31 Dec 2004, 9:26am
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Remake Yourself and Your Life Online

New year resolutions entirely too much typing not to mention thinking? Want a new self for 2005 without any hassle? Impressive results can be had quck and easy. Faking it was never so easy as in the digital age.
1. Start with an automatically-generated random web page design
2. Have nothing to say on your website? Not much happening on vacation? No problem, let the net generate automatic posts for you.
3. Top off the new-to-you, you with an official sounding BSed title for yourself
4. Build a New World and enter it.
5. You’re virtually there.

Happy, Healthy, Safe, Thrilling, Fulfilling and Thriving New Year for 2005!

30 Dec 2004, 12:30pm
Life Anecdotes
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Passing Through the Foci of Pathos

Death count tripled since Tuesday. The flurry of family has stopped (stopped cold turkey, you might say) and I am between tasks and scehdules. I am not in vacation frame of mind and there are only 4 days of it left. I want useful action, objectives and successes. Definition of success:  Fall down 7 times, stand up 8 times. (Japanese Proverb) (Ok, got the falling down part down pat. I’ve been in a snowstorm whiteout of feelings and words that don’t match up and fall already fumbling around for all the good I can grasp.)

I feel laid up as if by a broken leg. I want to be busy but vacation has been imposed on me and fatique I imposed on myself. This is bad timing. (There is never a good time.)

How to prettily crossstich this bit of life into a stretched digital canvas of fonts? P.E. Trudeau said something like, if we look at ourselves we despair and look at others, feel not so bad. Surely not better though. Socrates thought that if all our misfortunes were laid in one common heap, whence every one must take an equal portion, most persons would be contented to take their own and depart. Care to debate with Socrates? I’m sure he would enjoy it. (Thank you for that quote comments spammer. Rather raising the bar to edification, aren’t they? I would rather not receive 100 such quotes in a week just the same).

A positive note, the spirit of Christmas giving as one person’s story. Allowing myself greed to glutton myself on lining up all the positives I can think of and getting out for some fresh air and exercise, and bringing in the music. But you know, with music or jokes, if you seek out a particular happy song, or joke, it has less effect. If you hear the song by accident or if the joke is not formally a joke, it is much lighter.

I could fritter a day away in any number of hobbies, obligations, shoulds. Threw myself into cleaning yesterday. Today may cook up a storm. Entirely too much time for thinking could be ahead of me, rubbernecking, “overthinking” to tailspin with that seafloor cleft as a focus point and knowing it and not having a hand to control it. Waiting it out like aftershocks. Send money. Be aware. Don’t traumatize, victimize yourself more than necessary, I tell myself. Enough are dwelling in a place of pain right now. Hack yourself to action.

Don’t waste your brain cells. Get busy. No use in thinking about it. What good’ll it do ya?
Or, put more formally: cognitive restructuring, Allowing the Panic Dog to catch you and throwing him a bone as you go on with your task, acknowledging.

Have you ever seen that truncated winter rainbow called a sundog One was outside our window last week. Unexpected beauty is not a guest you can wait for just notice it and clasp it when it comes.

Words of the Day: imp, impress, impressario, ceremonial, moan
Soundtrack: Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelly with the Quintet of the Hot Club of france (1938-46)
Born Today: orn Dec 30, 1928 - Musician Bo Diddley ( real name Ellas Otha Bates McDaniels )

28 Dec 2004, 11:33am
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Earthquake Through Asia

I have been out of the loop of news but by now you would have heard of the 9.0 earthquake or seen maps of it. As I understand it most damage wasn’t caused by tremors shaking buildings apart but water moved by the ground. That was just a shrug of Mother Earth’s mantle not including the itches of wiggling aftershocks in the 6-7 range. Wikipedia adds that it caused a state of emergency in 3 countries, alarm worldwide. Estimates so far are for 25,000 human deaths, 1/4 the toll rung in during China’s 1976 earthquake. Is it unilaterally a taker of life? Can we add to the opposite side of the ledger the increased determination of survivors to make the most of the life they have and make more lives better?

What caused it? A length of 1200 km of the tectonic plate on the ocean floor 10 km under the surface of the water shifted. The boundary likely slipped an average of 15 meters causing waves. Further background from an ABC newswire story filed by Chamintha Thilakarathna in Colombo:

A tsunami, a Japanese word that translates as “harbor wave,” is usually caused by a sudden rise or fall of part of the earth’s crust under or near the ocean.

It comprises a series of waves that can travel across the ocean at speeds of over 800 kph (500 mph). As the tsunami enters the shallows of coastlines in its path, its velocity slows but its height increases and it can strike with devastating force…

The tsunami was so powerful it smashed boats and flooded areas along the east African coast, 6,000 km (3,728 miles) away.

Funds and prayers are being collected and donated. Crews are being formed to find members or closure for families of those missing. People are unified in grief and attention, if nothing else. That the wave can destroy boats thousands of miles away within hours reminds me, reinforces to me, how connected we all are, and how wee.

27 Dec 2004, 11:07am
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Christmas Pasts aka baby photos

xmas 1973

My second Christmas.

xmas preschool?

A housefull of guests including my mom’s dad.

xmas 1983

My 11th Christmas.


Christmas Present?

It was good. We spent time with 15 family members in conversations and presents. Eating more meat in 3 days than I’ve eaten in the last 2 months (which isn’t hard to do). Made inches of headway in getting to know these people better in the brief snatch of holidays.

Words of the Day: Christ, Crisscross, Railway X-ing, Xtian, Xmas

Soundtrack: Travis Steele Nevels calls his own guitar playing “American Freestyle Fingerstyle, and it’s clearly unique. His unorthodox playing style uses a combination of banjo rolls, alternate tunings, power riffs, and his own patented fingerstyle-flatpicking.”

24 Dec 2004, 7:21am
Events, Holidays and Festivals Light
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Merry Xmas

I’d like to say “Meeeerrry Xmas!” to all it applies to, especially those I can’t wish it to personally.
Xmas eventide

Some Xmas humor from PartiallyClips

And lastly, proof of life-like art

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