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Carrot Cake

This worked wonderfully as an appetizer. Endive topped with goat feta, drizzled with maple syrup. For those with more of a tolerance for bitter, the endive could be cut lengthwise into thicker wedges. To get ahead of myself, smoked tofu, lightly cooked asparagus, mushrooms and spinach set on top of spinach vermicelli. And behind the […]

Raisin Vegan Tapioca

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I always thought rice pudding and tapioca should hybridize well. Food Network’s tapioca recipe is without coconut. Hm. 1 cup tapioca pearls 6 cups hot water boil 5 minutes, stirring. leave on low for 20 minutes or until transparent. I followed the instructions on package so it’s 6 cups instead of 2. add: 3 c […]

Don’t Gnocchi It If You Haven’t Tried It

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Potato gnocchi stirred with asparagus, smoked tofu and green onion cream cheese, undiluted, melted in. A little bit of simple perfection. Peach season. Slowly going thru a basket.

La Tarte Tatin

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That’s not it. Nutritional base first; arugula salad with corn and broccoli, spicy sweet and sour red lentils and tea biscuit. I’ve been meaning to make this tarte tatin for a while, with the last of that apple. The recipe calls for 5-6 medium apples. I used that one huge one. So far, so good […]

Mushroom Risotto

So this is where we ended up: sweet potato, lobster-mushroom risotto, herbed veggies (tarragon, herb de provence and dried fennel), and the mystery starch. The mystery starch is this. Eddoes are a Caribbean tuber that has more flavour than most white potatoes. It isn’t always in the stores but is fairly cheap when it arrives. […]

Glazed Veggies & Coconut Loaf

It isn’t obvious but there’s a layer of sweet and sour red lentils on the bottom of that arugula, all topped with whatnots. Green pepper, celery, black kale, brown mushrooms, cubed herb firm tofu (marinated in white wine vinegar, olive oil and sea salt) all thrown on the grill and drizzled with ginger citrus dressing […]


Starting a lentil loaf, this time using red lentils and oatmeal because that’s what we have but green lentils and bread makes a better texture. I used carrots with filberts instead of walnuts and added green tomatoes for some of the spinach, oregano for thyme. Sometimes, one substitutes too much. It’s okay, nutritional and filling. […]