30 Apr 2008, 2:22pm

At Ground

The Tulip Festival starts on Friday and it looks like the groundwork is ready for it.
tulip time

The worms have trailed back into the beds. Smart worms.

2026 words (including photos). That should do, eh?

I’m about as productive as a flea wearing a snorkeling mask today. Bah. No matter. Each day begins in this current minute. Onwards.

Vote: vote is over. Tony Brown won 1st and rob 2nd.

Quote: “Lofty posts make great men greater still, and small men much smaller.” – Jean De La Bruyere

(Not blog posts meant in the original intent, but think it applies?)

29 Apr 2008, 8:07am
General Glad Game Photos

Quick Pics

bar coded sprouts
The sunlight’s got a barcode, and more’s on order.

Nights with rain on the glass and fountain gurgle.

There are all kinds of funny sunny faces I’m hoping to see.

straw view
A straw hat over the face might be a while in coming still with snow back in the forecast.

don't go there
This city is sign mad? No walking in a parking lot? (Hubby skipped.)

Glad Game: Not so glad that the cereal didn’t have a twist tie and spread over a few square feet. Glad for installation art of flakes everywhere.

Not so glad that 3 pairs of socks, formerly known as white, are pink. Glad to resolve to not have this small irritant daily in my sock drawer and chuck them and thrift. Gladder that hubby could bleach them into normalcy.

Not so glad to have cramps in my chest today. 3 days of that is more than I need. Glad for massage therapsts who can find the knots in the meat and press them out and give advice and exercises for making it stop.

Not so glad for the lost, and found, memory of those parts in pork that were cysts of worms that mom cut around when I was little. So glad to not eat meat.

Not so glad to have an overcast day. Glad to have gone for a walk yesterday and get peppered with rain and marinated in it.

Not so glad to have fallen off the daily writing prompts. Doing 3-4 a day missing a couple racks up the list rather dauntingly. Glad tho to have upwards of 80 pages of new poems to winnow thru from something useful.

Not so glad to be displaced from my office by this ongoing work for over a week now. Not so glad for the noise and dust and traffic thru home. Glad it is almost done. 2 more days at most. Probably, then the repainting my home office wall, and rehanging things. Then back to home.

Not so glad to have slept half the weekend and have headaches in a goodly part that I was conscious. Glad to have finally got caught up on my sleep.

Glad to have gotten out to the Bywords reading and not muffed it with inaudibility. Glad to have gotten out to after bits and had a bit of social with lovely folks.

Vote: This is the last day to vote for rob as Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere. It’s been a constant accordion race. Vote again as you can vote daily.

Comic: poet school

Comedian: Jim Gaffigan made me laugh when he was talking about alcohol. (I paraphrase) You don’t take and drink and people respond like nothing else. If you don’t take mayo do people say, why??? why don’t you want mayo? Are you addicted to mayo? Do you mind if I have mayo? Do you want me to take my mayo over there?

Movie: Late Bloomers is an 80 year old widow in a conservative village who reprises her love of making lingerie and is opposed, quite vehemently by the callous religious element, including her son the minister. When he said do something new he didn’t mean sell homemade knickers on ebay…

Quote: “Words are the small change of thought.” – Jules Renard

27 Apr 2008, 8:54am
Ottawa Photos Poets

Who is Miscing Out?

There are clinics to learn how to smoke? who knew? and now they might stop? it’s so hard to keep up to the pace of change. :p

Those squeaky hinge gulls were walking about on the muddy banks in the canal.

Vote for rob if you have or haven’t. As of post time, there was a 6 vote spread between 1st and 2nd place again. Vote goes until the 29th at midnight.

If you’re local (or if you can drive reeeeeally fast, or step thru a time-space portal), come out the Bywords reading today, 2pm at Chapters, 47 Rideau Street. It lasts an hour or hour and a half. The music is by Marie-Josee Houle.

Marie-Josee Houle

Poetry is by Sam Alwani, Amanda Earl, Peter Gibbon, Marcus McCann, Kenneth McGrath, Pearl Pirie, Janice Tokar, Victoria Vernell, and Catriona Wright.

Thought: To a degree if one can’t title it, or can’t summarize it, it isn’t done yet, but life’s too short to polish every pebble. Can’t let the ocean become out of work.

Links: Child soldiers remaking themselves into peace leaders and How to rationalize and, Ottawa makes the list for angriest world city (based on search for the blogged phrase I feel angry), which may mean we are just more free to articulate being angry as it washes thru us and we unclench on either side? Who knows.

Quote: “Three requirements for a good dialogue: intelligence, candor, and good will.” – Socrates

25 Apr 2008, 7:10pm
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Winger and Douglas

Rob Winger and Rhonda Douglas read in the last installment of the Canal Mug series, Ottawa, April 24. This is a poetry-month only series so that ends it until next year.

rob winger winger

reading winger
Rhonda was backlit so no pictures of her turned out but JohnW has one here. She doesn’t tend to do much overlap of poems (which is lovely trait) when she reads but among the new-to-me-poems, I was also glad to hear the one read in the AB series again about Cassandra’s prophesies for the trees. Loved the poem of truth, how it gives itself away in “a small intake of breath, come and get me”. It’s from her upcoming book Some Days I think I Know Things.

Rob Winger read from Muybridges Horse and a new manuscript or two, one which takes the common tropes and easy subjects and pastorial views of the environment endemic to some poems and messes with them to great results. He also read new ghazals from another series. That kick started me back to the anti-ghazal again, that John Thompson and Phyllis Webb brought into more light.

Vote: Apparently you can vote daily until Sunday night. (Not retroactively for missed days tho. nuts.)

Light Link: lies I’ve told my 3 year old recently

Cat Training Humans Episode#362: Novelty is superior to comfort. Papers put on human bed are superior for naps to normal human pillows.

Quote: “I am not impressed by size, but weight, in poetry. Or maybe it is that I am impressed by wait.” – geof huff

25 Apr 2008, 10:41am


To dig for something salient and coherant? To post a picture and call it a day? To kvetch about that cat acting out and crapping again where she knows is not designated because of workman being in her territory banging and sawing all week? or on any other rumbling irritants? To just keep my head down and see if I can bend these poems to my will, those that I did not just accidentally overwrite with no backup? Or forget it and go for a walk to scratch up some early lunch and put some sun into my eyeballs? Or post this? Yes, and find perspective in the out there which is not here.

Quote: Neil put it in a nutshell: “My desk is a mess. My work, my writing, and my relationship with Sophia pull me to the north, west, and south — and I want to go east. I want to reach out to you, but you live on your own rollercoaster. I appreciate that you share with me a little part of your life each day. It gives me insights into my own.”

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