Hershey’s Hallowe’en

Posted on Friday 31 October 2014

PA220003 (1)
Motrin and clementine balance each other nicely. Toasted tomato and sweet potato sandwich piled with greens.

The Hershey’s bag of 30 has 4 thing, but only 4 of the chocolate almond one.

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A Thing for Chocolate: Vegan Crepes

Posted on Thursday 30 October 2014

A Thing for Chocolate
In buckwheat.

A Thing for Chocolate
It’s that textured tofu stuff but there’s not really a texture per se. It’s in a sweet sauce with daiya. It’s the vegan steak and cheese. It’s alright.

A Thing for Chocolate
The death by chocolate brownie, with hubby eating the ice cream part with his half.

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Tender Hearted

Posted on Wednesday 29 October 2014

A heap of greens, garden tomatoes, radishes and mixed greens. The non-cheese ravioli was cooked with carrots, thyme and mushrooms for a flavour boost. The purple potatoes were turned into salad with a little whole-grain mustard and avocado.

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Mange à trois

Posted on Tuesday 28 October 2014

As night comes earlier, it’s hard to photograph in natural light. I’m not likely to breakfast before 2 pm. Some sweet potato mashed with fresh grated nutmeg, steamed broccoli, and a penne tossed with a new milder olive oil, white wine vinegar and grilled fennel and mushrooms and boiled garden beans along with asparagus.

bread not quite alone
Fresh loaf of bread and baked purple potatoes from the farmers’ market. They are a medium-humidity potato so best roasted like fingerling potatoes.

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Wolf Island Apples Applesauce

Posted on Monday 27 October 2014

Wolf apples
About the size of softballs, they are ideal for applesauce. Within a few minutes they dissolve into sauce. I like them with about 2 apples, a cinnamon stick and a quarter cup of water on low for 10-15 minutes but hubby like it with about 1/4 cup of sugar added.


our own cukies
A quick sandwich with the last cucumber of the garden, and one of our radishes, some late greens mixed in with store mixed greens, tomatoes, my special mix of mustard, vegnnaise and nutritional yeast.

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I Think I’m Falafeling for You

Posted on Friday 24 October 2014

falafel improv
Some of that box mix of falafel where you add water, make patties and fry them up until firm all through and crispy at the edges. Piled it up in a wrap with spinach, radishes, and what else?

falafel fixings
Vegannaise mixed with a minced monster clove of garlic, fresh chopped parsley, my aunt’s homemade pickles, the cucumber and onion parts.

Satisfying and not drippy sloppy like at a Lebanese take-out.

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Squashing It

Posted on Thursday 23 October 2014

squash soup
Baked an acorn squash. Pureed with some caramelized onion. Some sprinkling of chipotle and marasala to doubly heat it up. A few crackers and later,

cashew cream
Cantaloupe, ground cherries and cashew cream The recipe says, if you want to keep it raw vegan, don’t boil the water, but then it says add maple syrup. (Know thy ingredients.) Could be creamier with more patience or a blender but still rich and delicious.

And this from James Martin ‏(@Pundamentalism)

“I’d like a bowl of soup please.”

“Any sides?”

“I hope so, or it’ll go EVERYWHERE.”

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