Tulip Festival

The International Pavilion takes the front seat in the festival under the big top of tents arranged with a central performance courtyard. Organizers did an amazing job at getting a huge number of people involved, site structurally set up and are keeping things ticking through.

A lot more people came out than last year. People were streaming everywhere.

I love the sign to say no tiptoeing thru the tulips.

Korean women did a number of shows of temple, court, and secular dance. There was also martial arts demonstrations, line dancing, all manner of dance.

One of the dancers is shown here with the traditional crown on the forehead.

You can travel the world for free — music, demonstrations and food from Germany to Turkey, Korea to Holland, Costa Rica to Argentina. Many countries have tourism information, crafts to buy or make, and traditional objects on display. Apparently part of FIFA is coming to Ottawa. Who knew? Lots to learn and do.

There is making Japanese brush painting, making Mexican drums, origami, and this Korean table of paper crafts.

In the Thailand area, there is a traditional shadow puppetry and batik.

I’ve seen batik before, a technique of using wax on fabric and repeated waxing and dying to get a decorative effect.

I’d never seen the tool for batik before — a bamboo pen with a reservoir for wax and a thin tip to let it come out in precise lines.

Th Korean drummers made wonderful rhythms.

The crowds were outnumbering the tulips but lovely to see the kids rolling down the hills giddy, family groups and couples and singles all taking in the warm air and simple beauty of a day.

Food Link: Here’s a sampling of some of the foods there, this time from Mexico, Indonesia and China.

The festivities continue until the end of May 21st. Amazing what we can see by going around our immediate city.

Video Link: The cooperative flowering of Thousand Hand Chinese cultural dance is quite spectacular. “The thousand hands of this bodhisattva represent Guan Yin’s many abilities to render assistance.” [More] Amazing what we can access without leaving a remote home too. [via Metahara]

Video Link: Letterpress printing interview and demo is really interesting.

Poetry Link: Jose Garcia Villa and his experiments with words, speed and punctuation.

Poem Link: Floots’ poem on an artifact, a wooden face carried through moves for years.

Humor Link: Questions asked on a Canada Tourism website, such as,

Q: Will I be able to see Polar Bears in the street? (USA)
A: Depends on how much you’ve been drinking.

[via Larry]

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