31 Dec 2007, 11:32am
Life Anecdotes

Skating Party

xmas tree snow An old memory turned up. When I was small, there was a skating party. It was in the Back Forty of my Aunt’s place. There had been a melt and the ditches and low fields flooded. Then a cold snap. My cousins started to groom the ice and kept it shovelled clear to the size of an ice rink.

One starry night it was ready to use. Chairs and blankets were brought from the house. We made a procession down the back lane. Coffee cans held fires or oil lanterns so they wouldn’t blow out in the wind. They were set in the snow banks all around the ice. No houselights from anywhere could be seen in a distance, only this circle in all the silent black dome.

My cousins being boys were given their plastic moulded black speed skates at every shoe size. At school they skated at lunch with the boys in pick-up hockey. Tonight they did rapid passes back and forth clearing the light dusted snow off.

I didn’t know how to skate. For this night I was given my mom’s cracked leather figure skates. They were fetched from a rack in the basement and smelled of moth balls. The blade was rust speckled. There was no liner and metal structure coming thru the sole but being too large I had on 3 or 4 pairs of thick socks to make them fit.

On the sidelines were those who left the fun for the young folks. Low voices talked. It was like a barn fire without the dark speculation on who burned it for the insurance money or whose kid had been playing with matches and not fessing up. My cousin’s grandmother was still alive then. It was the only time I saw her leave the house. She sat out. The spirits were all uncommonly jovial. My Aunt (i.e. my 2nd mom) and Uncle, my parents were there. (Were there others? A third brother might still have lived at home then. Neighbours?)

My focus was the light snow, the goosedown flakes that fell on my face. I was so cold that they hardly melted right away. I was aware of my cousins and the motion.

My cousins puffed columns of breath as they skated spraying ice at the turns. My cousins took turns pushing a kitchen chair as I held on, or race skating they pulled the chair and me behind them.On corners, they swung me around to race back again towards where there were more lanterns. It was marvelously thrilling and strange. Our cheeks were red with the cold. Eyes were animate. There were even shouts across the ice from J and squeals coming out of me that no one hushed.

My Aunt brought a thermos of hot chocolate to warm people up and thermos passed between people. She brought more to warm us up when we skated in.

I wondered if this would be how every winter would be.

There were other winters, ball hockey, sledding and snow forts, but that sense of well-being and light-hearted community was only a flicker. It was the only skating party.

Ready or not, more good comes, but assuming this, any this, is constant and can be put off for later because it will keep coming… this is a mistake. What is now is a unique passing treasure or unique fleeting bad.

It’ll never be exactly like this again. Enjoy. Live. Make more.

And Happy 2008!

Quote: “A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute.” – Edward Gibbon

30 Dec 2007, 9:03pm

This, That, Here and Then

About a dozen people made it out to our place last night. Such fun, friendly and interesting people…We certainly enjoyed ourselves. By all accounts I got it seemed there was a good time had by all. Wonder what month we’ll give that another go…I had originally thought if this works, Canada Day again, but maybe sooner too…

gingerbread house making
I didn’t take out the camera terribly early. There were two goes at doing the gingerbread house.

And isn’t that odd, out of 4 people pictured, only one blogs (and blogs, and blogs and…) Clearly we need to get blogs for everyone. 😉

I guess percentage-wise, a lot of blogging people. Even Hub has started.

Anyhew, other than that, mellow day-after here.

Music, walks, books, eating leftovers. And even maybe the start of a few worth keep working at pieces of writing. What else?

Music group name:
“by the seed ease”

Someone needs to use that.
I renounce rights.

Is it me or are those new sweaters of the season with the large cowl necks, tight bodice and wide short sleeves not only not unisex but more unispecies, proportioned as well for any extraterrestrial as for any human?

hot herbal drinks
I’m all about
the teas
doncha know?

What a difference phrasing makes…

Dodge Aries Avenger
= Avoid Angry Goat

Sounds like a less powerful truck put like that, doesn’t it?


Love 2008 – video powered by Metacafe

Links: McLuhan media courses in Toronto sound interesting. Also, Louis Riel graphic novel. Hm.

Light Link: Snorg Tees are silly Tshirts, some of which are funny.

Quote: “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” – Lou Holtz

29 Dec 2007, 11:27am
Glad Game Gnomes Photos

Pause to Think Thanks

Glad Game: You know the feeling when you start cooking and don’t know when to stop?

I did no pre-Christmas cooking to speak of, but made up for it yesterday with 3 cakes. (Some non-wheat, non-nut, non-dairy offerings.) And some more nutritional dip and cheese at ready too.

Some folks will be coming by from 4:30 on today. This’ll be a good thing.

