17 Dec 2006, 8:39am

Glad Gaming

Why there you are. You didn’t see my last couple posts! Know why?

Apparently in Firefox, the WYSIWYG editor I’m trying out has a default setting of publish private, which means to publish a post so that only I can see it. (I’m sure that has a purpose even if it isn’t clear to me what.)

But being fickle (and a tease) and having this reprieve on posting them, I took a second look, and trashed them. 😛

One more suited (and was more served and resolved by) the conversation that flowed out of it, and the other just bores me now.

So we’ll [royal we] scribble the new clean slate and color it glad, shall we? [Royal we again.]


Glad for…in no particular order…

Glad to have had a few hours to rub a few thoughts together without being interrupted by cat, delivery person, schedule, phone and all the cycling ruckus of buzz and whatnot that’s been around for the last few days.

Glad to have gotten out to the get the Decalogue anthology at its launch from Chaudiere Books as well. Great absorbing line up of poetry read, entertaining MCing, lovely crew of folks out and a few pleasant words exchanged with a few folks. Plus books to take home.

Glad for it being jacket and t-shirt weather again. This is my idea of good weather for Christmas. Sure 30 degrees would be good too but that’d be quibbling.

Glad to get my template tweaked a little. Probably unnoticebly to anyone outside myself but gratifying to me.

Glad for two long deep conversations in a week with Hubby. So lovely to have more than instrumental, organizational, chat or day debriefings. Ahhhhh.

Glad to be rid of msn messenger (axed the exe and it’s goooone). I like strong programs but ones that start themselves just creeep me out. I’m using Adium now with a cute little duckie icon. It’s company for the other cute little duckie for my ftp program. (Hmmm, maybe I can make a different color duck for all my programs. Or not.)

Glad to read that the state of Andhra Pradesh in India and banana companies are substantially scaling back the use of pesticides, which lowers costs and increases health and profits for the farmers.

Glad to be gone from Safari and its crashing ways. Maybe Firefox will be as bad. We’ll see, but change is as good as a vacation so that’s good enough for now.

Glad to figure out Mail program better. Maybe that will make for less of this program not responding business.

Glad for another post with no mention of the cat.


Glad for no supply of chocolate left in house. (70% cocoa really isn’t great for my mood.)

Glad for keeping the receipt so when I bought the wrong item I can swap.

Glad for knowing where my phone is and it having charge, and best of all it staying in its quiet potential and not ringing.

Glad for a few simple tasks squared away.

Glad to have a chat this weekend with neighbours, both in home, in hall and in a get-together for Christmas. Glad to talk with a few people at a party. (Mario, Danielle and Allan I recall the names of.)

Glad for body learning. I knew chocolate and my sleep cycle conflict. However I can eat chocolate truffles at night with red wine and still sleep as heavily as a sack of potatoes.

Glad for a new day that I entered twice. Once at 1 a.m. and once this morning proper.

Video Link: Flipper Nation, a parody of renovation and home reselling shows

Toy Link: Designer chairs, 32 chairs for $400, true, only at 1/12th scale but yum [via 77 Design Gifts under $77]

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