30 Jun 2007, 8:22am
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Rideau Canal

Was it 15 years ago? 20? I and a couple loaded up a basket and thermoses to explore summer dirt roads. We took a small sideroad to see where it goes through the tight tunnel of trees, and after miles of not a sign of another soul, except for the residual traces of roads, we came upon the canal, its winking water, canopy arching in over its sides, air honeyed with wildflowers, insects buzzing from the grass. There was a boat waiting for the lockmaster to open the lock for them to pass, and had moored, set up their celtic band on the grassy bank to wait. The sharp light of clearing on their faces, a banjo, an accordion. Were there bagpipes too? Perhaps a fiddler? They were bouncy tunes. If I reach for more memory would I turn it up, or create it?

It’s the anniversary of the Rideau Canal, over 200 km and 50 locks, built in the early 1800s in the mosquitoied lowlands by largely Irish workers. It was made for defense and movement of goods and has since become a pleasure-boat route with locks and bike paths alongside, and a flotilla or two during the year, and of course, its function for a small part of its lengths as the longest skating rink in the world. It is also now a UNESCO world heritage site.


There’s a celebration of its history today.

Link: Rideau Canal Waterway

28 Jun 2007, 10:51pm
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A Bit of Nostalgica

Soothes the heart of the beast, the voice at the Café Nostalgica. .

[Kevin Grant, was it?]. Blues guitar and Hank Williams Sr. covers hit the spot. The July 5th evening will be tribute s to Bob Dylan who will be in town for the Bluesfest.

Latest Laugh Out Loud: Wandering around on the balcony in the dark I kicked over Buddha. (Is there a special room being made up for me in hell now?) Not only that but the statuette holds a glass ball and it’s no where to be found in the night. I not only kicked Buddha but made him lose his marble.

28 Jun 2007, 7:39pm
Glad Game Pearl's Life
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A Runaround Sort of Day

Annoyed Game: ‘cuz that’s a game too, right?

Why should I know what my SMTP server password is? Is that not why I the computer to remember it? No touch-backs for that delegated responsibility. (And no email access to a couple accounts until that’s sorted. arg.)

The squares are too hot to eat. (ok, so that’s a tough life, eh) By the time it cools, I’ll be gone to in/words issue launch or Café Nostalgica. (Hurry up and wait, story of the day.)

Glad Game:
Cat’s got a clean bill of health. The first on record really. Not even a tooth to be pulled.

She’s been back to her scamp, scampering self, including deciding to leap over us in the night and land with a surprising amount of thump for her siamese-proportioned size.

Had time to play with camera.

tomatoes in hand & tomatoes green tomato blossoms

I saw a bunny!


Lovely cycle to an appointment. Brisk breeze. Hub and I met up successfully along the bike path without a problem despite not bringing phones with us to walkie-talkie from to make sure each of our ideas of what route to take was the same. Whew.

That “spare” condo is sold, keys turned over and lawyer papers all signed by all. Just the cash left to come (tomorrow or Tuesday at latest). Yah. That chapter can close.

A sorting sort of squaring away day — recycling gone, desk surface found (in places), shelved books re-discovered.

Random Acts of Kindness:
Pulling a juice from the grocery store shelf with my free hand not piled with groceries (why did I not remember the basket), I knocked a second bottle off, which I caught and propped with my knee. A guy quickened his step to come help me out.

Quote: “As with any system, the chaos, noise & disintegration are organically inseparable from life & creativity.” — Dreamtime Village

Latest Laugh Out Loud: I was in the parking garage and noticed a box I hadn’t checked out. A monitor of CO. Gee I wonder if I can puff into it to make the parts per million rise? As I’m blowing into the machine, a car goes by verrrrry slowly, 3 heads turned to look at what I’m doing. Around that time I realize if I’m breathing out CO, I’m in trouble. CO2, and I start laughing at the meter. (lack of sleep?) By then the rubbernecking neighbours were probably wondering if that person is supposed to be in their parking garage, or if they can have what I’m having — the thoughts of which only makes me laugh more until I can’t even see.

Odd Photo Link: bench picture

Quote: “Better break your word than do worse in keeping it.” — Thomas Fuller

27 Jun 2007, 5:45pm
Photos Poets
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Max Middle Sound Project

In the fountained courtyard people naturally come thru going to and from pubs and shops. With a large contingent of people already assembled watching, curious people merged in to hear what was going on.

sound project apples

As the they performed some neutral listening faces couldn’t stay that straight as the four went around and through the crowd, leaning in to drop a whisper of personalized words that only a certain person could hear. That’s what was happening around the time of this picture, when they were reciting varieties and properties of apples and apple trees. Sometimes there were solos, sometimes in concert, with crescendos. They went around the trees and behind the crowd and thru it. Charles has a photo of that.

Some didn’t know what to make of the sound poetry. One man kept flicking between tapping his finger and starting to move to the rhythm, and catching himself, looked puzzled and the cycle repeated. The regulars knew more what to expect and could just immediately go into enjoying the ride of sounds and play.

Some passersby rubbernecked and kept going but a few looked back with a wtf expression. Some paused and drifted by to nearby steps for a while.

The man to my right ceaselessly grinning and saying it expanded his mind and gave him all sorts of new ideas and concepts. He explained to both Monique and I in turn how he felt so free listening to it.

Towards the end a pair of ladies came by the edge and started a little dance to peter piper.


27 Jun 2007, 5:38pm
Glad Game
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Glad Game: Shortie Version

I’ll clear the head with a glad game to start.

Something’s got to work better at doing that than the A/C — with blinds shut, and air humid enough to sip. Two rounds of thunderstorms this afternoon and still no break in it.

Glad for:

  • grocery shopping on a hottest of hot day when no one goes out. The store lights and music were dim, almost no one there, as if after hours.
  • it being just about the season to wipe the hard water remains out of the ice cube trays and get ready for lemonade.
  • Omnigoths upcoming on the weekend.
  • Scott gifted me a pro account at Flickr.
  • loads done, literally (laundry).
  • wee bunches of green tomatoes on the plant and even smaller strawberries coming.
  • mom calling one of her older sisters and following up on the hunch that she didn’t sound well. Aunt had earlier blacked out and fallen on the stairs. Folks accompanied her thru the 9 hours of hospital rounds and she checked out ok.
  • another aunt getting to go to a music concert that was in town.
  • the amusement of watching crowd reactions at the Max Middle Sound Project
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