Pho Better or Worse

Posted on Thursday 9 April 2015

snow peas
A quickish meal with fresh green snow peas, celery, carrots, onions, soba. It’s a pretty adaptable dish. Best not to overthink soups.

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Truffles: Soma Chocolate Makers, Toronto

Posted on Wednesday 8 April 2015

Oh my. Much to explore. The Peruvian one was a variety that was outstanding in world chocolate competition. A must try. A complex unfolding flavour. Delicate and smooth. But be forewarned: it may ruin you for lesser chocolates.

I was tempted to repeat their “Arbequina” olive oil one or their Gianduja with poprocks. Or their unique origins ones. The caramel kiss one was a favorite by a lady in a nearby store. The Feuilletine Caramel was pretty neat with its crisp, crunch of wafter bits around it and the caramel inside wasn’t hard as almost toffee like in some places.

$12 for 6 truffles. Amazing value.

lavender with sesame
Lavender with Sesame, very interesting texture of crunch with complex but no overwhelming floral. A surprisingly smooth and unbitter roasted cocoa bean inside the dark chocolate.

roasted cocoa bean
Pretty that way too, despite travelling home by bumpetty-bump train. The cherry bomb didn’t last long. Some jello of cherry. Interesting.

brown sugared
Beurre Noisette (brown butter) has the dusting of icing sugar, a hard dark chocolate shell then perfectly medium soft but not liquid smooth and complex filling.

Thai hot coconut
This Thai Coconut one was interesting. Not usually a big fan of coconut but it with the lemongrass and hot pepper was interesting.

how to treat chocolate kindly
I love their advice for treating your chocolate right. Respect for ingredients.

Soma now delivers by courier. Heaven help.

And tonight Cocoa Cabin launches.

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Peas and Love

Posted on Tuesday 7 April 2015

peas & love
Peas and red pepper heart ravioli stuffed with veggies. Chapbook launch tomorrow.

Wed, April 8, 2015, 7:30pm
Launching the Chocolate chapbook, Ottawa
At A Thing for Chocolate, 1262 Wellington Ave W. A chapbook of cocoa’s rhapsodic delights called Cocoa Cabin with poems by Steven Artlle, Marie Andrée Auclair, Amanda Earl, Susan Glickman, Natalie Hanna, Anna Mioduchowska, Catina Noble, Pearl Pirie, Roland Prevost, Brenda Schmidt, Lisa Timpf and Grant Wilkins.

Thanks to and the Canada Council for the Arts for funding as part of National Poetry Month, the food theme year.
Readings by Steven Artelle, Pearl Pirie Roland Prevost, Grant Wilkins, Natalie Hanna and Catina Noble.

Have to miss it? You can get a copy on etsy here.

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Our 279th

Posted on Monday 6 April 2015

Anniversary meal. No tofu in house but concept with new parts and it keeps going with mashed cumin-spiced kidney beans, lettuce, cheddar, tomato. Pears on the horizon.

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Thank Jees, Mac and Cheese

Posted on Friday 3 April 2015

mac & cheese
Mainstay during festival: one of the fastest foods in the west: mac and cheese. Throw in some peas. A spinach and lettuce salad with avocado, tomato and cucumber and we have sustenance and nutrition.

Apparently this is good Friday but don’t celebrate. Wonder if that means I’ll give the blog the federal holiday Monday off. Free vacation. Whee.

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Pearl Restaurant, Toronto

Posted on Thursday 2 April 2015

Pearl restaurant

Pearl restaurant soup
Soft tofu soup. (Oops. shrimp-bottomed.)

a lettuce wrap with dry noodles
Another appetizer. Beautifully presented in iceberg lettuce, a wrap full of crispy noodles, sprouts and hoisin sauce.

fork rest
The fork and chopstick rest was nice.

chopstick & fork rest
Neat, huh.

Some fried rice.

veggies and mushrooms
Tofu and some soft mushrooms.

I forgot to photograph the fortune cookie or fortune.

and later, Soma, possibly the best brownie anywhere. Cooked at right humidity and temperature, crisp parts, gooey parts, dense chewy parts. And nutty. (Photo by Brian)
Soma brownie in Toronto

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A Little Korean

Posted on Wednesday 1 April 2015

Korean twist
Flipping through the cookbooks at the library, saw a Korean cookbook with a soft soy curd (semi-soft tofu) that was breaded in flour and cornmeal and fried. It was served with a garlic and hot pepper sauce.

I added a little crumbled sage to the breading. I added some garlic to the oil it was cooked in and a little spinach to the sauce. On the side, a perfectly ripe avocado and tomato.

Definitely a repeater, even if it does oil-smoke the air somewhat unpleasantly.

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