Hope appetites are engaged. Small crew or biggish group, it’ll work in any case. The gnomes will eat what’s left. Or else things can be frozen or taken away with people. It’s all good in any case.

drawing toy

Like how, with the digital camera, there’s a degree of immediate take and show picture. When I took the one below, I showed it to my brother-in-law who showed it to the almost two-year-old T. and asked him who’s this. T. answered right for his sister and exclaimed “Daddiiiieee” but when Daddy pointed to T. and asked “who’s this” T replied, “shadow”. What happened there cognitively? No deduction of where he was and who that image must be, or some idea that I am here not in there so that is my shadow?

Glad for unstructured hours while they last.

How easily humor slips in among things that are “right” with no intrinsic rightness like socks absurdly on the right hand side of a drawer. It’s comical and comical that I find the pattern breaking comical.

Glad to have located the nails where I Hub put them.

Glad to receive and give good wishes.

Glad the cat is gaining some weight and not looking so gaunt. That vet trip in November did the trick to turn her around.

Glad to have received some Christmas letters. It occurs me to me that this could be the start of regular correspondence instead of annual. One from my A. Linda was even handwritten. She writes summatively but personally both.

Glad for mail service and literacy and pens, especially the Fisher. I lost mine and it’s finally replaced.

Glad that I heal so fast. A paper cut disappears so fast.

Glancing back it was good to have spent 4 days without a computer. No jitters or anything. Think I haven’t gone that long since 04.

IMG_2943 Glad to see the snow recede and streets turn back to black and non-slippery.

Pictured here is some snake-rail fence behind the windshield glass in the rain-snow-pellet-direct slush that fell on the 27th. It was pretty enough that I almost stopped the car to go out in the packy snowman-making-stuff.

snow road
Glad for magical touch of Hub who can persuade the printer accept my offerings of paper and files and make it print a contact sheet of 16 pages per page of document. That’s useful.

Quote: “Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies.” – Ann Landers

28 Dec 2007, 12:18am
Glad Game Life Anecdotes

Tot Tales

The nephew has learned high five! and down low! and jumps to say higher, higher! until he plops down on his bum by some mechanics of overstretching his leap or landing.

Everything must be higher, the high five, the swing, the ball thrown. High is new and good.

Other moment from 22-month-old…where’s he? In the bathroom poised with arm raised to throw Christmas ornament down toilet and flush. Dad caught his hand. The ornament stayed with us in the none-sewage world.

The dinner table fell silent. The toddler recognized the shift in sound and recognized this from the other grandma’s house. He lifted his sippie cup and moved it to grandma’s glass and crowed, “crash!”. He has just toasted, but at this house, it’s time for grace not wine.

Glad Game: Back to the computer after 4 days of it running on auto-post. Whaddya know. I left the internet and it kept going without my intervention (again). What a clockmaker I am. 😉

Own home, own quiet, own bed, own shower, own time to rise, to sleep, and to eat whatever we please. Ahhh.

Current stack of books is a pleasant passage of time.

The poems are tickety-booing along (sometimes selling tickets, sometimes booing) and sorta like the four pages of today.

I am succeeding (so far) at not becoming alarmed at how quickly the vacation is dissipating, and anticipating good Saturday in seeing a few non-folks folks. (is that confusing? I mean different people, people who are not parents-people and in-law-people. Too late at night to post methinks Pearl.)

Good, good..,one more thing…

Vinyl Cafe is hilarious. Dave and Morley’s adventures used to accompany me to meetings by radio, but with schedule shift I forgot they exist and now they have podcast versions.

Glad for sleep, come what will, surreal dream, or a fallen-log-night.

Perhaps a hybrid of both – of Fantasia from comatose logs that become paper-cut-out-curlicued-fudogs-with-bobble-heads-pursuing-me-up-staircase-as-I-disintegrate-into-discombulated-senses. You know, that run of the mill sort of surreal dream. 😉

Perhaps, given logs, run of the mill is a macabrely twisted phrase? Ach, well, that blank plank dropped, me next…

Quote: “It is like the seed put in the soil — the more one sows, the greater the harvest.” – Orison Swett Marden

27 Dec 2007, 1:11pm

This is Why

eggs, drying yolks
When you put cracked eggs into the fridge, you’re supposed to cover them, unless you want this, which is rather pretty, floral as cracking mud…

Maybe you’d prefer to see my banana tho?

tanning bed
I’d been aiming to get this photo for weeks. Every time I went by the futurist glow of the tanning beds, either it was in use or my camera wasn’t with me.

sandwich board
This makes me laugh every time I pass it on Sparks St.

Quote: “Nothing is secure but life, transition, the energizing spirit.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

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