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I forgot to turn the toast to show the white sesame seeds. Chili sin carne roughly like the recipe rom Chloe Fox’s Intuitive Cooking. I put everything into the slow cooker and remembered to turn it off at night so it didn’t turn into chili crisp for astronaut food. 1 1/2 cup herb broth 1 […]

Come Back and See my Pad Thai

Someone (who now? I forget) pointed to Martha Steward’s Pad Thai but it inexplicably takes out all the heat and most of the garlic. Although I dislike for its ugly layout, their pad thai was a better starting point. My version has no bean sprouts which is kind of sacrilege, and bears no ressemblance […]

Tofu Sticks

Back there is a heap of broccoli (yay, I finally spelled it right on the first type), a mache salad with mushrooms, sliced almonds and sliced cucumber. The mache has something of a faintly floral taste. Some hazelnut salad dressing. In the foreground that rare thing to find: Finn Crisp Caraway. It’sthe first Finn Crisp […]

Fiddly(head) delish

Got a couple new cookbooks recently, and a recipe for fiddlehead and morel caught my eye. The morels are in season locally. Ah, they are also $45/pound. I’m thinking the woodsy taste of portabello will do just fine. Purple asparagus grabbed my eye. Could try that. Seasonal local food. Here’s where we’re going with this: […]

Basil Dazzle

Some veggies readied for spring rolls: carrots, cucumber, red lettuce, celery, spring onions, chives and, in the starring role, basil. The sauce was thai hot pepper jelly mixed with plum vinegar and hot pepper flakes. Ta-da. Spring rolls On the side: brown lentils cooked with a knob of tamarind, a knob of fresh ginger, a […]

Being a Mung’s Friend

This recipe for mung bean soup is good by the standards of Ayurvedic medicine. Soaked overnight, rinsed and cooked for an hour and a half until it descended to more cream than bean. I had most of the ingredients, although come to think of it I don’t know how much dried bean I used. (Used […]

Sweet and Heat Veggies

Hot red pepper sauce added at the end to the boiled mix of carrot, celery, brussels sprouts and green bell pepper. The turnip I fried quickly in vegan shortening. (Mixing up the fat types changes the flavour base.) It was sprinkled with dried tarragon. Whole wheat bread at the back. The rice/quinoa/lentil mix is a […]