About Eaten Up

It may be what we cooked, or ate out or with friends, foodie photos, mostly around Ottawa. Real food, no liquid ice, special lighting or inedibles. It’s like street photography for meals.

Since 2006 Eaten Up has run daily (moved back to 5 times a week in Oct 2013), vegetarian food, generally low-fat, low salt, little or no dairy but a lot of flavour and freshness. It’s something of an ongoing object lesson of how well and diversely one can eat without meat, or often, without dairy.

Some live to eat. Some eat to live. I eat to blog. Not seriously. But it is a self-imposed pressure that steers towards awareness of what is consumed. Apparently I come by it naturally since I noticed mom recounts meals out by reciting at a buffet what each person at the table had, and her memory can be pulled by taste memory too.

There is a time limit because I don’t want to eat food at non-optimal temperatures, and sauces run unattractively. It is a kind of structure to an unscheduled life. A challenge to see if I can keep doing it and exceed my best pictures. New food ideas have to come from somewhere. Sometimes menu inspiration can get lead by puns that lead to shopping trips.

The impetus came from a few requests to make a nothing but food blog. The use continues with a way to monitor trends of what I eat so at a glance. It is an act of observation, of mindfulness. It is photography practice of a relatively patient subject to be taken quickly.

The first two months of EatenUp, April and May 2006, overlap with the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink blog at Humanyms which itself evolved out of the static poetry site at PageHalfFull Poems: Pearl Pirie’s Poetry which itself started back as Thymed Words in the mid-90s. There’s also a poetry-speciality blog I do at pesbo and a bio-shorts blog that has been running for a couple years here.

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