30 May 2007, 5:36pm
Glad Game Photos

Spotting Pretty Sights

Glad Gaming: In no particular order…

Had a lovely brunch-munch chat with a friend yesterday.

For supper ended up lying on a hillside with Hubby and a baguette.

Won a few games of mancala. Of course it’s cooperative-leaning but still, winning’s fun.

I feel like I’m treading water sometime but at least I’m still in the pool and moving. Broad stokes can come.

Glad to get my closet rearranged. I act in trust that winter is now safely far enough away that I can swap all sweaters to the back and summery things to the front. It’s not a big job but a pleasure to get done. Partly because it’s like going shopping oh, do I own this? or did gnomes sneak it in over winter? I don’t remember this either…this is nice…have I owned it long?

Got letters off to parents and aunt.

A friend‘s back from vacation and is better for the trip and is communicado again.

A UPS guy came and delivered Best of Cafe Cafe, Summer 2007 and one of my sonnets is in it. Buy it there and/or look at who else is in it at the poetry blog.

Cat has not been a pest today. This pleases me.

I collated up all my jotted notes and a couple calendars and have an outline of what I don’t want to miss for the next 6 weeks.

Got some thoughts together on poetry seen lately and posted them.

Cote D’Or is made by Kraft in Belgium but I won’t hold it against the chocolate when it’s 54% cocoa and done reasonably well. Good texture, intense flavor, not oversweet; a respect for the materials there.

Glad to remember: At a precise moment a hole in a blind acted like a pinhole projector of shadow. Cast on the wall was a dance of boughs in a white circle.

Similarly at The Table the time of day made an overlay of the letters stuck on the window glass — the shadows interacting with a painting for sale. Had I not looked up then, I would have missed it. In another minute the letters angled off and blurred.

Love transitory things like that.

Ten Canoes looks interesting.
Got some photos that please…

A female red-winged blackbird, chest-fletched with a hint of gold under her chin hopped towards some bread.

I’ve read that when seagulls have a scarce supply they eat the whole fish and when they have enough they just go for a particular best organ. This seagull went straight into surgery trying to dig out a particular part.

bike path
Along the bike path there’s certain beauty in the curve.

Along the path the goslings gather. By the book, nuclear families are territorial with neck-low hisses as goslings come to fledge but it seemed to me there was cooperative parenting with the number of adults up on the bank resting, and the a low ratio of adults to goslings feeding.

Perhaps siblings sharing the workload? Our two sister cats used to do that. They’d get pregnant around the same time and then share nursing duties for both litters. Well, mostly Suzy, sinewy and silent as shadows would nurse both litters. Jenny, built like a boxer and given to head butts and loud thrum of purr, would just take off from her mewlings to source the next tom and catnip she could find. Some cats are indifferent to catnip. Jenny’d roll in it until she walked away staggering. She’d also put dogs on the run. lol.

My favorite place away of the day was this bit of Westboro Beach. Something about the marshiness with the waves curling in nearby on the sand makes the mind both reel and unreel at this being inside the city proper so close to downtown.

Along the back of the sandy stretch are 5 garbage bins but still refuse left behind along the sand. While I was there two others out for a walk left the place cleaner than when they had come, picking up spent fireworks cannisters left over from Victoria Day. People always come forward to do what needs doing.

Latest Laugh Out Loud: Three guys were dressed as duck hunters and quacking a duck whistle/lure. This whole Senators vs. Mighty Ducks game is getting a new uniform.

Word Link: Figures of Speech includes spoonerims — my recently overheard fav: “have I mown your blinds?”

Architecture Link: bubble building in Beijing looks really interesting.

Quote: “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve obviously never been in bed with a mosquito.” — Michelle Walker [this jazz singer?]

28 May 2007, 4:48pm
Glad Game Philosophies

Glad for Shifts

I have been thinking in reporting terms for a long while. Doing rather than being. Some synthesizing but weighted to relating.

I don’t want to skim superficial, but deliver on fascinating, some telling anecdote, vivid and useful. Maybe that’s unreasonable, a fallback to assuming nothing can be said or done until it is said or done perfectly. The hope breeds a sort of humorlessness that is unbecoming and one’s easy undoing.

