Old Time School Lunch

Posted on Wednesday 17 September 2014

So many bread shapes but this is kind of a church-basement tearoom roll with tomato, spinach and goat cheese.Sun ad black truffle oil add the final touch.

black truffle olive oil

table's apple holder
Apples from local orchards taste like apples, finally. I’ve waited all year for flavour.

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Things that Grow Lumps in the Night

Posted on Tuesday 16 September 2014

Along the edge of the garden we didn’t keep stellar records of what was what. I was sure the turnips didn’t germinate but when I picked some watermelon radishes, some were yellow. The long lost tiny turnips overwhelmed in the leaves.

thinned carrots and unthinned carrots
Thinning the carrots, yes, that is a good idea. Makes a difference.

What have we got here? More beans, tomatoes of 3 varieties (pink large, small orange ripe and small red ripe), and what I thought were all radishes but some a tiny turnips and some are watermelon radishes. I should water the ones remaining to speed this up. And two kinds are kale are ready to harvest, curly and flat.

garden on a plate
Our very own kale, cooked with half an onion, an elephant clove of garlic from the farmer’s market, some fresh basil and hot pepper infused olive oil. At the end the soba noodles.

In front, watermelon radish beside the carrots, beans and turnips.

At the back is a falafel patty with horseradish.

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Garden Pluckings

Posted on Monday 15 September 2014

Our raspberry canes are finally producing. Quite a few almost ripe. Our own cucumbers, tomatoes and some grated carrot on the spinach salad. The mushroom risotto was more work but even then, under half an hour to cook 8 or 10 cremini mushrooms and roasted chestnuts with half a mushroom bouillon cube, adding 1/4 cup hot apple cider in with the boiling water, stirring until it was almost done then adding garden herb.

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Dilly-licious Local

Posted on Friday 12 September 2014


Asparagus, bruschetta, a cucumber salad made from our cucumbers, our dill and our green bell peppers mixed with rice vinegar and vegannaise. On the side beans tossed with butter and sea salt.

garden beans
Yes, we’re successfully growing beans. I don’t know what they are but they were tender and flavourful.

Scarlet runner beans? Pole beans? From one envelope red blossoms and white blossoms. These are the one we planted 3 times this spring. The first time a little critter dug them up after we planted. The second time they were munched off at ground level. The third time, only half of them were munched off as they sprouted.

tomatoes in
Tomatoes are finally coming in.

troop commander
Fruit in Command is horrified to hear of salsa plans.

homemade salsa
Homemade salsa cooked with onion, garlic, our own green bell peppers and our own tomatoes. And hot pepper flakes, hot olive oil and chipotle. Set to marinade the firm tofu with mushrooms cut into sixths.

sliced bread
Onto thinly sliced 60% whole wheat loafs shaped long and called “french baguettes” by Loblaws.

Sliced spinach on top.

at the table
Served to the plate.

And a fruit salad with cantaloupe, peach, and apples from The West End Well Coop. Ontario Coronation seedless grapes and bananas mixed with the juice of half a lemon, a drizzle of maple syrup, a capful of sortilege.

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Beet Chestnut Pizza

Posted on Thursday 11 September 2014

beet pizza
Candy cane beets, fresh basil from garden minced with this season’s garlic, crumbled old cheddar, chopped bits of tomato, pieces of roasted chestnut and we have a contrast of salt and sweet and herb that pleases.

The beets were done on the grill but it got to late to fit into the time we had, so I finished off with water and butter and 2 minutes in the microwave.

Finished off with (unphotographed) this season’s cantaloupe that has flavour and juice. Wonder who has presented thin cantaloupe on cashew cream and cracker.

Riviera cheese
About a third of a package of this Riviera no lactose aged cheddar on the bottom of the crust.

beet pizza
Cooked 8 minutes on a pizza stone until crispy.

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Cucumber Boats

Posted on Wednesday 10 September 2014

cucumber boat
Some boiled potatoes drizzles and tossed with chives, dill and melted butter, carrots and cucumber boats filled with a salad of black beans, olive oil, white wine vinegar, parsley, spinach, green onion and basil. Definitely repeatable! Alternative instead of parsley and basil, pepper and cumin.

Glad to use cucumbers so quickly and get to use our garden herbs.

A little boiled down rhubarb and strawberry.

And grapes!

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Wellington Sandwiches

Posted on Tuesday 9 September 2014

IMG_2012 (1)
People keep telling us it’s good.

It feels like a community in there with regulars and conversations, not hermetically sealed revolving door or part time workers for megacorp. Could be small town anywhere.

Wellington Sandwiches
The wrap was food, and a vegetarian option.

But the butter tart!
Wellington Sandwiches
As if from a church bakesale, the find of the day. Good flakey tart and maple syrup flavoured raisiny goodness

Every Recipe Comment is bang on funny for the 18 types.

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