20 Oct 2007, 12:01pm
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Ottawa Writers Fest: Chiasson and Transgress

Herménégilde Chiasson

Herménégilde Chiasson, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, author of Beatitudes in an on-stage conversation with translator Wayne Grady, who did one of his previous books, Available Light. Chiasson is currently working on 15 books.

His goal is, in part, what he sees as the 3 duties of writers and artists.

  1. We have a duty to raise a level of consciousness for important things, to turn people to the answer the fundamental question of why are we here?
  2. We have a duty of remembering and consolidating history, consolidating a chronicle of humanity.
  3. We have a duty to generate and retain beauty.

A fuller account of what he said is here.

Over 140 people attended transgress featuring Joey Comeau (pictured) of the humorous Lockpick Pornography, Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco with his musical voice reading from Killing Me Softly, and Ivan E. Coyote, ReLit Award winner of Bow Grip. Transgress was a queer evening of transgressive writing. It was easily the fullest room at the fest so far.

A lot of powerful and funny writing in there. More and different details here.

The panel of John Pass, Stephen Brockwell, Rob Winger and David O’Meara also led to some engaging ideas.

Glad Game: Feels like a good morning for a glad game. Head’s a bit foggy.

  • Glad for laughter. Between last night’s writers and the night before with David McGimpsey et al (including discussion between panel above and audience), it’s been a good week for that.
  • Recharging is a good thing. For phone, for batteries, from sleep. (Hope to do all those to full sooner or later.)
  • The hot oil splash doesn’t look as angry and blistery-tipping as before. It was like wearing metal jewelry by fire for a while.
  • All toes, fingers and body parts intact as last time I checked.
  • Day is bright out there. Foreground and mid-distance is cloudied, but far hills are bright, sunlit with autumn colors and a line of blue cloud break which is expanding
  • The Shameless Lions’ Collective Short Story is developing with interesting twists.
  • Maybe the corn-chip-peanut-butter-tahini-pepper-raisin-honey-tomato-on-rye sandwich wasn’t a good idea but my stomach is full at least. I think that’s a full feeling.
  • Phone messages to return is better than no tag at all, I suppose.
  • Busy is good.
  • Want to upload photos, [done] transcribe notes to flesh out the photos up there.
  • Where there’s future, there’s possibility.

But first groceries. Those would be good to have around.

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