Almond-Anise Roll-ups

Posted on Sunday 5 August 2012

almond-anise roll-ups
This is a variation from Lee Bailey’s City Foods (Potter, 1984). To add more flavour I added anise and substituted almond for macadamia nuts and butter-substitute. It’s delicate. I should have taken a picture with a dime to give the scale of these treats.

2 tbsp Earth Balance, softened
2 tbsp brown sugar, packed
1 tsp anise seed
2/3 cup ground almond

ground almonds

3/4 cup all purpose flour
2 tbsp granulated sugar
pinch salt
4 tbsp cold or frozen butter-equivalent
2-3 tbsp ice water

1 tbsp hazelnuts, sliced

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Cream butter and softened brown sugar. Mix in the ground almond. Add anise. Set aside.
The pie crust: Put flour, white sugar, salt in the food processor. Pulse and add the hard butter-equivalent until it is coarse meal.

pastry dough
Add water little by little as you pulse the dough until it starts to form a ball.

Flour a surface and roll out the ball of dough working quickly, or chilling it in the freezer. Cut a 12″ circle using a pie pan. (My circle was smaller. It made 18 of them instead of the recipe’s 12.) Cut into 12 wedges.

almond-anise roll-ups
Place a tbsp of nut mixture on the wide end of the triangle and roll up and place on pan with the tip-end downwards.

Brush with almond milk for browning. Sprinkle with hazelnuts or sugar but I found them sweet enough without.

Cook 10-15 minutes.


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