I need to be quiet to listen not try to tour guide myself to somewhere I haven’t been.

Maybe for now, glad game and see what comes out? Maybe with more context of why that seems like a good thing.

  1. New brand of cat food that was gobbled down.

    It seems no trivial matter to find cat food that the cat will eat. She’s on borrowed time, more than most, with collectors calling. She’s had 2 calls in the last few years when she’s been given under 24 hours to live but rallied. She’s got thyroid trouble and white blood cell action that looks suspicious of cancer. She’s old and getting dotty. The whole stand and deliver to litter box thing is past her. She gets the right range but digestion is an issue that just keeps increasing. She’s got heart trouble and few teeth and we’re eyeing the calendar, wonder how we draw a cut off line of how much longer her quality of life will still be good. She’s affectionate and purring and playful and sneaky and mischievous. But she looks like hell. The whole playing god thing we didn’t bargain on when we brought her home.

    I’m not fishing for sympathy by any means. It’s just a thing that’s in the background and foreground by times that I don’t mention.

  2. A cycle.

    A really long cycle (for me). I’m not sure how long in time since I went out without timepiece, but it was at my own pace, probably in the 30 km range, with a couple stops, and photos and catching the Hub at lunch. There’s something amazing about how near everything is by bicycle. There’s no traffic congestion, only movement or pulling off anywhere. 😛 Maybe this is the outlet of freedom SUV drivers reach for.

    Once past the first couple hills, and my heart rate increase (that I have to manually decouple from my mind assuming heart rate increase means we’re in a panic and didn’t inform it first and so throws up all the anxiety sources, trying to tap which one would map to physical state), then the first coast. Then the water. Something soothing about birds and waves.

    After that there comes eventually the groove of ease of pedalling. I’ve been between walls and screen too long.

  3. Small perk of passing army troupe

    I trained myself for years in pacifist ideals that extended so far that army fatigues or military walk could bring me to instant anger and indignation and nausea at might solutions. This was peaking a decade ago. I trained myself also to be similarly reactive to coffee, tea, any synonym of alcohol, in sight, scent, sound, any word even in print could provoke me to revulsion and immediate ideological defense.

    It was a pleasure to not react. There’s a new freedom in being able to pass a uniform, or a bar, or even enter a liquor store without all this umbrella of emotion blowing up, twist in guts, back snapping tight.

    It’s not a non-event but there’s distance there.

  4. The small realization

    Walking yesterday I realized eureka there’s a logical leap between rules of Seventh Day Adventist church — where it is a possible sin to decorate oneself with jewelry or makeup because that obscures and tries to do better than the beauty god created in you. Yet one is to dress frumpily modestly, obscure the shape of the body and cover the skin god in the same logic created as beauty. Clothes fall under the other rule of not to tempt the flesh of others into sin, but is a sort of dangerous dip towards blame the victim, assuming that the onus for protecting ones brother is to assume he has no self-control and that is your responsibility. We would be further ahead to trust in each other’s strengths and choices, one’s own ability to check another, and assuming everyone can handle beauty.

  5. Finding how I shop has changed

    I remember getting so worked up 15 years ago. I hated deciding. It was a trickster’s minefield. I could narrow down to a few but if buy them all wasn’t an option, I would flurry and stew and get none after having spent hours swapping between items going from store to store. I got tunnel-visioned, fixated, frustrated and overall, not a happy shopper.

    There’s now a shrug, not of not caring, so much as accepting limits when I shop for food or clothes. If the color, or style or size or material texture or price or cut or pattern or purpose doesn’t all suit, I can leave it. I can access my own opinions faster and I invest less. There’s no the same sense of cling, of must. I don’t need to recoup my time and immediately with something, anything in December 24th desperation. Is it related to cause of age, some universal movement of tide and nothing I achieved? As Christopher Taylor said yesterday in a poem, “as you get older, what you’ll settle for shrinks”. Is it only this.

