15 Dec 2006, 12:08pm

Girls Choir

Apparently girls choirs are as new and groundbreaking as women’s hockey.

The Christ Church Cathedral Girls Choir was established only a few years ago and was one of the choirs performing in the market last weekend. Next weekend they will perform at their church with a soloist who was critically acclaimed in the World’s Best singer competition for BBC. (Unfortunately I mislaid the page who said who but she seems to have done a lot of big stages.)

Saturday and Sunday there will be more carolers at noon and in the afternoon. Check schedule for exactly when and where.

And for another tone on Christmas (Religiously-minded people might want to give a pass on playing it) Twisted Sister [via August 8th]

Yep, that template maker would have been a good idea for the Christmas letter. Next year maybe it will look like it didn’t just come off a typewriter. Poco a poco. This year I finally put people’s alphabetized addresses and names in a computer file for Christmas card list instead of scratched names onto whatever random page I found and look up addresses again.

But then, there is always more one can do.

Editor’s Note: Eek. Autoposted. Had more to say. I’ll be back with that sometime this afternoon.

Editor’s Note II: But then, maybe tomorrow or whenever is soon enough. :)

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