30 Apr 2007, 11:49am
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Summery Shimmer and Chimera Dreaming

It may be rainy today but there’s more than the hint of heat. A strong wind that doesn’t blow snow or cold.

We could soak some sun up yesterday. It’s reached into my muscles. Time to get the bike tuned. Time to sit out on the balcony for supper. Time to think planting seeds.

The mint was winter-killed last fall. I cut off the tops. It was taken to the basement with another pot stacked on it. The pot smells like white mould. It’s had no water for 5 or 6 months. No light except whatever florescent could creep around the crack. I suppose that’s not so different from winter dormancy without the cold but still, look at this growth.

There’s shoots, even some green on the groping rhizomes. Rootlets reaching out, tiny proto-leaves, making life from what but grit and sheer will?

It think its more of immortal plant than a perennial. If it becomes possible to gene splice me with another species, I want to be hybridized with mint. (As a bonus, I’d always smell minty fresh.)

Elsewhere white and purple blooms from that sun I was talking about.

Quotes: “The earth laughs in flowers.” — e.e. cummings

“If you can make a woman laugh you can do anything with her.” — Nicol Williamson

Soundtrack: The Busy Woman’s Blues by Levay Smith, I’m In A Hurry (And Don’t Know Why) by Alabama, Shine, Shave and Shower (it’s Saturday) by Lefty Frizzell, Bop by Dan Seals, You Can’t Hide Beautiful by Aaron Lines, Scottische by Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellas, I’m not a fucking drag queen by Peter Outerbridge, Let the Wind Carry Me by Joni Mitchell, Let it Go by Great Big Sea, Get Up by Doc Walker, Oran a’Phiognaig by Mary Jane Lamond Huda by Solace.

Useful Link: 72 kinds of graphics for illustrating ideas in text. Tables, venn diagrams and cartoon are just a start — there are dozens more ways to make visuals for concepts, data, information [via Dave]

Glad Game: Found new food the cat will happily eat.

A lot of interesting events coming up in May for Asian Heritage Month.

A good soul-restoring sort of weekend. Extra rest and extra time together with Hubby. Extra time with no time or event pressure.

A good stiff wind.

Got letters written and off to both sets of parents and comments replied to. Some email replied to as well.

Odd synchronies make me delight — for one, both Hub and I dreamed of being in a history class last night. For the second, I showed him photos by Kyle Cassidy, such as this one of a old soldier and a downed tree and the Dresden Dolls and he had come to the exact same musician photos by another route. I think that means we’ve covered the whole internet now. He went west, I went east and we met at Dresden Dolls.

The buds on our cherry tree are just starting to thin and pop showing the barest hint of green.

27 Apr 2007, 6:03pm
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Calling it a (Great) Day

Manana mentality it kicking in. Or is that manna mentality of life a gift? More good is coming, and some of it on the stove making cooking smells. but coming to screen, I realize I’m pretty talked out.

I see there are comments I want to acknowledge and emails I want to reply to. Books to read, projects to push forward, blog rounds to do, errands and what-have-you away from the desk too.

But it’s not as if emails or tasks or pleasures starve like a budgie if not attended to, is it?

I went over to Tia’s and her story is much more amusing than anything I could articulate. But since you’re here, first look at the surprise I got in the mail from a friend and we’ll call it a day.

It’s a little care package and the postcards inside he (who has no blog) has been writing periodically, all bundled up with some coffee, a book on traditional instruments, some green tea, some blank postcards and coins.

A sweet capper to an already stellar day, including going with a friend to Moulin de Provence.

Someone there made a big order of pastries all packages up to go. It wasn’t us ordering that much. What’d we have?

26 Apr 2007, 3:10pm

This , That, The Other

Local Link: Mayor Surveys Ottawa public’s priorities — Have your say. Rate your degrees of satisfaction or dissatisfaction on Ottawa’s approach to a number of issues and pick a guiding principle that you believe is the most important. The survey also asks if you are getting good value for your tax dollars. The results will be presented to City Council in May.

Glad Game: Got to see the moon, Venus and Saturn last night. That was rather cool. I feel a tie with Huygens and get first-hand immediacy.

Speaking of hands, got a lot of cleaning done – floors, appliances, windows, laundry. Cat tried to help by pawing my paper pile into a flat area where everything can be seen. (Isn’t she considerate?)

Emails received and sent and expecation that I will eventually get caught up in it all, and in the things I mean to write up.

Glad for ads that don’t flash, scroll, talk or make sounds like knocking on glass and for sites that don’t autoload sound.

Eventually remembering that the reason I am getting no calls is because I turned my phone off. Bonus: remembering that I should check the charger is plugged in when I plug phone in to charge.

Other than that, I’m sort of starting my day at this point. Bed by 1 a.m. last night up by 7 a.m. and sort of bleary-eyed except when I have a particular focus.

The morning was with my folks. My dad had a test at the hospital so my cousin brought him and mom into the city. It was a pleasant few hours visiting, catching up and joking, eating, and whatnot.

