Latke or Not, Here it Comes

Posted on Wednesday 12 November 2014

potato cakes
Potato cakes from the grocer’s freezer. It’s not quite Gordon Ramsey breakfast but it’ll do.

On the side boiled carrots from the local market and onion cooked with balsamic vinegar. Brussel sprouts were parboiled then nested down into the onion to finish cooking while the potato cakes caked. All in and done in 20 minutes.

12:20 pm
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Um, Yum, Yes,

Posted on Tuesday 11 November 2014

vegan sauce
A sauce from Italy direct. Why does that seem madly luxurious when frozen berries are coming from South America? Italian style tofurky sausages. We’ll see how that it baked in a cast iron pan with mushrooms and a little extra oregano.

Long spaghetti from the Italian store, fresh basil, fresh ground pepper on the tomato sauce.

12:27 pm
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Pho Sure. Thank Gnomes it’s Delivery

Posted on Monday 10 November 2014

Every month or few there are nights where cooking ain’t happening, no way, no how.

So one more one-use plastics and styrofoam. It’s the general process of life not perfection in every detail.

Grateful for living in a time and place where other people will make a vegetarian broth, even steam the veggies for you and just give it over.

What an invention, this commerce. Steam and nutritional flow into the bones.

1:22 pm
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Irish Soup

Posted on Friday 7 November 2014

potato soup

2 potatoes, boiled, (keep water for thinning soup)
2 leeks, white only (sliced and cooked in cast iron pan)
2 tbsp butter

1 tsp mint
1 tsp dill
1 herb boullion cube
2 creamers of 18% cream

Puree all, adding potato water to thin as needed. Can use unsweetened almond milk instead of cream. Used it because it was left behind after someone brought coffees.


12:50 pm
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All Kale Caesar

Posted on Thursday 6 November 2014

carrots, kale, peppers
In from the garden: kale, carrots, peppers. Which I have to admit will never ripen to red.

Kale. All Kale Caesar. From puns like like these meals are born.

radish, chives, green onion
Watermelon radish, chive and green onion.

And onto the table with it all: carrots and asparagus on the side. The pepper with celery and radish turned into a hot pasta salad with hoisin sauce.

Kale Caesar salad:

Parboiled the kale.

Cut homemade bread into cubes, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with nutritional yeast and toasted rice powder (for the smoky hint). Broiled until crisp croutons.

beat together for the dressing:
spoon of vegganaise
drizzle of olive oil
1 Tbs white wine vinegar
squeeze of lemon
sprinkle of nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp vegetarian Worcestershire sauce
sprinkle of salt
1/4 tbs mustard
1 clove minced garlic

Wolf Island Applesauce

12:53 pm
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Fil’s Diner

Posted on Wednesday 5 November 2014

Fil's Diner veggie burger
Veggie burger getting its relish. Apparently this was good.

Fil's Diner
Mixed tray. Not super onion rings, but passable. Somehow fries done wrong. Overfried, unfresh oil. Garlic bread is like grocery store hamburger buns brushed with butter. Corn chips from the universal diner corn chip place that makes then taste like wax.

But social’s the thing. The decor and menu is all new, smaller, less vegetarian even. Seats are blue/teal/green (depending on whose eyes) instead of red. New floor. Nice service as ever.

12:47 pm
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Autumn Special

Posted on Tuesday 4 November 2014

hearts and simple salad
A little veggie ravioli with a curried squash puree on top, steamed broccoli with a squeeze of lemon and a pile of raw flavour: fresh local carrots, fresh local golden beets and grated celery, all drizzled with a gentle olive oil and rice wine vinegar.

12:40 pm
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