29 Sep 2007, 10:02pm

Impressions of Day

I don’t feel very wordy. Luckily camera can step in.

Warning: Food Blog spoilers ahead. Then again, spoil and food shouldn’t be so close together.

I’ll just stick with images.

breakfast in bed

election reform
The referendum‘s the feature at Cafe Nostalgica

mixed veggies

light and cracks
Light and cracks

enriched bread artists
Enriched Bread Artists

standing room only
The reading was standing room only.


candle play

Soundtrack: Tori Amos’ version of Total Eclipse of the Heart. The piano stars in it like the Tyler version.

Quote: “The mind ought sometimes to be diverted, that it may return the better to thinking. – Phaedrus

28 Sep 2007, 5:00pm
Glad Game Link Dump

Body Awareness and Whack of Links

Glad Game: More laundry done. (Thinking of all that isn’t done wouldn’t be productive.)

Decision made: will make a handmade card for my aunt as no card store has anything close to whatever it is that I’ll say when I figure it out as I do the image and design.

Glad that in my new i.d. I may still not look like myself either, but at least I have less of the mugger look going.

Getting wiser to myself. I stayed up too late last night and got up too early this morning (although for a change not to the sound of our feline rooster). It threw me off but at least knowing what was going on; I could compensate and put less weight on any interpretation, dark parse. Knowing that my appetite is gone I can likewise cut the knees out of any fussy direction of thought and safely ignore my mental chatter on the whole. Just liable to be cranky. And topic drift.

My strategies for dealing with myself are getting better. I chose to do things that are a better fit for what I am good at in these hours instead of banging my head against a wall with a mismatch. Rather than resisting mope and prolonging it, or turning into a spiral of negative thoughts, let whatever flow thru get itself flowed so it can be over. And do the push outwards instead. I didn’t go out to complain but the very reaching out changes the trajectory. Fresh air, fresh scenes, fresh people. Do some rounds of catching up on emails, phone calls, letters and be less self-involved in the name of nobly saving others from my foul mood. Admitting I am in a foul mood. That’s something I never was good at doing. It causes it to be lighter and I had always wanted to hold onto it. I don’t recall why.

What else?

A photo I took is being used in an article.

A Mutant Meme:What are your 5 guilty pleasures?

I’m not sure I can get up to 5.

Could it be that I’m running low on guilt reserves?

Naw, probably not.

I think it’s that pleasure is guilt free. The phrase guilty pleasure a bit of an oxymoron.

The closest I can think is secret pleasure of dumping warm laundry on the bed to sort and tunneling thru it and its fresh washed scent instead.

Or massage. In a way that seems like luxury. In another way it seems like I should file it under cost of living. Like making the bed, it’s life maintenance.

Body awareness seems to slip out of mind so easily. So I’ve had a headache for a few days. Why wouldn’t it occur to me that’s an action item? Gradually my neck has been winching in. Why wouldn’t I consider that relevant to address? I’m too quick to ignore and block out.

I feel like an infant who is just discovering her toes. Oh look, after a half hour massage, I can touch my chin to my chest(!) Could I do that before? And my head can turn all the way right. And left too. Huh, who knew that was possible?

Sure when I straighten stand or bend, I sound like Rice Crispies thru my upper back still but my arms don’t have that 4 gravity weight they’ve been accumulating for the last week or two.

Latest Laugh Aloud: Being aware of the scene we’re in, the cat and I, huffing at each other glaring from a distance. She wanted my attention. I didn’t want to give it, so she started clawing my foot, I started pulling my foot away and in the process, she may have gotten kicked and I got scratched and she ran away with my sock attached to her foot.

Book Link: The first week of October is buy a friend a book week [via gautami]

Poetry Link: John Hewitt’s Poetry Writing Tips such as, “Don’t be afraid to write from a different point of view. Write a poem that says exactly the opposite of what you believe, and do it without irony.”

