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What’s for Dinner?

Making Christmas treats, a What’s for Dinner? special event. Including pretzels with a white chocolate peppermint put on top, melted in the oven for a few minutes and another square squeezed on top. I’ve seen it with dark chocolate and a pecan pressed on top of the pretzel as well. Made in minutes. We were [...]

What’s For Dinner? President’s Choice Cooking School

Chef Carleton demonstrated Tofu and Shrimp Stir fry, with vegetarian or meat portions. We got the recipe including the nutritional breakdown. There are a lot of recipes on the site as well including 21 for tofu. Not the recipe he did though. And he diverged from it somewhat with explanation of why. For example, the [...]

Chocolate Pie

Or as I like to call it, breakfast. It’s super intense, creamy. Not a disappointment to chocophiles. It comes from the list of 33 gluten-free and vegan chocolate recipes. Worked from Mayan Chocolate Pie but lost the Mayan part. No cayenne pepper. I made other changes according to ingredients on hand: crust into food processor: [...]


I hope we get lots of trick-or-treaters. We already killed a 40-bar box waiting all week. Those who like Kitkats and Coffee Crisps are out of luck. One more 40-bar box and most of a 90-bar box left. We were going to get odd Chinese things like lychee jelly pockets, but I got vetoed. We’re [...]

Poof, we’re in the pudding

Chocolate mint outside the door. Eggs and milk from the glass bottle from the milk truck from area farms. And chocolate mint pudding. But some healthier stuff too: Orzo topped with shallots cooked in that whey butter, and rocket and brussels sprouts.

Coo. Kies. (And Higher Ratio Nutrition Stuff.)

In front a shortbread with decorated icing from Three Tarts Bakery. Behind, the pile of Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles. I almost entirely followed that recipe from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. I did: For the topping: 1/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp cardamum For the cookies: wet: 1/2 cup olive oil 1 [...]

Experimental Endeavours

Chocolate mint cookies. Emphasis on the mint. Like eating fiddleheads, there’s something appealingly like foraging for food to going directly to food as it grows out of the ground, not things as domesticated and relying on exotic climates for food, even when its just flavour and texture more than vitamins. I made vegan Heather Cristo’s [...]