Bean There, Done

Posted on Thursday 19 February 2015

bean salad
Fresh bread with ricotta cheese (sprouts, mustard, etc) but the main dish, black beans with chopped green onion, cucumber, olive oil, worcester sauce, chervil and rice vinegar.

12:17 pm
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Cold Day, Hot Soup

Posted on Wednesday 18 February 2015

hot spiced soup
Something like hot African soup except using sunflower butter. And adding what veggies we had, including anise, zucchini, carrots. A side of wild mushroom cous cous. Since it was improv and taste, I couldn’t reproduce it if I tried.

6:19 pm
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Pasta Deluxe

Posted on Tuesday 17 February 2015

"deluxe pasta"
Mac and cheese with peas and spinach cooked in. Sprinkled with nutritional yeast.

Today, in this episode of pasta of desperation, I managed not to brain fart and pour the cheese power unto the boiling water. Small successes should not go unappreciated.

Oh and winter miracle of fresh cucumber which also is generally under-appreciated. And baked leftover squash.

peanut butter balls
What have we? Peanut butter (or use sunflower seed or almond butter), handful of raisins, shake of instant oatmeal, a little icing sugar, a sprinkle or two of dried coconut. Mix together until it sticks and add more dry as the nut butter absorbs, roll into balls. Done.

12:14 pm
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Seeds to Speed

Posted on Monday 16 February 2015

bread sticks
Breadsticks. Far better than fiddlesticks.

alfalfa seeds
The start of a new week of sprouting our own winter greens. Alfalfa.

brocoli seeds
And very very small broccoli.

In the slow cooker, split pea soup with a couple apples added and caraway instead of curry for a change. Reheated squash. Spinach salad because spinach bears being carted hold in the cold better than lettuce.

12:12 pm
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Arabic Bread & Falafel

Posted on Friday 13 February 2015

pita dough 1
The Breadcraft (Yerba Buena, 1974) recipe book calls it Arabic bread and it is a simple yeast, salt, water, flour dough that sits an hour. Is kneaded, divided into 6, kneaded, rolled, sits 45 minutes, then is cooked quickly.

1 tbs yeast
1 1/4 cup water, let foam.

Mis 3 cups flour
2 tsp salt

pita dough 2

falafel fillings
Toppings get ready, along with tomato, cucumber, garlicked up mayo. The falafel fix readies for the grill to cook.


See, thick but not bad. Tasty in combination. And made it ourselves.

12:25 pm
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Cripes, Crepes

Posted on Thursday 12 February 2015

brie crepe
Back to a Thing for Chocolate for date day.

brie and pecan crepe
My go-to choice of brie and pecan with maple syrup.

death by chocolate brownie
Sharing a Death by Chocolate Brownie.

12:19 pm
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Grilling up A Little Crispy Melty Perfection

Posted on Wednesday 11 February 2015

I felt into a gape-sinkhole on the net but at there was this idea. A triple cheese grilled cheese with cheese on the outside and inside. Like a croque monsieur without the ham and sauce.


Oh my. Yes.

12:16 pm
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