30 Jun 2006, 11:25pm

Superman Returns

Brandon Routh as S

Superman movie. Just saw it. Time flew. Totally absorbing. Loved it. Best movie I’ve seen in ages. * * * * *

Happy Canada Day to Everyone Celebrating.

I feel I should mention: It’s come to my attention that the Hub detested the movie. He found it stressful and brutal.

Spoiler warning:

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Is it You Or is it Me? Sponge People

Are you feeling what I’m feeling? Or what you’re feeling?

Have you had this conversation?

-Why are you so upset?
-I’m not the one who’s upset. It’s you.
-I’m only upset because you’re upset.
-Well, I’m not upset so you’re upset over nothing.

Makes the head spin, doesn’t it? Best to laugh at that point but doesn’t always happen.

Which is real? What to do? If I’m stressed (speaking theoretically of a generic case), that means I’m the one who’s stressed, right?

Maybe. Let’s come at this at another angle.

What can be communciable?

The Flu.


Panic, laughter, hope, violence, financial strategies, the Macarana and the urge to solve Rubik’s Cubes says Martha Beck in “The Sponge People”, an article in the June 2006 issue of Oprah Magazine.

We perceive and experience so much, it’s hard to track back why we’re feeling what we do. Was it our direct experience, train of thought, the news, the person glowering or glowing near us in the store queue? Maybe it’s me. How to tell?

Could you be absorbing tensions from ambient others more than you realize? Some people are more susceptible, some less. Beck gave a quick “Sponge Test” for judging how sensitive you are to people’s thoughts near you:

“Humor me,” I tell Virginia. “Let’s try something. Hold out your arm, parallel to the floor. I’m going to push down on your hand. You resist me. Keep your arm stuck out straight.”

Virginia plays along, and I give several experimental pushes. Sometimes as I push, I think, You’re a terrible person! Sometimes I think, You’re fabulous! I try to keep the pressure consistent and my face expressionless. Just as I expect, Virginia’s arm feels much stronger when I’m thinking positive thoughts about her. When my thoughts are negative, she’s as weak as a kitten.

[…] Perhaps one of you will insist that this shift happens because you were communicating subtle cues through facial expression, body language, or some other physical action. Could be true, but whatever the mechanism —telephone telepathy or imperceptible physical signs—the fact is that many people are sitting ducks for social contagion. [emphasis mine].

We need a certain amount of armour against being on a roller coaster of irritated, distraught and joyful empathy for others.

It’s good to be aware that yanking ourselves around to “be real” and “caring” is knocking back a large cocktail of hormones through the bloodstream and brain. It’s powerful stuff. It’s also good stuff. It’s a social glue that makes us humanitarians and bonded to anyone.

It comes from a good place but how much is a sustainable normal? It’s a matter of balance because anything can be toxic and addicting [Not to use scare tactics or anything. 😳 Bad mental habit.], or it can be just what we need to set us right.

Next post: How to Disarm Yourself

Light Link: The physiology of sleep as a flash movie of the Doze family [via The Presurfer]

foiled veggies Menu: Jamie Oliver has inspired me — Vegetables cooked in foil bag (with balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, torn sweet basil. Veggies included sweet potato, carrots, golden beet, white onion, red and orange bell peppers and zucchini) served over curly macaroni beside green beans.foiled veggies

Life’s Funny or is it Me? Walking through a mall food court feeling something was off. I couldn’t immediately put my finger on it.

All the people were sitting on the right side of the table. Odd.

There wasn’t a word said in the normally chatty place.

All the people there were men.


Checking the far wall — the Fifa cup projected to a rapt audience.

soccer field

29 Jun 2006, 2:41pm
Creative Writing Divertions

Anecdotes are Antidotes

Anecdotes are antidotes, but the real cure is to not get your fool self bitten in the first place. 😯 But live and learn. Learn and live. Live and learn. Repeat.

Have you heard the one where the scholar asks the meditation teacher how to meditate?

I was looking for the parable of the bricklayers. You know, the one who is building a great building which shall last centuries and his co-worker who is just laying one dang brick after the other.

Sometimes when you don’t find what you seek, but you find good things. Stories to Make You Think has a couple variations on the Stones, pebbles, sand and water in a jar story as well as dozens more that are illuminating for many situations.

My favorite of what I’ve read today is the delightful reminder of what you expect based on what you know in an anecdote asking about a sheep .

That sheep one hits home. sheep wanted sign

Go read it. I’ll wait.


Still waiting.

Did you go?
Thanks to those who did.

There’s always a few who won’t. So basically the crux is this:

You are lowballing the information and people are thinking on a different level. It means when you don’t get the response you expect, you may think what you’re saying is too complex or expressed incomprehensibly or wrong, so go lower when in fact they are way ahead of you.

You will be both blinking at each other until somebody speaks up. A Meeting of Minds about navigating a business meeting touches on some of the same ground.

(The photo incidentally is photoshopped from cyber marriage fraud of the fraulein who wants to marry someone outside of Europe.)

Tech Link: WordPress can use smilies but the marks aren’t exactly the same as for Messenger.

peas and whatnotMenu: Black bean patty on the one side. Peas and whipped potatoes (love how the potatoes are overexposed and sculptural. One of these days I’m going to have mould them into fun shapes.)

[‘fraid it’s from unposted file photo since camera and computer are still on the outs]

Glad Game: We’ve had more thunderstorms and heavy rain, mixed with bright sunshine, back and forth during the days. Even a dash of hail to mix things up.

And really, glad for freedom of movement.

Well, apart from this co-catting endeavor where I lifted her up and she’s pinned me. She’s asleep, kicking, sniffing, biting. Those toes micro-twitching.

We all have our dreams but I’d love to drop in on hers. :-)

For time to let thoughts run out to their natural length and see what all is there.

Which I won’t suffer you through.

(Doesn’t feel like a game of keep-away by my mentioning that, does it?)

Glad of the learning process, as much as it isn’t always pleasant. It’s better than the other option. :-)

Ooh, the new Bytowne Cinema Guide is out. There’s a docu of Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man coming to the theatre next month. :-)

Poem Link: Canada’s Poet Laureate’s Poems of the Week

Light Link: Vlogs on YouTube by boh3m3 which have around 8,000-20,000 views now of someone chatting off the top of his head and enjoying being goofy. And there is one purely of 2 minutes of watching kittens play with each other and string.

29 Jun 2006, 2:11pm
Housekeeping FYIs
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Sorry if that display was all messed up. A single quote for a double quote and all the columns go wonky. Yikes.

29 Jun 2006, 9:12am
Architecture Movies
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Architecture Films: End of July start of August looks promising with Teshigahara‘s documentary of Antonio Gaudi’s buildings and another architect piece, Sketches of Frank Gehry which the Hub has already seen and wants to see again.

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