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Sahlab at Jericho (thick hot milk with rose water and spice). The vegetarian appetizer platter was nice. Nothing mcirowaved. Crisp outside, soft inside. Rich flavours. The

Franchia & Birdland

Guess I went with holiday Canada Day option. All my camera batteries were drained. Sobeit. Back to NYC… Looking up, The ceiling at Franchia Vegan Cafe, Korean, NYC. Each seating area was stepped back into alcoves and balconies suggesting terraced farmed land. We had a few dishes which was pricy but superbly done. There’s nothing […]

Quick bites

What have we got in the freezer sort of night? A bit of this, a spot of that. Hot dog buns, grilled with minced garlic and butter, topped with good tomato sauce, corn and chickpeas and grilled some more. Nutty cous cous and romaine salad. Petit Bill’s chocolate bourbon pecan pie. Probably 2 people could […]

Viet Taste

New place in town this month. Crunchy noodles topped with vegetables. Menu choice is easy when there’s only a couple vegetarian options. Haven’t had this type of food before. It was pretty good. Good colours and flavours and freshness. We’d return. The rolls were the upper edge of average. My fortune.

A Thing for Chocolate

Dark hot chocolate. Brie with pecans and maple syrup. I think this is at risk of being my regular. Death by Chocolate Brownie is the best, but the chocolate meringues are the best I’ve had, of which I’ve had few. Still looking forward to truffles being on offer. The new issue of Centretown Buzz should […]

Beet Chestnut Pizza

Candy cane beets, fresh basil from garden minced with this season’s garlic, crumbled old cheddar, chopped bits of tomato, pieces of roasted chestnut and we have a contrast of salt and sweet and herb that pleases. The beets were done on the grill but it got to late to fit into the time we had, […]

Quick as a Spinach Vermicelli

A new store is a new ingredient is a new idea. 2 Servings (125g dry) of spinach-coloured vermicelli takes 2 minutes in boiling water. Then I did roughly Taste of Home Spinach Vermicelli 1/2 tbsp olive oil, or less 1 large garlic cloves, minced 200 g fresh spinach 1/2 lemon of juice 1 tbsp dried […]