Happy New Years

Featured Quote: “Now the New Year, reviving old desires/The thoughtful soul to solitude” ~~ IV, one rubai of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyar.

Now is a time to look from where we have come and ahead to where we want to be. The surest way to predict the future is to help make it.

I will be further from the killing no-man’s land of “I’ll try”. In or out, no loitering about there.

I will be in greater physical motion and less emotional ruckus and fussus. I’ll take hold of what matters, what pays and repays and set aside the maybes and might-bes and speculative bidding of time and drive myself into the rewards of discipling myself to rest and to restless pursuit of goals. (My goals if we want to elaborate and be particular. )

(World domination no less. Perhaps it would be prudent to start with domini meo first. Oh yes, I’ll keep steady on not flying off in all directions with half a thought. 😉 )

I’ll hold and repeat my new mantra of observe, hold, inquire, listen, no listen for, listen, watch. Appreciation of neutrals and dampened down reflexive attraction to flittery glittery new ooh-ah do-dahs-dads. I’ll keep up my glad game and see if that reaps any lessening of deadening pessimism and passivism accepting of what I could very well change. I will nurture my taskmaster and give myself loose shank to cultivate friends and family immediately around me and see what comes of each hour when power of intention is behind it. But let me be not blind to what opportunity and joy, light making and simple pleasures there are because this too is part of life, essential for continuing.

So then, let there be fireworks! Remember when looking at the New Year, You control the show

Menu: asparagus, a salad of red decicious apples, celery, anise seed and pecans, to its side bean sprouts, brown mushrooms with cubes of low-fat cheese and ground fennel. And for dessert, hrm. Which one will we have later?

Today’s eve of 2006 light thought is courtesy of the inimmitable Dave Barry:

“If you throw a New Year’s Party, the worst thing that you can do would be to throw the kind of party where your guests wake up today, and call you to say they had a nice time. Now you’ll be be expected to throw another party next year. What you should do is throw the kind of party where your guest wake up several days from now and call their lawyers to find out if they’ve been indicted for anything. You want your guests to be so anxious to avoid a recurrence of your party that they immediately start planning parties of their own, a year in advance, just to prevent you from having another one.” ~ Dave Barry

All right, no party then, it’s decided. Just a dinner out or in perhaps. :-) Have a new year that fills your needs and gives you new ones so you have something to do after 2006.

30 Dec 2005, 9:39am
Music Poets Sports

Link Dumping and Sounds Plumping

I’m going to spend some of that Christmas cash at that wonderful indie CDBaby. It now has new searches for type of not only artist, like such and such artist, genre, flavor, mood and setting but now also instrument, country, state or province or origin as well. Aaaah. A site well-searchable. :-)

It’s got everything from Folsom Prison Blues in Bossa Nova style in Prozak for Lovers to 16th century a cappella, to Bumblefoot’s hard-rock guitar-punk or Deni Bonet‘s alternative pop violin to Greenland/Inuit/funk/fusion Pamyua. Now that’s a relief from the controlled audio palette of radio, even as eclectic, quirky and luscious as CBC can be with such fare as Global Village such as Toronto-based Somali rapper K’naan and Senegalese hip-hop group Daara J.

Soundtrack: On top of these, Massive Attack‘s Weather Storm and What Your Soul Sings, Black Angel Eyes Black Day in July by Tragically Hip, Hossam Ramzy drumming, Benny Green & Russell Malone.’s Bluebird, and she who has been Beninian but now is Parisian and explores all sorts of musical styles Angelique Kidjo’s Logozo

Odd Track: Someone To Wash Over Me…(The Dishwasher), tracks of household sounds such as vaccum, lawn mower from Grandma’s Fussbuster: Sounds That Soothe your Fussy Baby

I’m soaking in diversion, music, motion, diverse absorption.

I’ll share a fraction of it with you as something of a linkdump. Eventually I will overstimulate myself but for now I’m chasing every thing I’m curious about until one of us is a tattered shred of its former composed self.

PSA: Forget Magazine is out of dormancy with a few light facts on smoking, an overview of Al Purdy and some wonderfully rich and rich, sensual poems by Steven Ross Smith. Here’s a teaser:

poetry sample of  Steven Ross Smith, as if an undreamed-of dream surges from/a wrinkle in prune-dark sleep

dodge viperLight Car Link: About Fancy Parking


The Dodge Viper has always been big and hairy – a man’s car. If Ernest Hemingway were alive today, he’d drive a Viper…There’s no stability control, heads-up display or navigation system — real men don’t need directions. The only nod to modern technology is the ABS, which was grudgingly added some years ago. ~ Matt DeLorenzo reviewing the Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe in Road and Track, p. 66, Dec 2005 issue.

