30 Apr 2006, 7:09pm
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Hockey and Other Glad Things

Soundtrack: Great Big Sea’s Shines Right Through Me

Glad Game: Annnnd the site’s back. The databases got confused for WordPress and iPhoto but fortunately the backup was only a couple hours before that. Now the thumbnails match the images, I am able to edit and you should be able to comment.

Unrelatedly, taxes done before the deadline. Whoohoo! 😀

Government owes us 14 bucks. Whoohoo.

Ufile.ca charges $14.95. Oh. Ah well.

Taxes are done. Whoohoo. :-)

What else is glad? It’s sandal weather. It’s outdoors weather.

Hours left in the weekend.

outdoors with noodles and fiddleheadsMenu:water crackers with a black bean dip and a variation on hummus with firm tofu and cashew butter blended in, fresh fiddleheads (baby fern) with butter and dilled pickled garlic, and soba noodles with green soybeans (and sesame seeds, honey, rice vinegar, soy sauce and shredded green onions).

[The soba noodle recipe is from New Vegetarian Cooking: 120 Fast, Fresh, and Fabulous Recipes by Rose Elliot]

Soundtrack: Mary Anderson-Buchanan’s harp playing Sparkles on Your Dress.

As we (:-)) were eating (:-)) (outside barefoot :-D), a crow(:-)) sat on the roof above us cawing and calling (:-)). As I took his picture, he pushed off into flight and I got the pic. It is such an honor and thrill to be so near to such an individual as this:

crow jumping into flight

Outside of outside, the Senator’s are in Round 2 of the Playoffs. We saw the game last night. Fast play. Good play, good game.

Hockey fever may be a disease but it feels good.

Sports Guy North a couple weeks ago said,

As for my playoff picks, saying that San Jose, Detroit and New Jersey had the best odds of winning the Cup instead of Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton, I apologize. I forgot about the National pastime of blindly cheering for all Canadian teams once the playoffs come around, even if it’s your teams normal arch rival. I’ve never quite understood where the natural tendency in Canadians to do this comes from, but it seems to be ingrained in the entire population. ~ Kent MacDonald

I cheer for good plays and excellence, but yeah, I root for home team. As Alan Doyle said, “[T]his year the games have been great fun to watch. The rule changes have made for piles of lightning fast skating, great scoring chances, wicked hits, big saves; all the reasons why hockey is so awesome.”

All of Great Big Sea (who are coming to an already amazing Blues festival lineup has hockey fever too.

In Alan Doyle’s Road Trip Tour Journal for the band said,

This is playoff hockey season. We have a digital satellite dish with a full NHL package on our tour bus[…]

Truth be told, some of you already have been affected by the post season excellence that is the NHL this year. We were ten minutes late getting back on stage in Atlanta as the Habs/Canes game was at a critical point. ~Alan Doyle

Soundtrack: Hossam Ramzy’s Sabla Tolo, Brazilian Pearls

Light Link: Song Tapper is a site that lets you search for a song, by tapping the rhythm of its lyrics.

29 Apr 2006, 12:35pm
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Good Eggs

Single Best Music Link Find this Year: “Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow: A 5-song EP about losers, giant squids and mathematics. If that doesn’t get your motor running, I’m afraid we have nothing to discuss.”

Jonathan Coulton’s Satire and just plain strange songs. He’s got a huge number of them added to weekly on themes from Ikea to poetic catalogues lists of things that flicker to sock monkeys to odes to political overlords protectors. All kinds of musical styles from ballads, to electronica to pop chipmunk take offs. Free listening but you can buy,

Menu: Some of that thawed minestrone soup, pumped up with extra oregano, parsley and thyme, big boiled brussels sprouts, whole wheat cous cous with pine nuts and currents and rye bread.

Light Link: Kitchen Parade’s purple eggs reminded me of what would have been more timely to post at Easter but nevermind. We’ll tuck the idea away and can do it anytime.

Take onion skins and fresh eggs and nylons and flowers and thread and (this is looking like an atypical recipe isn’t it?) a pot for a couple hours…maybe some stickers or ribbon, lace or leaves of carrots or celery and make prettiness:

[Take a raw egg, put it in a bit of pantyhose, drop some raw rice down (or lace or leaves, or flowers) and tighten it on, tying it with thread. You could also stick on stickers.]

