Putting the Luck in Potluck

Posted on Monday 15 July 2013

Gazpacho and mango juice.

It’s another potluck, one of five within the month…

asian veggie salad
Asian veggie salad by Laurie

tater salad
My red potato salad with veganaise and spring onions from the garden.

Crackers that taste rather like breadsticks. The soft cheese was Brillant Savarin, a soft ripened triple cream from France. The firm one was Piave Vecchio, an Italian cow’s milk cheese, found at Nicastro’s in the Glebe.


Salad by Lise.

Kale salad by Deb.

Despined kale, turned with roasted almonds, raisins soaked in balsamic, bits of fresh parmesan and marinaded for half an hour to take off the bitter edge of kale. The recipe is here.

Blueberries, strawberries, yogurt and a cake by Claudia. Kind of like this pillsbury one with pecans.

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