What a fun magazine. It reviews the new Corvette redesign and the Miata MX-5 and the Side Glances article by Peter Egan is comparing good and bad driver behavior of those who do the traffic sins. At risk of overselling, read an excerpt for yourself, right after he muses over Canadians having no police to speak of and the US having police visible and yet…

Think Link: from Portland

A word to the wise to tuck away in the back of the mind:

Featured Quote:Mark Twain said, “The surest protection against temptation is cowardice.” [It also works wonders against success.]

silken tofu egg drop soup Menu: Egg drop soup packet, but, oops, no eggs in the house so flavor filled out by cremeni mushrooms and silken tofu cubes.

Glad Game: Transferring and consolidating all known birthdays, anniversaries and birthdates into one book.

Updating my addresses into a new address book.

Home Depot and the smell of cut wood, oiled steel, rubber, dizzying array of sinks, lamps, knobs, paints, tiles, power tools.

Surge protector extension cord.

Sunset will be 1:52 pm, until then 78 km/hr wind, blizzard warning and -25, and -44 with windchill in Iqaluit and we aren’t there!

The safe travels and returns of friends and families.

All the things above and below my Glad Game.

Doing gets it done.

And I’ll get to that, by and by.
The bills, the xml files, the
submissions and groceries,
Once the cat de-laps me.
(If the fur-stick ever does.)
[She has to get hungry.]
Her twitches in her warm sleep,
(wet petal of drool on my knee )
has a vulnerability, a trust that
slushes any crisp white resolve
to get up. Inexplicable I know,
to those who aren’t cat people
the way I’m a cat person.

28 Dec 2005, 4:38pm
Books On the Peace Path

Raisins, Reasons and Reading

All done with cranberries in saucepan and bread and potato stuffing with vidalia onions and such? All done eating lucious squares like these? How about….?

Raisin Squares
3/4 c graham cracker crumbs (supplemented with wheat germ)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

2 tbsp melted butter
2 cups sultana raisins
3 beaten eggs
1 cup brown sugar

  1. Mix first 3 ingredients
  2. Add butter and raisins, mix well.
  3. Beat eggs until light. Add to above
  4. Put in a well-greased 9″ pan or one lined with wax paper.
  5. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.
  6. While still warm put a pan on top and flip it to take off wax paper. Flip back upright.
  7. Ice when cool with:

1/4 lemon (juice)
1/3 c soft butter
shake of salt
1 1/3 c icing sugar.
(optional 1 tsp milk to make proper consistency)
(optional: top with cracked walnuts)

Featured NGO: Heifer International is an efficiently run charity that helps people equip those with little capital with food and income producing supplies to help the person gain their own self-sufficiency. Those who receive the funding for bees, sheep, pigs, llamas, donkeys, camels, water buffalo, geese, ducks, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, or cattle then pass on their starter animals to other families to start-up as well.

Featured Quote: “Violence starts with the premise that there is such a thing as “justice”. We live in a culture in which the myth of the good guys against the bad guys is key. If there are good guys, we apparently have the right to punish the bad guys. If you beleive in a concept of justice – based on good and evil, whereby people deserve to suffer for what they ahve done then violence feels very satisfying.”~ Marshall Rosenberg in Ode’s article “Do you Know what you’re saying?”

Housekeeping News: My quarterly poetry writing stats are now up with the grand total of poems drafted and edited into something comprehensible and pleasing to me.

Soundtrack: Sabla Tolo: Journeys into Egpytian Percussion

Reading:A Brother’s Price is a satisfying read. It works on a premise of world-shaping of what if males were a limited and controlled commodity and there is only one male for every 15 to 30 females? What if that biology were transposed into early 1800s, what would the cultural-social evolutionary necessities be?

Genders are in part reversed and it is an interesting trip. I consider myself exceptionally feminist. Anything boys can do, girls can do better had moderated over the years to anything males can do, most females can do if they let themselves and are permitted. Just the same, I tripped every time an officer or soldier or guard was female. Every time some clothing aspect turned up, it allowed a way to refilter gender and intrinsic qualities and how we automatically assume some things. Are we assuming what must be. What happenstances do we assume are invioble truth that is absurdity to consider otherwise. It’s like being told the official word is that man walked on the moon or that it really isn’t made of blue cheese.