[After you boil it in natural dyes for an hour or two to darken the color, you get a pretty pattern]

[This demo one is the pattern made by rice]

Word Chain: vermont-city blues, mount virgo ruse, altered egos peruse travel brochures, hemmed id irons, darned-sock anima takes up hook rugging beside patched solipsism, mended solo mio my, oh my poopsie-pie but aren’t we the fly-spry?

Glad Game: Blue sparks after dark taking off sweaters.

Finding backup juice concentrate tucked away behind the cereal.

Glad of the cool-burn of mint-menthol and wetting the lips of Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers that .

Blueberry tea.

Seeing Komathy, Kamala and Nasrah all in the same day; hugs are good.

A day off and sunshine beaconing its beams.

Listening Microskill: I of the Listener: Balance where and when to put “I feel/I would have felt” versus silence. With each I, you run the risk of tugging the conversation to “about you”. You can listen easiest when you feel you want to know the person and understand him or her rather than resist the person or points.

(P.S. I believe two more microskills remain before the roundup now.)

28 Apr 2006, 10:02pm
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What is Worth Doing

Soundtrack: Chanticleer’s Mysteria Gregorian chants.

My Mandate
My mandate at this incarnation (inpixelation?) of Humanyms, which I set for myself to remain consistent with, is this: a positive space for understanding the daily, the poetic and the political.

It is a space for me where I do as Elizabeth Gilbert put so well in interview, “to find a cluster of cells that make you vibrate and feed the cells”, nourish the cells that are joyful, to make them grow and become a larger part. I aim to make a space which is interesting to write and read to think clearer and communicate better, and of course, play.

Renewal by Choice
I want to be consciously aware that what I do is by free choice. It is like any relationship, job or friendship or hobby. I have to give myself the genuine option to opt out, or fully opt in or else I run wearing blinders, (which may be fine for horses but I’ll put the hooves to that idea).

A renewal doesn’t need outward change but a mental framing and free decision. I have to give myself the real chance to walk away or accept with clear eyes the constraints to be able to properly stay.

Glad Game: Glad for a cancelled appointment and windfall of time that I took and went for a sunshine walk with. I think I’ll go back out with the camera this time. Or maybe naked. (i.e. without camera, without phone, and without notebook.). [Post-script, and I did too. :-)]

Glad for diversity of people including those who specialize for a lifetime deepening and broadening understanding and sublimate all into their one “small” passion.

Glad for extreme specialty stores, such as those selling nothing but cabinet knobs, or nothing but fasteners (screws, bolts, wingnuts) or nothing but audio speakers and know all there is to know about their field.

Glad for the people who do cooperative open source software, such as Firefox.

Glad for those moments in the world when you see the source where something ubiquitous comes from a realize it comes from the hand and hours of someone. Most recently for me, it was at a precast concrete business which had curbs and cement bike stands. Those come from somewhere and from someone. A small mind-blowing appreciation.

Glad for those who look like holograms, hair at a unchanging length, narrow set of constant internally consistent wardrobe and controlled speech tone.

Glad for those who are gladiolas in a planter box of dark velvet monkey-faced pansies.

Word Chain: appetizer, starter, non-starter, restart, refinish stain, banish, vanish, vain bane, finished, Finnish, Fin, Dane, Danish, Scottish, Scot, Irish, Ire?, n’er ides of march, march of ideas, mash of dahlias, dais and ordeals forbidden, once bitten twice bid forth, bring forth mole sauce, mole sauce and ham(ster) stew?, no moLE, silly, your cooked goose, half-baked, marinated in loosey-goosey sop of vermouth.

Menu: courtesy of Calendario Azteca Restaurant as part of the April 26 A Taste for Life fundraiser for Bruce House and the Snowy Owl AIDs Foundation.

Pictured are: an unfamiliar looking twist on quesadillas — Quesadillas Azteca made of masa (corn dough) pressed into three pockets and stuffed and deep fried. We chose the flor de calabaza (pumpkin flower) & onion, portobello mushrooms & onions and cheese options.

Enchiladas (but not your average fare): corn tortillas filled with chicken and covered with Mole Rojo: (a traditional sauce made with ground roasted peppers, roasted nuts, spices and dark chocolate). Topped with Azteca sour cream and queso fresco (unripened cheese). Served with Mexican rice and black beans and crisp corn chips for garnish and bonus textural contrast.

Their dessert menu is likewise varied and well-executed. But I took no photos, so I’ll tell no tales.

Cool Link: Women’s HIV-barrier gel possible by 2010, if trials of 1000s of women work.

