30 Jul 2007, 6:02pm
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6 Things and Other Things

6 Good Things:

  1. I figured out that the air conditioning is not out, but was turned off near my desk. Therefore it was 30 degrees in here. The good part is that it’s down to 25 and there’s air circulation.
  2. The last post was too long so good I had the sense to clip it somewhat.
  3. It’s a good thing that Adobe Photoshop crashed again, I didn’t lose anything substantive and I can start fresh with experience, right? (I’d still rather it didn’t do that.)
  4. Very good that I have ample reading supply with 2 dozen active books on desk now. Good thing I like lowlands because I’m swamped. It’s an absurd amount to fit in my head but there’s no rush and no obligation.
  5. I’m really less grumpy than I sound.
  6. The lost has now been found. Specifically the laundry that was “lost” in the washer 3 days ago is found and rewashed. *sigh* Head, meet hands. Hands, you might like to chat and get know each other better.

Day’s Low: Those “yorkshire puddings” would double nicely as hockey pucks.

Days’ Highlight: Getting a package from Jonathan Ball of Martian Press — poetry goodnesses by him, derek beaulieu, kimmy beach, Christopher Rizzo, Jess Mynes, rob mclennan, Lars Palm, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, and ryan fitzpatrick.

Vaguely Amusing, Vaguely Disconcerting, A and B, C: Exhibit A: Going thru a lingerie department and it seems padded bras are back in. Hundreds of them standing in shape by themselves.

Exhibit B: Sitting at a table before the reading at the Carleton, someone named John is talking with me and I take off my glasses and he makes a slight startle of uncertainty as if he wondered if it was a sign of inattentiveness or unconscious dislike for something he said (which it wasn’t). I explain that I had to clean my glasses because I realized there aren’t bird flying around the room but streaks on my glasses. Which I meant rather as absurdist humor but may have sounded more… pathological. But in any case he rightly then guessed that I must be a poet because only a writer would come out with an odd statement like that. Yes, some things can be safely assumed.

Exhibit C: How supermarkets with their constant imported produce and old age homes with their windowless routines are both are seasonless.

Blog Link: Joel Smith’s post called Retarded or Gifted? underscores to me how your filter imposes all kinds of connections of explanations, ramps up a ready context which can be based on something completely on target, or completely disconnected from the heart of the matter.

Quote: “Somewhere, somewhen I stopped looking around for signs and started making them.” — Mike T in a wowser of an inspirational post.

Poetry Words: I’d like to go protest at an abortion clinic with a placard that reads, This is a tricky grey area. Maybe we should discuss this in detail. Was that by Mary, previously of Halifax at Dusty Owl? Mary did a wonderful piece with a refrain of Lover Keep Me Rocking, Lover Keep Me Rocking, He Never Hit Me about how abuse unfolds as more than a physical thing and the complexities of such a relationship. She was more articulate than a summary jist could say but look forward to hearing more from her.

30 Jul 2007, 3:50pm
Comments Off on Re-use and Miscellany

Re-use and Miscellany

Today here? Reuse, cute animals.

Re-Use: Full Circle is a sort of digital trading post. It has
9077 members locally. They just hit their 100,000th message.

We have
freecycled/recycled /given away 27,795 items (taken and received

At an average of 10 pounds per item that is 277950 pounds (139 tons!)
of products that were either saved from local landfills or didn’t have
to use more of our planet’s energy and resources to be manufactured.

Ottawa is making a difference! Let’s give ourselves a big pat on the
back for our achievements!

Why does this matter? It doesn’t matter if we can afford or not afford financially to waste. There are some things that are just good practice. Don’t leave the freezer door hanging open. Use up food before it goes bad. If you realize you have nothing to say, you might consider stop talking.

Soundtrack: You’re Wasting my Minutes by Rob P. (Love that song about chatting and cellphones.)

Even a package of screws when all of them aren’t used for a project, I recoil at the idea that they be manufactured and be mint condition and then thrown out. Matching up who needs them with what is needed is so hard.

Still, just chucking, or just hoarding both seem less optimal than need be. Part of it is just keeping goods moving like air. Higher pressure to lower pressure, keeping the circulation so we don’t get stale pockets. Clutter can easily take over.

Photo Links: It’s Cute Overload: A pup sorta like Coll’s Coco. And there’s this baby wiener dog, and chinchilla and this cute as a dot lady.

I like this quote. It’s core is collaborative rather than competitive. It’s not based in leveraging power differentials to win but seek a happiness for yourself that doesn’t disadvantage another. It might suggest don’t gloat happiness and make someone else’s contentment seem sadness by comparison. Equalize energy levels. Essentially it says, be respectful and don’t be selfish.

Quote:“Beware that your happiness does not overshadow the happiness of others.” — Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey [via Ethelbert Miller]

I’m at risk for it being I’m going with a touch of topic-drift cafe. I need to learn to

a) fake sleep better so when I stir cat doesn’t bellow into my ear for food at 6 a.m.
b) sleep heavier thru being a circus ride in the night with the restless cat crawling over my every shift and getting meowed at for disturning her sleeping in the hollow of my back, or
c) learn to go to bed before midnight.

because in any case my concentration and focus are horrendous. Admittedly 40 grams of 54% cocoa did not help a bit. That much dumped quickly into my system is enough to make heart palpitations. The sheepdog herding of thoughts gets a bit tiring. My emotions and mind want to go at the same overstimulated speed as my heart.

I could try to wait it out and shepherd myself but it’s more effective to put myself in motion and let the other by-products of motion counter the zippidee-hit.

I can ride the momentum of what my body is doing and will be doing anyway and add physical work. So walked for groceries, lots of canned good, from the further away store and carry as much as I can pushing myself a little without being a right fool and injuring anything, remembering to bend the knees to lift.

