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The Gentle Lentil

Brown rice and brown lentils cooked with onion and carrot. Lettuce salad with hazelnut, carrot and white mushrooms.

A Little Lentil Exercise

Bread, fresh from oven. Oh my. Put some avocado hummus on that. Cooked up half an onion, a package of frozen spinach and 1/4 package of quartered mushrooms with a dab of butter and sprinkle of white wine vinegar. Sweet and sour lentils. 2 cups lentil 4 cups water tablespoon of tamarind paste nub of […]

A Plate-Sized Buffet

Black kale, boiled with chopped garlic. Mushroom noodles with grilled mushrooms. Cold brown rice (no gluten) vermicelli salad tossed in black pepper, rice vinegar and horseradish. Green salad with carrots, walnuts, and tomatoes. Red cabbage, red onions and red lentils cooked with cawaway seeds, ajwan seeds, hot pepper oil, anise, caraway, pani puri masala and […]

Glazed Veggies & Coconut Loaf

It isn’t obvious but there’s a layer of sweet and sour red lentils on the bottom of that arugula, all topped with whatnots. Green pepper, celery, black kale, brown mushrooms, cubed herb firm tofu (marinated in white wine vinegar, olive oil and sea salt) all thrown on the grill and drizzled with ginger citrus dressing […]

Sweet Potato Chilli

We took up the idea that Liz mentioned of Sweet Potato chilli. After a walk in the snow what’s better than a machine having made a hot meal? What have we for the slow cooker? Half a red onion, a can of black beans, a carrot, a parsnip, two sweet potatoes, most of a can […]

Cousky Coosky Cous Cous

Lemon spinach whole wheat cous cous with some chopped parsley and sweet potato. That worked very well. And the green lentil were cooked for half an hour with 2 carrots, a sliced clove or garlic, a couple stems of celery and a cube of onion bouillon. That’s served on top of the current food kick: […]


Starting a lentil loaf, this time using red lentils and oatmeal because that’s what we have but green lentils and bread makes a better texture. I used carrots with filberts instead of walnuts and added green tomatoes for some of the spinach, oregano for thyme. Sometimes, one substitutes too much. It’s okay, nutritional and filling. […]