15 Aug 2006, 2:27pm
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Poets’ Eve

Glass half full, there’s some pics from a lovely evening. There’s no meal to show for it now, but non-blurry photos, that I got (click for bigger versions):

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Heather’s sunny flowers and her hamburger chef extraordinaire.

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Jennifer and our hostess Heather.

I missed photographing some the people at the table. Of course no pics of me (as per photographer’s invisibility prerogative).

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Hm, what poems could I pull out to take you there better?

Amanda‘s sand elegies had some spectacular parts, mulling over cycles of peace and war in Lebanon. (Hrm, hm) Unpublished material and not my own. (ponder-mull). How to represent fair balance between people, without making too much work for myself. (lip tug.) (pop knuckles). I’m in a penchant to futz evidently, which is no time to be at a screen.

One last thing then. Then fresh scene, fresh air, lunch, or whatever you’d call a meal of this hour. [“sunch” sounds more edible than “lupper”.]

An excerpt from rob’s new aubade.

Aych. I’m in danger of reading the book instead of posting anything. & then you wake up, or stones: my father has fields full. every time. Ok, by my gut choice method, this one’s particularly vivid too, p. 20 that Carol and Deana in particular might appreciate too.

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the fingers, heart, the
hopes you die

gets biblical, gets
three on a hill, w/ one
on either side

barnabas might be so

2001: a sculpture lands
unseen in the park

on new years day

we throw bones in the air
in hopes

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