Still my mind may still be a bit prone to scatterable. Oy.


  • Chris Cagle I Breathe In, I Breathe Out (“put one foot in front of the other…”),
  • Brad Johner’s Breathin’ Air (“make a list of things you think you need, Is it all the tea in china or someone you want to be, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring…all I ever need is everywhere, just a little breathing air. It’s tough to keep it simple…”),
  • Gretchen Wilson Redneck Woman (“I ain’t never been the barbie doll type…some people look down on me but I don’t give a rip.”) I love her attitude of if you’ve got a problem with how I live, that problem would be your own snobbery. I”m fine with me.


  • Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers’ Roll the Boogie (ah, the sax and piano)

Think we’ll stay with Lavay Smith for a bit. Against that jazz background my thought can float. Into one focused task with any luck.

28 Jul 2007, 10:01am

Things I Considered

I considered doing and did:
Ottawa River Parkway
Pause here a while, letting the shade breeze away the heat.

What I considered doing and didn’t do:
Throw myself on top of a lawn sprinkler along one of those suburban streets.

Glad Game: The lady at the pet food store took a look at me and went to the back room and brought me a tumbler of water. Earth preserve the saints among us.

The heat of the day and the cool of the mall and how they go together like cats and a hiss.

The pleasure of sleeping under the stars — a sleeping bag for two on the balcony. (Even if it was cloud and fog, and night noise, and eventually rain and arms asleep from the hard surface. Even if we went to bed proper in the wee hours. It was novel at least.)

For the painting on the wall and realizing how many years it’s been with me. Must be 20 years now. And I still haven’t got a proper frame for it. And no harm from it.

Glad for recognizing artificial urgencies. I can work with them, or I can let me work against myself in their name. (Amen? :P)

The poetry coming up, tonight, and tomorrow at events. The anticipation of a BBQ next weekend and the good mystery of the-what-all catch-all in between.

Looks like the cover art I did is going to be used for a mipo collection.

Top O’ the Book Piles: At the moment reading Phyllis Webb’s Hanging Fire, Douglas Barbour’s bpNichol and His Works and Levin’s The Penguin Book of the Sonnet

Quote: “You’re running around and around and around. No time for you to be you. Someday you’ll stop and catch more than just your breath. You’ll catch some light inside of your hands that was meant just for you. Lightness. That’s what you need. All the heaviness can make your heart beat harder than it has to. […]And there you are, seeping in between all these words. It’s like trying to hold water in your hands. That’s what missing you feels like. It’s like running with a handful of water and trying not to spill a single drop of it out.” What It Feels Like, Jan Arden’s Journal, 18-Jul-2007 11:02 a.m.

Poetry Link: I like the whimsy of gnomes planting the sleeping into being a forest by jonathan greenhause. I suppose that’s a spoiler for the poem at Brian Morrisey’s Poesy, but then, maybe it’s a teaser, since its not the destination nodes but the verb and verge of road between…?

History Link: CBC Arts Archive of the bigger folks in Canada. I could spend a while there exploring clips and timelines and articles. [via Wanda O’Connor]

27 Jul 2007, 10:56am
Light Photos


It’s baaa-aaack.


It’s the third visit to the screen near my desk.

It’s got tufts of white chest hair sticking out from it’s armoured chest, a face with black tribally tattoo thing going, green legs, lacy wings that no picture does justice too, and last time, when I approached, it chirped a stay your distance tall predator then flew off like a chickadee over the roof.

When I heard they were impressive, I thought audio, not visual. I haven’t seen a bug this big outside an insectarium.

The precious little beastie is hugimungus. When I’ve heard that word cicada I’ve thought something on the size of a cricket or a little smaller. No one said anything about dwarfing dragonflies. This little lady or sir could kickbox a toad. Not that it would. It seems quite a placid soul. Oh for the super macro lens to look deeply into those eyes.

Is it a sign that you’ve been writing too many haiku when the cicadas come to inspect and petition for their inclusion? God grant me the fortitude to not add to the heap of cicada poems…

Light Link: Cicada humor

26 Jul 2007, 1:11pm
Link Dump

Bonus Link Material

Pamela Redmond Satran lists 30 things you should have and know by age 30 such as, “A youth you’re content to move beyond” and know “Who you can trust, who you can’t and why you shouldn’t take it personally.”

Creative Business cards are lovely design pushing the envelope card.

Anyone reading got a sci-fi novel or historical fiction manuscript lying about? Medallion Press of Florida is “very eager to acquire” one. I can’t vouch for them but do with that info what you will.

I’m not exactly sure how Alexa is meant to be used, some sort of metric-maker like Technorati, but I have to say, the T-shirts have a beautiful irony. Why would I not want to sport my results? lol

You’ve seen the World Clock of how many of us human ants there are and what we are producing and so on?

Brains are overrated. We can do without most of them as the structure is plastic and redundant and parts can get reassigned.

In The Cat Who…series of books, I’m thinking two things: a) that people should move away from Pickax. It has a bad vibe. b) Koko is responsible for all the murders and plants evidence. He is the constant in every case. The titles themselves plants the fact right in plain sight. 😉

Lastly, what makes a wiki work? Something structural in set up or the community? In how wikipedia self-governs by Sean Silverthorne at HBS Karim Lakhani says, “technology’s not the answer [. ..] the outcome has been incredible and is based on the architecture and rules of participation.” The article also gets into issues of and how effective collaboration is built, transparency of knowlege sharing. It can be applied into group blogs.

Quote: “Creation is a drug I can’t do without.” —Cecil B. De Mille

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