Dessert Pizza

Posted on Wednesday 31 July 2013

infinite asparagus
Infinitely long asparagus and corn with a touch of butter. A light meal.

Raspberries from Julie.

dessert pizza
An experiment with a dessert pizza. We used the standard whole wheat dough. We sprinkled it with a mixture of brown sugar, toasted ginger and toasted cinnamon and a few drops of maple balsamic. Then pears and pecans. After it comes out, the berries. It worked pretty well for taste and texture but getting it off the pizza stone where the sugars leaked was tricky. Bri dusted his with icing sugar.

If I had the oomph just now, I’d make coconut ice cream. I’ve had it frozen and it’s okay but fresh, homemade with more gelato-intense flavour and that would be worthwhile. That recipe uses an ice cream maker. And this one says immersion blender and harass it as it freezes. It won’t be quite as airy but it’ll be good. Full-fat coconut cream, sugar, vanilla and whatever flavour you want. Hmm,

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