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Turnips Turn Out

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I boiled the turnips until nearly tender then fried them in olive oil and rosemary until browned. That works. There’s not many vegetables that can stand up and duke it out with rosemary without being overpowered. On the side, nayonnaise and green onion in cooked spinach to make it hot and creamy. Pasta filled with […]


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Ceylonta is Sri Lankan food at 2920 Carling Ave. It’s been going since 1994 but Bayshore isn’t an area on our radar. After a recommendation (thanks Stuart!) we tried it. Wow. Good food exists. Exceptional food even. A quiet dim room with eastern type decorations, colourful without being garish. We got vegetable thali. Every dish […]

Fall for Falafel

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Falafel in whole wheat pita with black olives, cucumber, tomatoes, hummus smear and a vegannaise-garlic dressing. The daily grapefruit juice.

Top of the Caps to You

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5 bean salad with green onion and corn mixed into the white wine vinegar, olive oil, pinch of salt and sprinkle of white sugar. Hard to get off the sugar train. Green beans, boiled to distraction while I wrote. Big mushroom mixed with some bread crumbs, tarragon, celery, parsley and the chopped stem of mushroom, […]

The Carleton

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Carleton Tavern’s hummus tabouli plate special with pita for $8.50. This hummus was really garlicky but it depends. Like home cooking, it isn’t always the same. Good tabouli.

Mushroom Dumplings

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cook with a little olive oil: 500 g mushroom 1/2 yellow onion add water to fill the pot 1 mushroom bouillon cube a few grams cubed firm tofu minced fresh rosemary when almost cooked, make up dumplings: whisk together: 1 cup whole wheat flour 1/2 tsp chopped chives, or other herb 2 tsp baking powder […]

Things that Grow Lumps in the Night

Along the edge of the garden we didn’t keep stellar records of what was what. I was sure the turnips didn’t germinate but when I picked some watermelon radishes, some were yellow. The long lost tiny turnips overwhelmed in the leaves. Thinning the carrots, yes, that is a good idea. Makes a difference. What have […]