Fiddly(head) delish

Posted on Thursday 6 June 2013

Got a couple new cookbooks recently, and a recipe for fiddlehead and morel caught my eye. The morels are in season locally. Ah, they are also $45/pound. I’m thinking the woodsy taste of portabello will do just fine.

purple asparagus
Purple asparagus grabbed my eye. Could try that. Seasonal local food.

Here’s where we’re going with this: quinoa mixed with rice and lentil, 4-minute cooked broccoli with lemon, and asparagus. What else?

grilling tofu, mushroms, onion
Grilled the asparagus with spring onions, a few basil leaves, and herbed firm tofu.

The fiddleheads, local from Quebec, I washed twice then boiled for a 6-8 minutes to get more tannins out, drained the steep-tea water from them, then fried them in butter-equivalent for a few minutes until they were tender then rolled the mushrooms in. Those flavours worked well together.

flowers light
Is it inhumane to eat fiddleheads in the shadow of fern (and our purple flowers, grape hyacinth, allium and perhaps morning glory)?

close up

Delicious each thing.

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