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Posted on Friday 18 January 2013

star pasta
Stelle pasta from Parma Ravioli on Wellington – butternut squash with amaretto and parmigiano and their rose sauce. It is rather sweet and its delicate flavour is easily overwhelmed so topped with grilled vegan feta .Vegan feta can be as complex as this or as simple as salt, white wine vinegar and olive oil marinade. On the side: minted peas and one of the last of mom’s almost-brioche buns.

For dessert a small smoothie.
Smoothie parts
Some rice milk, mango nectar, pear, banana, and as that turned out a rather brown-edged result, a splash of maraschino cherry juice and a spoon of lingonberry preserves.

pear smoothie
And a sprinkle of cardamom on top.

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