  6. Speaking with someone who explicitly throws out the notion of reciprocity

    I never liked it anyway. It always struck me as wrong to treat people “the same” when people are different. Each needs a different touch. Trying to mathematically ledger how much is nonsense. The even-hand, of say, phoning or writing, cooking or paying, or visiting only when it’s the proper turn-about time? How far is that to be taken? To word count equality? That’s for people with better memories and more punctilious spreadsheets than I could access.

    Some people’s modalities are face-to-face, some phone, some text. Some people have more time or desire or means or whatever. I am someone who sends cards and writes paper letters. I don’t expect tit-for-that. I don’t want to take into account people feeling obligated to match. It’s unnatural to keep tallies. If there’s awkwardness it can be addressed but to formally assume one must mirror each other is forcing awkwardness. I’m not going to recriminate or hold back or putz-away energy in worrying how it will be taken in the name of fairness.

  7. Moving onto center.

    The start of the day showed fierce thunderclouds with grump and funk and fog. Sometime in the space of doing and moving they dispersed without my cuffing them outright. There were moments of things worth holding onto that are in that range that are hard to capture. They are distributed so still or moving film or sound bites can’t frame them. But to say there was a void in occurrence would fall short. There’s probably some pat term but words and lasso of font loop are wholly inadequate.

And that brings me to the buzzer. Tomorrow I can upload to the computer the 60 or so photos of the last couple days and see if any are worth cropping or keeping, formalize my thoughts of the Sasquatch reading. No promises of course since I still haven’t done those notes from the rest of Haiku Canada either. sigh Reach exceeding grasp can’t keep one from thinking about grasping. This old habit of wouldn’t-that-be-a-pleasant-idea converting to a personal-hoop-obligation in 10 nanoseconds is completely re-writeable. ha. But not entirely within the day.

Quote: “A man can do only what he can do. But if he does that each day he can sleep at night and do it again the next day.” — Albert Schweitzer

28 May 2007, 4:23pm
Light Sports
Comments Off on What is there beyond the Sens?

What is there beyond the Sens?

If it isn’t obvious to me where the fire is, maybe I don’t need to fan any air that might have a hot coal willy-nilly. If it isn’t patently obvious what to say…then I post anyway because this is part of everything. Some rambling then?

I have a parcel of time — laundry tends to itself for a while, it’s too early to cook the supper I have in mind, and it’s hours before the Game. The city is mad. The sidewalks have become uniform in a red team logo sense. The grocery cash registers have flags at each, the canoe store cheers from its sidewalk board. Even the pet store, all are hockey team wild. The pet food store has more than signs — various team jerseys sized for dogs.

Our God who art in Scotiabank Place
Senators be thy name.
Thy puck come,
Thy save be done in the air as it is on the ice.
Give us this day our Stanley Cup
and forgive us our slashing,
as we send out Neil for those who slash against us.
And lead us not into golfing,
but deliver us from injury.
For the Senators are the team, the power, and the glory,
forever and ever,


Against that, what more could be said that doesn’t pale against leaving one speechless?

Wouldn’t it be terribly profound to say we are waiting for a filter event, a pivot to focus spin around?

I can’t really wait on a structure being imposed from without and I have said more than enough about the hockey playoffs.

Quote: “Forget the past and live the present hour.” — Sarah Knowles Bolton

26 May 2007, 8:28pm
Arts Photos Poets

Ottawa Events Weekend: All this and Ravenswing too

This is an amazing city.

A couple days ago 15,000 people showed up for an outdoor hockey rally at City Hall. 30,000 people have come for 2 days of Ottawa Race Weekend to walk 5 km, rollarblade or fun run, or seriously run a half or full marathon. It seemed like the numbers who turned up for the Great Glebe Garage sale must have ballparked somewhere between those two numbers. Just of people on facebook who confirmed they’d come, there was 1,337. (A flood of crowd.)

Perfect weather for being outdoors between air and grass —
clear sky grass
about mid 20s (mid-70s Fahrenheit), sunny and a light breeze.

It was like Canada Day with the crowds around blocks of yard sales, little kids selling lemonade (had to get some of that), church sales, and mostly people out getting some sun, meeting and catching up with people. And getting deals of course. (I almost got a 1000x microscope but ah, I let it pass).

