Contentment in a bowl

Posted on Wednesday 10 December 2014

Potato gnocchi for fast food, stirred with a perfect avocado and snips of green onion, on a bed of arugula and topped with enoki. Asparagus in the background. So much starch but greens and vitamins too.

happy taters
Second course, a stack of smiles.

12:15 pm
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What Have We Soup

Posted on Tuesday 9 December 2014

Carrot, red potato, shallot, hoisin sauce, this and that spice mix, boil, boil. Top with enoki mushroom which are tender but tighten on the heat of the top. Toast in the back.

12:51 pm
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Posted on Monday 8 December 2014

Of course truffles.

Start with these.

cracker cheese
Add dill cream cheese with a pastry bag extruded on and topped with a caper and finely grated lemon zest.

black bean dip
Breadsticks, veggies and a black bean dip. Thought the dip would be a nice cracker topper with avocado and cracked blak pepper but the ripeness of avocado wasn’t cooperating. A can of black beans, drained, mixed with a large spoonful of sunflower butter, same of tahini, drizzle of red pepper oil and some cumin/mint spice mix combo.

cracker cheese
More crackers with plain low fat cream cheese, hot pepper jelly and chopped cucumber.

12:32 pm
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Soma Chocolate Maker

Posted on Friday 5 December 2014

classic hot chocolate made with soy
Classic hot chocolate made with soy milk at Soma. My photos can’t do it justice like your mouths can.

Soma chocolate
A sort of chocolate “salami” was tempting but no.

sea salt and caramel and venezuela rtuffle
Sea salt and caramel and venezuela truffle.

chocolate shot
And a shot of traditional hot chocolate. Perfect texture and complexity. Any more and I might be able to hang off the ceilings from my fingernails.

(This post is 3 trips by the way.)

This is what chefs can do. Fusion of balanced flavours: single origin Java truffle and mulled wine:
Java truffle and mulled wine

mulled wine truffle
The inside of a mulled wine.

I’m not sure any photo could do justice to the baby bear brownie.
baby bear brownie
Soft, complex chocolate, nutty, melty, crisp, fluffy and simultaneously dense. Possibly the perfect brownie.

And things to bring home because it may not be kosher to become a store stowaway. And there are good things back home to return to.

8 year aged balsamic
8 year aged balsamic.

mulled wine truffle
yes, we brought some home.

whisky truffle in its wrap
Because they pay attention, they wrap the cocoa dusted whisky truffle in a wrapper so its cocoa doesn’t mar the shine of the other truffles.

12:09 pm
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Distillery District

Posted on Thursday 4 December 2014

brie and pear
Brie and pear with a walnut bread (at least on the menu it said so) in Sweet Creations.

veggie sandwich
Grilled veggie sandwich

12:03 pm
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Posted on Wednesday 3 December 2014

squash pasta, stacked tater
Stacked baked grocer’s freezer potatoes, Longo’s store brand of veggie pillows of pasta, fresh tomato sauce, topped with boiled shallot and walnut for texture. Mixed salad greens (beets and baby spinach and whatnot) with a cumin-mint spice mix.

frozen yogurt
Yogurty’s frozen yogurt, mostly from the fruit and candy bar by volume. Inside Longo’s.

12:00 pm
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Long in the Bean

Posted on Tuesday 2 December 2014

long beans
Rarely see long beans around.

Shallots and spice.

Watercress, sprouts and cucumber salad. Ear mushroom and Shanghai noodle stir fry with a lot of fresh mixed greens.

12:57 pm
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