Simply good

Posted on Monday 18 May 2015

There are two types of people, those who love rice cakes and those who find it most comparable to chewing box board. Guess which camp I’m in.

avocado and almond
Cranberry pomegranate juice and rice cakes with almond butter and avocado.

It was Quaker puffed rice or nothing for me, but it can be hard to find plain. I tried Lundburg farms before but they were uneven, with hard bits. They’ve fixed that.

12:33 pm
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BBQ Pizza & Soup

Posted on Friday 15 May 2015

pear pizza
Thin. Simple, fresh, fast.

Some tofu marinated with olive oil, corn, rice vinegar, tarragon and basil. Green onion and pears.

squash sou
Squash rolled into the soup with sweet potatoes, carrots, marsala spice, cumin, coconut puree. A grate of fresh ginger for the top. Heavenly stuff.

And that’s a weekend.

12:36 pm
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When it all burns

Posted on Thursday 14 May 2015

So some of the food burnt and some isn’t ready in time. 4-minute frozen pasta to the rescue.

carrot salad with fresh ginger
On the greens a grated carrot salad. Grate carrots, grate ginger, mix in mayonnaise or mayonnot. Some kimchi, some pickles. Some sauce and we’re a go.

ice cream
Close off with some frozen yogurt in the yard.

12:34 pm
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Barbecue time

Posted on Wednesday 13 May 2015

bbqued acorn squash
Half an hour of cooking the acorn squash.

pocket potato for bbq
Onion, celery, Mexican spice mix in a foil bag.

pocket potato for bbq
The pocket didn’t brown much but it’s tender.

bbqued acorn squash
A little for now. Some for later.

12:31 pm
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Burnt Butter, gone

Posted on Tuesday 12 May 2015

from Burnt Butter
It’s gone.

to Carben
Carben is coming.

Not sure what’s up with the burning/burnt theme.

3:40 pm
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Out Outside, Brief Candle of Spring

Posted on Tuesday 12 May 2015

Eating out. Green salad, radishes, and orzo cooked in veggie broth water with tofu and mushrooms, thickened with flour.

12:25 pm
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Tofu Kick

Posted on Monday 11 May 2015

corn pizza
Tofu marinated in rice vinegar and olive oil, grilled red peppers and grilled onion and corn for a quick pizza oven pizza.

Some of it flipped from paddle to pizza stone unevenly but tasted fine.

And it’s finally warm enough for ice cream! With allergies to pollen kicking up, what difference does congestion to dairy make to the beleaguered body anyway. Black cherry and chocolate.

12:28 pm
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