Movie Watched: Gori Vatra/ Fuse, a “dark comedy” from Bosnia-Herzegovina which is surprisingly compelling and light considering it deals in grief, people smuggling and prostitution, ex-communication, confronting old hatred, civil war and suicide.

Reading: What kind of books do I like to read?* Non-fiction most of all. Most of my shelf space is non-fiction or poetry. Some autobiographies when I can find well-written ones.

I don’t feel I’ve had much time to read today, just scattered moments, but when I add it all up, seem to have consumed a lot of words and concepts today:

  • Metro News (sports)
  • an old issue of Report on Business of the success story of Serbian-born multimillionaire Canadian entrepreneur Rebecca MacDonald,
  • Freakonomics, chapter 6 on correlations between incomes and choice on popularity of names of your children,
  • Easy Guide to Sewing Tops and T-Shirts by Marcy Tilton,
  • Frank (satire) Magazine,
  • Wired Magazine, old issue on Firefox and Thunderbird,
  • about 2 dozen blogs and
  • You Wanted to Know: 440 Questions and Answers on Common Household Problems of random flip and read of pages.

[* In answer to humor writer Thomas. Thanks for the question.]

I am resynthesizing the breakdown of the listening microskills so there are a couple more rather than this being the last before the compilation.

Listening Microskills: Mirroring: Mirroring is a result of understanding not a cause. Imitating directly is stiff and has lags and can make a person cagey; only raise your awareness of how you are interacting; make an occasional glance to compare your volume and rate of speech, angle of body, shape of body language and length of turn with the other person.

27 Apr 2006, 5:10am
Poem Drafts Poets

Poetry Directions

I’m a little earlier with my next post than I expected. Hope you don’t mind. Thank the cat.

Poetry Draft:

passing the library
in the drizzle the space
where the homeless man
usually curses two pigeons
a sparrow, crumbs

Featured Quote: “Riches do not consist in the possession of treasures, but in the use made of them.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Poetry Notable: At the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter was this among the reports from the Writer’s Festival:

An audience member (Kate) commented that there isn’t much torment in contemporary Canadian poetry and asked the writers whether they thought suffering was passé.

Brossard mentioned that in French, poets are still writing from the wounds. There are writers of childhood and writers of adolescence, while when she attends readings of English poetry, the writers tell lots of jokes.

Babstock said there has been a kind of backpedaling since the confessional poetry of the mid-twentieth century, of writers like Plath, Lowell and Berryman. Now poets are looking for some decorum and wish to avoid the trap of human suffering as a subject.

Connolly said that suicide ceased to be a good career move. Readers find it useful to know how poets get through.

Sounds like it’s more safe to drink the poetry waters if you were tired of depressing stuff, at least in more of Anglo-Canadian contemporary poetry.

Soundtrack: Absolutely Perfect

Glad Game: I want to reach deep for some profound lasting gladness but there is so much surface gladness in the receiving of mail, Bywords, the print journal version, Ode magazine, a postcard, a notice of the census coming in a couple weeks (I do love a good survey).

New day. Yesterday seems like a lifetime ago.

Glad for having no pain to speak of. Glad for having a good sleep, and the most interesting of dreams — visiting people I haven’t seen in too long and meeting people that (so far as I can recall) my brain entirely fabricated in such minute detail of face, gesture, voice — all thrown into a plots that are already fading in morning light. There was something of a court with a presiding judge on a 20 foot raised dais in a wood-panelled room and a crowd of 60 or 70 people each standing on top of free standing benches, and a man singing baritone testimony and a scene switch to I and a friend having our perfectly normal fascinating conversation, except that I am showering and were both standing naked and chatting in his bathroom. Ah, the fun that dream analysis could have with that.:-) But it’s fun enough by itself on a surface level.

Menu: Breakfast: Grilled pizza-like thingee. Dense whole wheat and sesame “crust” topped with zucchini, basil, olives, onion, tomato sauce, feta and parmesan.

Listening Microskill:Compliment: Compliments are specific, short, casual and genuine to be effective and are nutrigrow for some relationships as much for the giver as receiver as it creates an appreciative and appreciating frame of mind.

That is not a request for compliments incidentally, only the second-last in the series. I will repost all in a complete list shortly as Cathy and Thomai requested.

26 Apr 2006, 11:55am
Housekeeping FYIs


A whack of work. Late tomorrow may be next post.

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