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Pizza Pizza

( Bread andVegetarian )

Days blur. Flu fever took away appetite and is still doing strange things to sense of taste so there’s a bitterness and intensity to every flavour. If I feel well, why would I risk it with wheat and dairy? But if I feel this lousy, there’s not much downwards to go so. Arugula, asparagus, mushroom […]


( Bread )

It’s like manna. What’s better than fresh from oven bread, crispy and springy? Maybe butter? Or olive oil on it?

The Care in Carrot

What, you might ask. Grated heritage carrots, some yellow, some purple, some pink with zucchini and raisins soaked in curry and garam marsala spice mixes and hot water. Added caraway seeds and vegannaise, more curry and toasted pecans. Another set of veggie dogs on whole wheat buns with cooked onion, ketchup and relish. A Veggie […]

Evening Out into Fabulousness

( Bread andDesserts andFruit andVeggies )

Trays of choice olives. Cheese and hot and sweet pepper topping. Joyce’s Puff pastry pizza hors d’oeuvre with brie and caramelized onion. Hummus drizzled and sprinkled traditionally. Spiced pita chips. Miri’s potato filled and cheese filled bourekas. Dairy bourekas are traditionally triangular. This recipe for cheese ones starts by making phyllo pastry layer by layer. […]

Bread with a Side of Perfect

( Bread andVeggies )

Bread: fresh enough that it just stopped crackling from the oven. Still steamy. In the couple weeks in England we probably ate more cheese than the whole last decade combined. But it was good. And my body didn’t react against it. Something different in the cows? The pastures? Body just being random? Hardly time to […]

Sweet Savory Pizza Pie

Well, hello pear. What does an Argentinian pear have in common with a Quebec Bio pepper? Perhaps nothing, perhaps destiny. With a bunch of strong spring onions. The last times we had the spring onions raw. What if we made them more tender by cooking them with margarine, dried spice (marjoram, thyme, oregano), mushroom, and […]

An Arugula Sort of Guy Pizza

( Bread andVeggies )

The arugula is up and ready for harvest, both what we planted this year, and the volunteers that self-seeded from last year and is busily blooming to seed again. So wonderful to step outside the door and it to go from ground to mouth. How about, like in Italy with it put on a thin-crust […]