butter naan.

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