Yet, for all of what I’ve said, it knocked me back on my heels most for lushness of scenes, drama, romance, cliffhangers, characters, plot driving us into the characters fears and hopes. It sort of makes me want to stop reading so nothing could beat it. But book-hunger is back and already we are into the playful language of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Word Chain: luscious, lush, rush, wuss, windsock, stocking, cardstock, livestock, laughing stock, soup stock, stock up stock, tick-tock, ad hoc, porc hock, squeal, sequel, sequence, sequential, consequentually, non sequitur, boor, beer, poor, peer, pare, prepare, reparation, coronation, core, corollary, coronary, correlate, columnar, lumbar, tabular, tabulate, confabulate, consecrate, desecrate, uncrate, relate, relatives, subjective, selective, live every day you live and state your truth and business irreprovably, irreproachable bang on.

24 Dec 2005, 8:34am

Happy Christmas

old painted photo Christmas greetings card

[I uncovered this (one cent domestic, foreign two cents) postcard in a 1926 edition of Robert Burns poetry collection]

old style Christmas greetings card

Have yourself an old-fashioned innocent to goodness Dec 24-26. Or wicked. As your tastes demand. 😉

If you want the images, feel free to grab them but please don’t link directly to them out of bandwidth consideration. Here’s a big (118K) version of a blue one.

I may check in or may take a couple days. You’ll know when I do.

Story Link: Ragged Glory’s short story: Foster Child

Light Christmas Link: For cat lovers, cats decorating a tree found via Valderbar

Mistletoe Link: Flickr’s kissing pool

Word Chain:milieu, mew, Lemieux, mellifluous, fluency, currency, coin, coin, cash, dashed onto the barrelhead and scattered, ping.

Soundtrack: Home this Christmas by Tom Jackson

22 Dec 2005, 8:44am
Poem Drafts


Some dozen shortie poems. Suppose I’m making up for lost time of not posting much poetry here. There is always my pure poetry blog, Poetry Spring to check. That link’s always on the sidebar.

Let me know if any of these strike your fancy.

through the cutwork
of her dress
skin to not look at

near-steam shower droplets
mist onto my morning-cold fist
drip from it, chilled, as if
in each digit were coiled

pressed by the crowd
a pickpocket jostle-bump
grabs my map-bundle

touching acrylic goose
mischievous grin —
how neighbours would hate it

under the skirt,
heavy duty
garter belt &

minus 22
all 8 of the window panes
the same perfect blue

snow squeaks
like new leather
ih ih ih ih
like an ass


don’t be doing that
hurrying to cross
ball of foot slides
years of headlines
flash wide eyes:
women slips
on snowy curb
killed on impact

the empty dog dish
– heavy rain plays
thumb piano

mind too tired to read
but like an aunt
eyes insist one more

have you ever folded a bank note in haste
to slip a tip and realize you’ve dipped
deeper and given 20 more than the 5
you intended but look at the smile.

stepping inside
shoulders lower
into the heat

Poetry Quote: “Hiding in the concrete-celled city, /my head is full of another country’s snow, “ from Counting Winters in Los Angeles from © Neil Aitken. First published in Poetic Diversity Nov 2004

Poetry Link: Neil asks and answers: What makes a poem good?

Featured Quote: “It is tact that is golden, not silence.” ~Samuel Butler

Word Chain: waif, wafer, logjam, leg-jam, legroom, bridegroom, bedroom, tureen, stirring, sterling silver, gold, old, melody, melodious, odious, odor, stowed her, cloves and baby kid gloves, myrrh, frankincence and mirror, gilded roses, glided o’er, giddy, fib, fibber, bib, bidet, g’day, heyday and halycon daze, sun’s rays laid flat as satin, choral latin lain, plain site, take a fright, take a freight crate, clipped on the nose, cash on the barrel head, flick hair back from those baby brown peepers

Menu: round pasta Pete's soyganic tofu in sauce
Margheritas (not the drink kind, pasta filled in this case with asparagus and leek) with Pete’s szechuan tofu sauce, green onions, peas, brussel sprouts, broccoli and elderberry juice on the side.

Soundtrack: Keith Jarrett’s The Koln Concert (thank you public library)

Reading: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (thank you again public library)

XXIII, “Ah make the most of what we yet may spend/before we too into the dust descend/dust into dust, and under dust to lie/sans wine, sans song, sans singer, sans end”

Xmas Link: Suggested Titles for book buying for every age, courtesy of the Ottawa Public Library

Lightly: From McSweeney’s Lists, E-Mail Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying To Give Out Over The Phone by Michael Ward


PSA Link: A yahoo story on the art of regifting

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