29 Apr 2008, 8:07am
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Quick Pics

bar coded sprouts
The sunlight’s got a barcode, and more’s on order.

Nights with rain on the glass and fountain gurgle.

There are all kinds of funny sunny faces I’m hoping to see.

straw view
A straw hat over the face might be a while in coming still with snow back in the forecast.

don't go there
This city is sign mad? No walking in a parking lot? (Hubby skipped.)

Glad Game: Not so glad that the cereal didn’t have a twist tie and spread over a few square feet. Glad for installation art of flakes everywhere.

Not so glad that 3 pairs of socks, formerly known as white, are pink. Glad to resolve to not have this small irritant daily in my sock drawer and chuck them and thrift. Gladder that hubby could bleach them into normalcy.

Not so glad to have cramps in my chest today. 3 days of that is more than I need. Glad for massage therapsts who can find the knots in the meat and press them out and give advice and exercises for making it stop.

Not so glad for the lost, and found, memory of those parts in pork that were cysts of worms that mom cut around when I was little. So glad to not eat meat.

Not so glad to have an overcast day. Glad to have gone for a walk yesterday and get peppered with rain and marinated in it.

Not so glad to have fallen off the daily writing prompts. Doing 3-4 a day missing a couple racks up the list rather dauntingly. Glad tho to have upwards of 80 pages of new poems to winnow thru from something useful.

Not so glad to be displaced from my office by this ongoing work for over a week now. Not so glad for the noise and dust and traffic thru home. Glad it is almost done. 2 more days at most. Probably, then the repainting my home office wall, and rehanging things. Then back to home.

Not so glad to have slept half the weekend and have headaches in a goodly part that I was conscious. Glad to have finally got caught up on my sleep.

Glad to have gotten out to the Bywords reading and not muffed it with inaudibility. Glad to have gotten out to after bits and had a bit of social with lovely folks.

Vote: This is the last day to vote for rob as Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere. It’s been a constant accordion race. Vote again as you can vote daily.

Comic: poet school

Comedian: Jim Gaffigan made me laugh when he was talking about alcohol. (I paraphrase) You don’t take and drink and people respond like nothing else. If you don’t take mayo do people say, why??? why don’t you want mayo? Are you addicted to mayo? Do you mind if I have mayo? Do you want me to take my mayo over there?

Movie: Late Bloomers is an 80 year old widow in a conservative village who reprises her love of making lingerie and is opposed, quite vehemently by the callous religious element, including her son the minister. When he said do something new he didn’t mean sell homemade knickers on ebay…

Quote: “Words are the small change of thought.” – Jules Renard

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