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Last of the Season Gazpacho?

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Some gazpachos say add canned tomato juice. Salty. A lot seem to take an hour or two but it can be a simpler faster soup than all that. This Food Network recipe has some adaptable ideas. My version: puree: 4 tomatoes, seeded 1 large cucumber, peeled, seeded 1 hot pepper, seeded mix and soak: 1 […]

Montreal Bagels & Chocolate

We went to both the St-Viateur Bagel Shop (left) versus Fairmont Bagel (right) to do a taste-test. The Fairmont was more yellow and more sweet and fluffy, slightly. The >St-Viateur had more of a tear-off tougher texture. Both were excellent. Green onion cream cheese on the Fairmont might be a winner by a nose. Marou […]

BBQed Pizza

Nope, not quite done. Asparagus, white mushroom, corn, smoked tofu, a herb crusted hard goat cheese, and fresh-snipped rosemary. That’s looking more crispy and melty. Plated.

Making BanPierocchi on the BBQ

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The turducken of pasta: a gnocchi inside a pierogi topped with camembert inside bannock. It is an Italian/Ukrainian/Scottish/Native/French with herbs. It looks kind of like Scottish eggs, doesn’t it. It has cuttings of garlic chives around for dipping. Started with boiling pierogis and letting them cool enough to touch again. Same with the gnocchi. (Incidentally […]


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Mixed baby greens. A toasted bagel sandwich that gets back to basic sweet potato goodness. Roasted portatbella, sweet potato, a mix of vegannaise, nutritional yeast, belgian mustard, ancient grain mustard, chopped pecans and a bit of (except for text invisible) avocado.

Brunch a Crunch

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Mrs Field’s Cinnamon Twist recipe makes yeast bread in an hour. Mine are perhaps less fluffy than they could have been since I used the wrong water temperature to proof the yeast. The recipe makes a paste of the sugar, spice and butter instead of buttering the dough and then sprinkling. It uses so much […]

Glazed Veggies & Coconut Loaf

It isn’t obvious but there’s a layer of sweet and sour red lentils on the bottom of that arugula, all topped with whatnots. Green pepper, celery, black kale, brown mushrooms, cubed herb firm tofu (marinated in white wine vinegar, olive oil and sea salt) all thrown on the grill and drizzled with ginger citrus dressing […]