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Ceylonta is Sri Lankan food at 2920 Carling Ave. It’s been going since 1994 but Bayshore isn’t an area on our radar. After a recommendation (thanks Stuart!) we tried it. Wow. Good food exists. Exceptional food even. A quiet dim room with eastern type decorations, colourful without being garish. We got vegetable thali. Every dish […]

The Carleton

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Carleton Tavern’s hummus tabouli plate special with pita for $8.50. This hummus was really garlicky but it depends. Like home cooking, it isn’t always the same. Good tabouli.

Quick bites

What have we got in the freezer sort of night? A bit of this, a spot of that. Hot dog buns, grilled with minced garlic and butter, topped with good tomato sauce, corn and chickpeas and grilled some more. Nutty cous cous and romaine salad. Petit Bill’s chocolate bourbon pecan pie. Probably 2 people could […]

Viet Taste

New place in town this month. Crunchy noodles topped with vegetables. Menu choice is easy when there’s only a couple vegetarian options. Haven’t had this type of food before. It was pretty good. Good colours and flavours and freshness. We’d return. The rolls were the upper edge of average. My fortune.

Wellington Sandwiches

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People keep telling us it’s good. It feels like a community in there with regulars and conversations, not hermetically sealed revolving door or part time workers for megacorp. Could be small town anywhere. The wrap was food, and a vegetarian option. But the butter tart! As if from a church bakesale, the find of the […]

A Thing for Chocolate: Sconing up on new things

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A Thing for Chocolate crepe. My default favourite kind: brie with maple syrup and pecans. Omar is continually expanding the chocolate section so it’s fun to watch the jaw-dropped grins of chocoholics on seeing the selction. Now he’s got chocolate cheesecakes, tartes, fondue, crepes, hot chocolate, meringues and now scones: Cranberry, white and dark chocolate […]

Bonus Post: Pizza

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I’m not blogging on weekends. Except, well, when I do. “What shall we have to eat while we watch our pizza?” Er, dingdingding. I think we have a menu idea for a movie night. Pizza Pizza pizza. Because sometimes too tired, too rainy, cold and dark to cook. And you can make a custom pizza […]