2 Nov 2007, 11:35pm
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AB Series

Let’s see, day summary: coming home today, after the poetry and poetic prose of the NeWest tour triumvirate…

hosted in Ottawa by Max’s AB Series

First up, ryan fitzpatrick was reading from his newest book Fake Math from Snare books with lines like 2 children are a form of pastorialism or in new poem a series of pivots remarking on our societal ADD obession with newness and change, I could eat some words, or a cinnamon donut.

William Neil Scott
Neil Scott was reading from Wonderfull, which was. Entrancing carry you away stories such as the narrator’s father riffed, such as the discovery of the new world by a chartered captain and the paying man who end up on a nameless beach at each other’s throats, held at bay by an endless game of chance.

Natalie Zina Walschots
Natalie Zina Walschots was reading from Thumbscrews which did poems which struck me in their control of sound as she transitioned a match of subject and mood and sound choice moving from short i sounds and unvoiced consonants to harsher gutterals and voiced plosives.

Today also, seeing ryan off this morning.

Other than that, life? Spending the day at my parents’ place and seeing my aunt.

Shhh, if you’re family don’t tell mom that as soon as she left for errands, dad left the walker behind. He and I headed towards the barn and he flipped his walking cane around to use as a hay fork to put hay back in the horse’s manger, then we played rummy. Mom caught up at the cards and tried to be positive and involved. She asked if we were playing solitaire or UNO.

Fast-forward again and we see a kerfuffle in-building of insurrection sabre-rattle against the tyrannical control-wielding of the condo board. Again.

What else? Clogged drain had sizable mouse removed from it (a mouse-sized calcified wag of hair, no actual rodent) and hubby trapped in elevator for half an hour was yesterday, not today…cat needs to be topped up with subcutaneous fluid, tomorrow.

Cooked, got the ritual of a real meal in us. The neighbours were in for an evening chat and how long had that lasted? 2 hours? 3? Add in cat hijinks, couple hours driving, some facebook, uploading, a walkabout and we have a very full day.

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