2 cars and $26 of parking rather takes a bite. Oddly, unlike everywhere else in the universe where you leave your parking stub in the car, at the Queensway Carleton Hospital, you take it with you and check out of the parking lot, inside the building as you exit instead of at a toll booth. (They do go their own road. Not that a convention matters or should be strictly adhered to.)

It was a jovial place. Today was hockey day and all these Senators Jerseys were worn by staff all over the place and photo ops being taken in the courtyard.

Some pleasant time driving back, CD playing, windows rolled down and summery air. Fiddle, faster than highway speed limits, strings on fire.

Offbeat Asides: With all this warm weather, it’s time to buff up on how to i.d. weeds versus planted sprouts. World Naked Gardening Day is coming May 5.

Should we restart the practice of of bosom bottles from the 18th century? A flat bottle containing water and fresh flowers was concealed in the stomacher of the gown. The glass or metal bosom bottle sometimes had a decorative neck, since this part was often visible at the bosom, and was usually covered with ribbon coordinating with the flowers in the hair.

Quote “It is wise to disclose what cannot be concealed.” — Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

24 Apr 2007, 1:32pm
Environment Photos

Yellow and Green Cost Saving

Time is decompressing. The clock is actually going at a more familiar stride again now that the festival has wound down.

Enviro-tips and Savings Tips:

  • Any of these instant-on devices, new TVs, computers, are on stand-by readiness and using power even when “turned off”. Collectively all the little machines like that, garage door openers, stereo speakers, electronic keyboards, can add 10% or more to your household electrical cost.
  • Never get your car license. From that naturally flows mass transit solutions and a desire to ask your government for more funding.
  • A fridge manufactured in 1990 uses on average that much more energy than a standard model today that by getting a new $500 fridge, you’d made that money back in 2 1/2 years. The money is spent either way but it amortizes fast.
  • A 50-year-old home vents 1/3 of the heating energy in waste with no benefit except to the heating company. The leaks aren’t primarily windows where you might expect but weather stripping around doors and attic hatch. Easy fix to save cash.
  • Be aware of how many 300-1000 mile salads you eat. The cost of exotic fruit and veggies is low because shipping fuel costs are still set low. Buy local to incur less hidden pollution costs.

(These are from Writers Fest speakers Shelley Tanaka for the first two, and Bill Kemp for the last three.)

I shall leave you in flowers…

(btw, I will not be reluctant to use my censoring scepter should anyone comment anything against my beloved dandelion.)

Blog Link: News at the teahouse (the last point is key)

Online Poetry Link:Who will be poet laureate of the blogosphere? (blogosphere is a dead-ugly word to me but it is the title)

Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” –Wayne Gretzky

Blissed Out, Coleman Barks

The closing act of the spring writers festival was leaving on a blissful high note –a performance of 800-year-old poetry of Rumi by the Mushfiq Ensemble and Coleman Barks.

The Persian music was by 2 men from Afghanistan, sometimes singing the Sufi’s words in the original tongue. A woman from India and a woman from Canada completed the Ensemble with the guest from the southern U.S., Coleman Barks.

The voices, violin and harmonium, each so much like a human voice, and tapping of tabla (drums) and plucking of other instruments blended into each other.

Together they did a kind of jazz-feel jam, reading each other, fading into and out of the words of Rumi.

Barks interspersed his performance with flows to how Rumi’s movement made life the worship: silence, discourse, movement, gibberish, music, jokes, and watching the behavior of animals as kinds of scripture.

You can’t explain the poems of Rumi. They were spontaneous speech. “These poems are a medium you swim in”. Interspersed were Nasrudin jokes, stories of meeting people who can recite Rumi in different languages, meeting government officials who at diplomatic functions begin a strong debate. His translator explained it was not political but over drunkenness in the poems of Hafiz versus Rumi, soemthing he could never see happening in the U.S. cabinet. There were poems by Bark himself of indulgent grandfatherness. And that cyclical repeating words until they dissolve.

Some notes of what he related…repeated in a way of haiku repeated in air, except in this case to his mellow deep voice of the south to accompaniness of singing and instruments. Out of context of the body of sound and rhythm, they lose most, but I note to myself what I can of the holiness if inner listening of an audience with one ear and tongues sold.

  • When you pray your own longing is the reply.
  • It’s said that god created the world because he loves stories. Make your life a good story so God doesn’t get bored.
  • Any religion, any group, any person, each has a secret way to be with the Mystery, none to be judged.
  • I didn’t come here of my own accord. The one who brought me here will have to take me home.
  • What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.

When he spoke of his grand daughter and going to her soccer game, her team lost and the opposite team paraded chanting we won, we won and his grand daughter got up on the seat of the convertible and pumped her arm and chanting we lost, we lost, 10-zero, we lost with as much enthusiasm. Good losers don’t laugh last/ they laugh continuously

By the end the entire auditorium by the end instantly gave a long ovation, no hold outs standing because others are standing. The group will have another performance at the national library on May 18th. You can hear some of their music sample here.

If you want to hear some of the poems, The Voice of Longing, Coleman Barks CD of Rumi.

Past post including Rumi Ruminations

More of learnings about the festival still to come over the next few days…

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