Shameless Lions Writing Circle

This is Ghufran (an Arabic name that means forgiveness) and the poem that the winged lion begat.


feathers floss canines
prejudgement’s sound — brassy
“can tell you’re lion” rankles,
presumed by type to

watch the steps, claws delicate,
violets and violent power



inevitable glide

eagle eggs for mammal bones
a unity, pheasant is kin,
compassionate is king —

bring the wounded to heal.


All the who, what, where, why is here and at the Shameless Lions Writing Circle where all the the responses to the lions (poem or prose under 48 words) are collated by Seamus.

More about Ghufran in the last post, introducing my lion and my poetry blog is thisaway.

Next post should be back to normal, whatever that would look like…

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