Dried Banana, Cooked Blueberries

Posted on Tuesday 23 June 2015

banan chips
On the side of blueberry pancakes.

Turbo-powered nutrient wash. Also, tasty.

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A Thing for Chocolate

Posted on Monday 22 June 2015

A Thing for Chocolate
I should always just get the brie pecan one.

A Thing for Chocolate
Ice cream that is soft but dense and almost chewy like fudge but doesn’t melt quickly. I speculate there’s marshmallow fluff stuff folded into the cream. Very intense. Very chocolatey. Like no ice cream I’ve had before.

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Pani Puri

Posted on Friday 19 June 2015

It’s still in frost watch season and almost to mid-summer. Crazy climate change. Heat has to come from within.

We tend to eat this late on winter’s night so didn’t photograph any under natural light before. Some onion, dill, cilantro, potato, boondi, chickpea, spicy sauce and hot and sweet tamarind sauce with the bubble shells.

Each bite is a different taste combination.

Have yourself a great long weekend.

12:21 pm
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Slaw and Slaw

Posted on Thursday 18 June 2015

Tarragon, anise, nayonnaise, carrot and cabbage. The cabbage that will take all year to consume. Oh, the last of the potato-leek soup with cubes of potato and dill fresh-snipped from the garden.

12:19 pm
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Taking a Leek

Posted on Wednesday 17 June 2015

Or 3 and making soup.

potato leek soup
Boiling potatoes, broth, dill, almond milk, leeks cooked until soft and puree. Topped with Greek yogurt and dill.

On the side pitas with avocado, tomato, nayo special blend (nayonnaise, lumpy mustard, and nutritional yeast), and fresh from the garden arugula, lettuce and coriander.

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Posted on Tuesday 16 June 2015

Our traditional coupleness food. This time with spiced mashed black beans, salsa, garden lettuce, chopped old cheddar and greek yogurt.

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Neighbourhood BBQ

Posted on Monday 15 June 2015

greek spinach roll
Lisa’s Greek spinach rolls.

bean salad
Bean salad.

Watermelon and yogurt white cake.

queen elizabeth cake
Julie’s quintessentially Canadian cake, the Queen Elizabeth Cake.

Julie's cakes
Caramelized pecans and coconut.

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