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Who says I can’t moderate my chocolate. 3 months(!) to get most of the way into the Soma exploration box. They all are 70% cocoa but have a unique flavour. My top pick is Peru Nacional. Pretty sure. It’s complex and surprises me with the range of unfolding flavours every time I sample it. Sweet […]

Montreal Bagels & Chocolate

We went to both the St-Viateur Bagel Shop (left) versus Fairmont Bagel (right) to do a taste-test. The Fairmont was more yellow and more sweet and fluffy, slightly. The >St-Viateur had more of a tear-off tougher texture. Both were excellent. Green onion cream cheese on the Fairmont might be a winner by a nose. Marou […]

New Ingredients = inspiration

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Radish top soup improv: leek, radish tops, green onions, celery and an onion bouillon topped with (and mixed in) lemon thyme. I meant to add a potato for body but forgot. Still good. We had it outside but it was a bit chilly so part 2 of meal, inside. Annatto and Japanese rice seasonings. What […]

Making BanPierocchi on the BBQ

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The turducken of pasta: a gnocchi inside a pierogi topped with camembert inside bannock. It is an Italian/Ukrainian/Scottish/Native/French with herbs. It looks kind of like Scottish eggs, doesn’t it. It has cuttings of garlic chives around for dipping. Started with boiling pierogis and letting them cool enough to touch again. Same with the gnocchi. (Incidentally […]

Second Cup

Brownie cheesecake. Say it fast or slow. Mouthfuls of cream and carb, sugar and maybe caffeine. Tucked in between the flowers and the fireplace.

What’s for Dinner?

Making Christmas treats, a What’s for Dinner? special event. Including pretzels with a white chocolate peppermint put on top, melted in the oven for a few minutes and another square squeezed on top. I’ve seen it with dark chocolate and a pecan pressed on top of the pretzel as well. Made in minutes. We were […]

What’s For Dinner? President’s Choice Cooking School

Chef Carleton demonstrated Tofu and Shrimp Stir fry, with vegetarian or meat portions. We got the recipe including the nutritional breakdown. There are a lot of recipes on the site as well including 21 for tofu. Not the recipe he did though. And he diverged from it somewhat with explanation of why. For example, the […]