At Mom’s

Posted on Friday 17 April 2015




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Posted on Thursday 16 April 2015

yellow than expected
Mac and cheese and corn with herb. radish. can relate to the orchards that are torn up in war. feel sympathy for the physically bulldozed.

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Stone Soup

Posted on Wednesday 15 April 2015

Busy day, better throw supper in the slow cooker. It’s like having a home chef. Coming home to food cooking.

What had I put in there? Water, split peas, the rest of a bag of carrots, about 3, chopped up with a white potato, a sweet potato, what we had left of roasted chestnuts, an onion, a big clove or garlic, two bay leaves, a couple cubes of bovril. More water. Then forget about it until it smell done.

tea biscuits
Whip up a few biscuits and we’re good to go.

tea biscuits
And more alfalfa sprouts! Crispy greens don’t need a dressing.

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Freezer, no burn

Posted on Tuesday 14 April 2015

eating outside
Pasta forgotten at the back of the freezer is like free food. And eating it outside, glorious. Sprouts, and broccoli and a quick salad of onion, greek yogurt and thawed chopped spinach.

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Where the Stews have No Name

Posted on Monday 13 April 2015

lentil stew
I did a split pea soup with some split peas and some reddish small lentils that were unlabelled in the pantry. Hearty, tasty improv. Homemade bread, mustard special blend, avocado and tomato. What would we do without Mexican imported food.

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Gouda as it gets and veggie ravioli

Posted on Friday 10 April 2015

Chard steamed. Ravioli and a sauce made with a touch of home: onion from my aunt’s garden. Mushrooms. A roux with the pasta flour that was at hand, a little water, a little olive oil, a little unsweetened almond milk as the pasta cooked.

smoked gouda
Homemade bread on the side with smoked gouda.

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Pho Better or Worse

Posted on Thursday 9 April 2015

snow peas
A quickish meal with fresh green snow peas, celery, carrots, onions, soba. It’s a pretty adaptable dish. Best not to overthink soups.

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