Pho Better

Posted on Saturday 23 August 2014

Gosh, I forgot to blog our pho. We didn’t have mung beans so used yu choy.

Herbs from the garden.

Mint, two kinds of basil, parsley, cilantro all from the garden. Lemon from someone else’s far far away.

A little heat and a little lemon.

Good filling and hydrating in the cooler hours indoors on hot days.

And later, peaches!

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A Thing for Chocolate: Sconing up on new things

Posted on Friday 22 August 2014

A Thing for Chocolate
A Thing for Chocolate crepe. My default favourite kind: brie with maple syrup and pecans.

Omar is continually expanding the chocolate section so it’s fun to watch the jaw-dropped grins of chocoholics on seeing the selction. Now he’s got chocolate cheesecakes, tartes, fondue, crepes, hot chocolate, meringues and now scones:

new cranberry chocolate scone
Cranberry, white and dark chocolate chip scones with that big crystal sugar on top. Perfect.

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Using Your Head

Posted on Thursday 21 August 2014

Cauliflower head from market. Now what?

cauliflower soup
1/4 of that. 2 carrots, 1/2 a spanish onion and 4 sticks of celery. A herb de provence cube, a little herbamare (potassium chloride, horseradish, and dehydrated veggies and herbs like lovage), McCormick’s No salt added seasoned herb medley (dehydrated veggies, orange & lemon lemon peel), water, milk of some sort. Puree it all, cook it all, puree it again. Top with green onion.

Under half an hour from produce bag to bowl.

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Something New to do with Cukes

Posted on Wednesday 20 August 2014

A Healthy Life for Me made a corn and blueberry salad. I largely followed it but changed a couple ingredients and proportions of ingredients:

4 ears sweet corn, husked, boiled, scraped off cob
¾ c fresh blueberries
1 large cucumber, sliced, quartered

¼ c finely chopped red onion
1 tbsp cup chopped fresh cilantro
1½ jalapeno peppers, seeded and finely chopped
2 tbsp rice wine vinegar juice
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp maple syrup
½-¼ tsp ground cumin
½ tsp sea salt salt
¼ tsp ground black pepper

About this much cilantro, since the plant is towards the end of season and I’m not that fond of it.

Also, a raw carrot from Roots & Shoots Farm, and their purple, green and yellow beans. A quick salad of chickpeas, radishes, olive oil, 2 minced cloves of garlic and a hot pepper. And more sprouts

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Rainbow Chard and Layered Tomato Salad

Posted on Tuesday 19 August 2014

Martha Stewart’s Spicy Chard with Ginger over gluten free pasta that’s tossed in mustard with chardonnay and nutritional yeast.

1 small bunch Swiss chard, divided into stems and leaves, each chopped
1 tbs olive oil
2 tsp minced peeled fresh ginger
1 sliced jalapeños

Did I follow the recipe? More or less. No salt and pepper, halved the hot peppers. It worked nicely and you could still taste the beetiness of the stems. In a short cooking time they had the last bit of firmness. I served the steamed leaves apart from the stems. It was excellent but better was the layered tomato salad.

The tomatoes sliced thinly and on the bed of one, a layer of minced green onion mixed with alfalfa sprouts then the top with muddled capers and green onions and lemon zest. The dressing was lemon juice, olive oil, white wine vinegar, sea salt, and finely chopped basil poured over the rest. A little more thai basil for garnish.

Dessert? Plums.

P8160010 (1)

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Westboro Farmer’s Market

Posted on Monday 18 August 2014

fig & fennel sourdough
Heavenly Fig & Fennel Sourdough from Pure Bread Bakery. Fantastic bread.

Pure Bread,
They have so many kinds, including pure rye varieties that are pretty good too. Next time? They are usually at the Main Street Market. It’s good to see bakers starting. Richmond Bakery closed after 70 years last week.

We came home with a good haul. Fresh rainbow chard, carrots and beans from Roots & Shoots Farm.

roots & shoots farm
More of their beans.

Warner's Farm
Warner’s Farm plums.

We’ve heard of Ottawa’s Farmer’s Markets but going to the Byron Street one was eye opening. It’s huge and all super fresh produce from the farmers. 65 stands selling anything from beets to sheep’s cheese to kimchi to butter tarts.

scape fetas
One booth had various kinds of feta from spicy to sundried tomato to this scapes one.

Milkhouse, Smiths Falls
Milkhouse Dairy had two kinds of cheeses, one like sheep’s feta and one a more aged hard one.

Milkhouse, Smiths Falls
Since they got in the sheep business they didn’t want the wool to go to waste so teamed up with a Barrhaven person who can weave it and dye it into scarves.

Four Sisters
We ran out of cash before the truffles!

Four Sisters
Four Sisters’ has all kind of interesting raw vegan things.

crowd shot
To us it seemed like a big crowd but the Four Women bakery said it was a slower day with the rain and reopening of part of the Landsdowne Park Market.

A little bread, oil and plums.

plums & our
And garden tomatoes smaller than the plums.

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Bonus Post: Pizza

Posted on Sunday 17 August 2014

I’m not blogging on weekends. Except, well, when I do.

“What shall we have to eat while we watch our pizza?” Er, dingdingding. I think we have a menu idea for a movie night.

Pizza Pizza pizza
Pizza Pizza pizza. Because sometimes too tired, too rainy, cold and dark to cook. And you can make a custom pizza on the internet and have it within 15 minutes.

12″ whole wheat thin crust, arugula, spinach, mushroom, smoked provolone for $11.

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