All Radish, All the Time

Posted on Friday 24 April 2015

Launching the radish from BookThug at the Ottawa Internation Writers Festival on Sunday.

Arugula salad with tomato and radishes. A forgettable, let’s forget it ever happened soup getting its skin back there.

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For the time, Beaning

Posted on Thursday 23 April 2015

Young beans

Navy beans made with a hybrid of recipes for boiled and baked beans, made in a slow cooker with some ginger, cloves, molasses, rice wine vinegar, dry mustard, barbecue sauce, ketchup, vegetarian Worcester sauce, 3 little onions, hot curry powder and brown sugar.

It’s pretty easy and no fail. In less time than it takes to make dinner reservations pour dry beans into water. Come back the next day. Boil for half an hour or so then leave in the slow cooker until evening.

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Chocolate covered potato chips

Posted on Wednesday 22 April 2015

I had to try them. Yes, they were as terrible as they might be but on the other hand, we ate them like cookie monsters leading to my being able to say “you have a chip on your shoulder”.

falafel patties,
Falafel patties, whole wheat spaghetti, corn with tarragon

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Giving the Finger(lings)

Posted on Tuesday 21 April 2015

Red fingerling potatoes roasted with a toss of olive oil and dill. Acorn squash that was creamy when cooked. A what have you lentil stew. A little high on the tamarind, a little low on the curry.

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Eating Out(side)

Posted on Monday 20 April 2015

eating out(side)
Spaghetti with a mix of sauces, vegan sausages caramelized in the cast iron pan, fresh grown alfalfa sprouts, arugula, cucumber, dressing.

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At Mom’s

Posted on Friday 17 April 2015




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Posted on Thursday 16 April 2015

yellow than expected
Mac and cheese and corn with herb. radish. can relate to the orchards that are torn up in war. feel sympathy for the physically bulldozed.

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