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Cousky Coosky Cous Cous

Lemon spinach whole wheat cous cous with some chopped parsley and sweet potato. That worked very well. And the green lentil were cooked for half an hour with 2 carrots, a sliced clove or garlic, a couple stems of celery and a cube of onion bouillon. That’s served on top of the current food kick: […]


Starting a lentil loaf, this time using red lentils and oatmeal because that’s what we have but green lentils and bread makes a better texture. I used carrots with filberts instead of walnuts and added green tomatoes for some of the spinach, oregano for thyme. Sometimes, one substitutes too much. It’s okay, nutritional and filling. […]

A Chilly Day is a Chilli Day

The chilli of Oh She Glows from a few years ago, but we added corn and 1/2 a cup of lentils, lost the mushrooms, doubled the onion, added tomato paste as well. It was too spicy so we diluted with some tomato sauce. On the side Tightwad Gazette’s oatmeal scones except I made it savoury […]


I forgot to turn the toast to show the white sesame seeds. Chili sin carne roughly like the recipe rom Chloe Fox’s Intuitive Cooking. I put everything into the slow cooker and remembered to turn it off at night so it didn’t turn into chili crisp for astronaut food. 1 1/2 cup herb broth 1 […]

Come Back and See my Pad Thai

Someone (who now? I forget) pointed to Martha Steward’s Pad Thai but it inexplicably takes out all the heat and most of the garlic. Although I dislike for its ugly layout, their pad thai was a better starting point. My version has no bean sprouts which is kind of sacrilege, and bears no ressemblance […]

Tofu Sticks

Back there is a heap of broccoli (yay, I finally spelled it right on the first type), a mache salad with mushrooms, sliced almonds and sliced cucumber. The mache has something of a faintly floral taste. Some hazelnut salad dressing. In the foreground that rare thing to find: Finn Crisp Caraway. It’sthe first Finn Crisp […]

Fiddly(head) delish

Got a couple new cookbooks recently, and a recipe for fiddlehead and morel caught my eye. The morels are in season locally. Ah, they are also $45/pound. I’m thinking the woodsy taste of portabello will do just fine. Purple asparagus grabbed my eye. Could try that. Seasonal local food. Here’s where we’re going with this: […]