28 Feb 2007, 8:52pm


It occurs to me that when I reply to emails in body, inserting replies through the length what I’m doing is structurally altering the type of communication.

Even tho when people who know each other well email, they may picture and anticipate reactions, gear to the particular interaction style that those two have made, there’s still a seeming change in the timeline to interject asynchonously.

Email is and isn’t a monologue. It can be a long turn-taking, yet replying in body in a chatter of ackowledgement the equivalent of retroactively converting it to dialogue. It may be something obvious but I’m mulling that.

Humor Video: English lessons in a most peculiar Japanese way with aerobics and Schwarzenegger imitation. The businessman and leather-aproned shop-keeper slay me.

Architecture Video: Casa Mila by Gaudi is fantastic. Adds a richness that we didn’t even access going there. Gaudi was genius.

Quote: “Fish die belly upward, and rise to the surface. Its their way of
falling.” — Andre Gide, Nobel prize winning author.

Winterlude Festival

The Winterlude festival wrapped up more than a week ago. My camera was so cold that the zoom wouldn’t move and it became a point and shoot without even a macro mode. However I got a few impression shots.

Representatives of many countries participated in the crystal gardens of ice sculptures and I rather like the one from Japan.

Across the park, a tent held a troupe of girls doing highland dancing.

The kids could do “ice archeology” and use a wooden mallet to chip a “treasure” out of the ice.

An Inuk did drumming to the background singing of 5 Inuit ladies.

The Winterlude events all seemed teemingly attended.

(btw, I replied to the last few days of comments in posts.)

Quote: “After a certain number of years our faces become our biographies. We get to be responsible for our faces.” — Cynthia Ozick, author.

25 Feb 2007, 6:13pm


Breaking “radio-silence” to say I realize I rather enjoy being ill (i.e. once the migraine passed). I’m not nursed over and that’s not what I mean about liking.

In the summer I mentioned enjoying being seasick which caused a double-take or few. That statement came from this lack of fear. There was no shame, just simply observing as a body did its thing. Priorities are obvious, non-negotiable and pressing.

When sick, my patience is diminished. Strangely enough this means I get less bearish, because there is no engagement, or build up, just detach. I don’t waste steps, breaths or words. I don’t have energy to go from thing to thing. No is a realllllly easy word to say, without the slightest compunction to wish I could. Nope, just not happening. No sorries.

While I wouldn’t ask for it, this could be a good way to be, except feeling non-ill. It reminds me of being in a forest where no traffic sounds reach, or a night city walking in the rain. The scope and possibilities are all simplified down. Rush, as well as ill-advised, is impossible.

Repetitive tasks are really easy. I don’t bore. Space out at color patterns perhaps but…

Victories are smaller but seem far more significant. Ooh, I can stand up.

Annnyhew. More than enough about that. I’m fine, more or less. I’m largely off-computer for another day or so though.

News Link:In Korea they are living a 60s dream; some foresightful folks have unpaved a highway into a public park. The road carried 160,000 cars a day. Infrastructure can shift with will.

Design Link: A decade ago Peter Hewitt designed something that MoMA has, this intriguingly conceived Ribbon Vase. The two sides are glass but fused into them is a bent strip of metal that holds the sides apart and makes it a closed container. It’s elegance makes it be listed among design classics, with Isamu Noguchi’s table. [So it would take Gumbo to stretch that into the ostensible subject of mending. (shrug)]

Quote: “If you want to gain control of your life and create your own destiny; the first step is to watch your mind.” — Debojit Chowdhury

Makes sense. By tongue it’s rather late. Good to monitor what’s going on in there now and then and have a chat with self frankly in listening mode, not trying to persuade yourself of anything. Good listening is not just for (use with) others. The body slapping one around is part just shit happens randomness, but part outcome of upping the volume of saying its polite requests were only structurally appearing optional. We can do this easy or we can do this the hard way

23 Feb 2007, 2:43pm

Got an Opinion on Cards?

I feel bobble-headed but I can tolerate light. Luckily this only happens once or twice a year.

Quote: “She has lost the art of conversation, but not, unfortunately, the power of speech.” — G.B. Shaw

Anyone want to throw in their opinion on what I should do with used greeting cards?

Situation: I have never thrown out any card. I have large boxes of at least 15, maybe 20 years of birthday, wedding, anniversary, Easter, Christmas, Valentines or thinking of you cards.

I don’t have storage room. (Well I did but my parents want their room back.)

I never look at them. Is it criminal to recycle them sight unseen? Some might have sentimental value (if I actually remembered they exist). Only I could weed through them I suppose. I don’t want to go through them really. Some people are dead, some I don’t even recall. Should I anyway?

What do you think? Keep all or a few, toss, recycle, give to who to craft into something?

22 Feb 2007, 1:48pm


I probably look like I’ve been pulled thru a knothole backwards. I was sleeping for 12 hours last night.

Now in day 2 of migraine. Woo.

Any light, sound, vibration, temperature or smell aggravates, as well as any thought that prompts my eyeballs to move. On the tail of that I think it’s the flu. (hack, hack, heck).

At least the fire alarm testing has stopped and the cat is pleased to have a warm spot to lie that doesn’t move. But I’ve save you all the gory details and see if I can konk again.

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