25 Apr 2008, 10:41am


To dig for something salient and coherant? To post a picture and call it a day? To kvetch about that cat acting out and crapping again where she knows is not designated because of workman being in her territory banging and sawing all week? or on any other rumbling irritants? To just keep my head down and see if I can bend these poems to my will, those that I did not just accidentally overwrite with no backup? Or forget it and go for a walk to scratch up some early lunch and put some sun into my eyeballs? Or post this? Yes, and find perspective in the out there which is not here.

Quote: Neil put it in a nutshell: “My desk is a mess. My work, my writing, and my relationship with Sophia pull me to the north, west, and south — and I want to go east. I want to reach out to you, but you live on your own rollercoaster. I appreciate that you share with me a little part of your life each day. It gives me insights into my own.”

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