With another yard sale, besides the CDs, an assortment of clothes, stuffed bears, original art, and pottery were a few actors doing sample scenes from Once on this Island coming coming to Westboro June 26-28. Did I miss a table (certainly, did, hundreds of them) and somewhere the 31st Odawa Pow Wow May 25-27 was promoted too? On a side table on electoral reform referendum coming in October.

At the same time, Ravenswing, the Ottawa Craft and Zine Fair was on. We caught a couple parts of it through our city meanders today.

There a lot of zines and indie press like Dusty Owl. The site has links to all sort of crafters of beads, chainmail, necklaces, baking (the chocolate chip banana bread was excellent), clothes, and soaps, such as Gandalf’s granddaughter.

Clothesline Project was there promoting speaking out and up against domestic violence. People could add their own message or experience and add it to the line. [Another pic is here.]


We missed some of the spoken word but caught quite a few at the open mic including Jade speaking about addiction to Facebook and resistance to < a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ptx3FkEKcq0">predefined gender boxes until the world gets up to speed.

Paula Belina dropped some spoken word as well as some thoughts on how “there is no independence. There is only interdependence.” She talked off the cuff in her intro to a piece about why she bought tap dance shoes — roughtly paraphrased — follow that little impulsive voice because your soul knows how to break thru all these rules you make for yourself and can tap the well inside. We have wells of sorrow but we also have wells of joy. Getting to that is a strength to develop.

Seated in the foreground is one of the organizers who also performed some great spoken word piece — on the frustrations of narrow definitions of being female, not the girly girl and about girls who want to play with army men and boys who grow up wanting to be geisha.

Outspoken Wordsmiths performed individually and together. [At that link from them you can download their album for free.] The guy in the hat talked about leaving Catholicism and ending up exchanging a mythology of golden halos for a mythology of capitalism’s golden coins and being no further ahead. He had to find his own path “freedom had to hop the fence of my upbringing” and the default roles to seek out his particular way to joy.


Collectively they did a rap with a backbeat on food is a human right, water is a human right, shelter is a human right, medicine is a human right…mobility, privacy, freedom of religion, freedom from religion, public assembly, freedom of speech and dissent…all human rights and using the treasure of mind is invaluable to exercise choice to give choices to the choiceless.


It closed with Sound Mind, a wonderfully absurdist quirky zine as well as a band (samples of both at link).

One tidbit from “Sound Mind’s 12 facts about Canada”: While travelling through New Brunswick, if you pronounce a town’s name correctly on the first try the mayor will personally make you a free pizza. or among the “12 steps to find secret doors”: If you stumble on a colony of gnomes, make some friends. Chances are, they know a thing or two about secret doors..

Photos are obviously the wrong modality for music but in music you can’t see that the yellow robot dances too.

Pictures coming in jiffy added. Yep, I regularly continue adding to my posts after I post. You knew that right? Wonder if it messes up the RSS feed or does that keep updating?

Alt Link: Media.org

24 May 2007, 5:36pm


Poffertjes are these teeny Dutch pancakes. They can come from a mix or recipe.

At the Tulip Festival there were people in traditional dress serving them up continuously. A constant flow of line was at the kiosk for the two days we were there. The cheerfulness of them never flagged. A lot of people would have been flustered or frazzled but line, and line of cooks were all so mild and pleasant.

Off that cooking stage, there was a center stage with continually changing entertainment such as this dramatic singer and the couple who did demonstration ballroom dancing:

chinese ballroom

But to return to the food, these little panakes are cook in this pan that looks rather like what you would set out devil’s eggs on. It’s called an aebleskiver pan. The best are cast iron, the lady at the kiosk said, for durability and even heat.



[Partially cross-posted to EatenUp including picture of final the poffertjes, or you can click on any image and skim thru them at flickr.]

Movie Link: Search for a Chinese movies by genre or subject.

Handy Link: How to make a succulent ball [via tipnut]

Light Link: Vintage Ads

Latest Smile: One clerk calling the other clerk Sara by a new nickname, “Saraphim”

Poetry Links: Emergency haiku, Elspeth MacEwan and 236 Creative Writing Prompts.

Quote: “It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has.” —Henry Ward Beecher

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