Quote: “Write the worst poem you can possibly write. Use clichés, pretentious words, and beat your reader over the head with your point. Felt good, didn’t it? Now get back to work. The point is, don’t be afraid to write a bad poem. If it takes a hundred bad poems before you can produce a poem you like, fine, get that hundred out of the way.” – John Hewitt’s Poetry Writing Tips

Art Link: Israel’s museum has a Beauty and the Book installation art exhibit.

Peace Link: Tara Bradford’s social action poem, The Key

Link Link: So the invite says business casual? What does that mean? Check the Dress Code Guide [via Maremag]

27 Sep 2007, 4:37pm
Citizenship Politics

Ontario Referendum

On October 10, the provincial vote will have more than one ballot. One for candidates and one ballot which reads “Which electoral system should Ontario use to elect members to the provincial legislature?”

It is called Your Big Decision. (There’s an explanatory video there)

The question has two options as answers: first-past-the-post formula (FPP) [current system] or Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) [new option].

As is, the person with the most votes in a riding, wins that riding. As is, you may like the purple party (colors given for neutrality) but like more the particular elected official who works for your riding. If the vote is split so that the parties each share the vote, this may happen:

The purple candidate gets 25% of the vote, and the orange candidate gets gets 25% of the vote, yellow candidate gets 24% of the vote and green candidate gets 26% of the vote. Green wins, even through she or he were voted against by 74% of people who showed up on voting day (and voters who come often runs under 1/3 of the population).

Repeat the same, riding per riding, hundreds of times across the province and we get a party that wins when the candidates didn’t actually get the majority of support, and neither did the party.

A party overall may work their buns off, get a good solid support of say 15% of citizens voting, but that’s not reflected in who sits in Parliament to represent the people.

The new proposal is for Mixed Member Proportional. It is the result of consultation by volunteers who wanted to study what would work to fix this imbalance. It decided the solution would be giving each person two votes, one for person you want locally, and one for the party you want to elect. Or both votes of course, could be for the same party.

The provincial legislature would have 129 seats: Local Members’ would fill 90 seats while ‘List Members’ would fill 39 seats. List members would be members of the party chosen as candidates.

More information on it globally is at wikipedia.

Quote: “”I talk democracy to these men and women. I tell them that they have the vote, and that theirs is the kingdom and the power and the glory. I say to them You are supreme: exercise your power.” – G.B. Shaw

27 Sep 2007, 12:44pm
Light Link Dump Music
Comments Off on Parody Comedy

Parody Comedy

Latest Laugh Out Loud:

A youtube of the Motherflipping rap of the Flight of the Conchords who bill themselves as “Formerly New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo”.

Click over there. I’ll wait.

(tapping toe)


                 (still waiting)

(what, you did? oh, I missed that.)

(oh, you didn’t)

(grumble, I can’t see from grumble grumble here gmmrhm)

This is better in audio but here’s a couple snippet that made me laugh.

My rhymes are so potent that in this small segment
I made all of the ladies in the area pregnant

…I’m not a large water-dwelling mammal
Where did you get that preposterous hypothesis?
Did Steve tell you that, perchance?

How about folk and punk parody of Lord of the Rings and ,perhaps even stranger, or differently odd, Jenni, a musical dialogue of people on park bench, the deliberately lame, pushed as far possible, like they also do in Sello Tape,

Lives are like retractible pencils
If you push them too hard they’re gonna break
And people are like paper dolls
Paper dolls and people, they’re a similar shape

They do a send up to speed-learning of French and Alby the Racist Dragon.

[discovered via the also brilliant (but for photography) Josh Hanson]

Thought: Tony Bennett soothes the soul of the beast, angry songs commiserate smoke for smoke, sentimental guitars makes it mopey, but laughter displaces the beast.

25 Sep 2007, 3:58pm

I Got Nothing

except best wishes for your day and a lot of tasks on tap.

empty billboard
A marked moment
no ideas to promote,
a blank billboard post.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves…

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