27 Apr 2008, 8:54am
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Who is Miscing Out?

There are clinics to learn how to smoke? who knew? and now they might stop? it’s so hard to keep up to the pace of change. :p

Those squeaky hinge gulls were walking about on the muddy banks in the canal.

Vote for rob if you have or haven’t. As of post time, there was a 6 vote spread between 1st and 2nd place again. Vote goes until the 29th at midnight.

If you’re local (or if you can drive reeeeeally fast, or step thru a time-space portal), come out the Bywords reading today, 2pm at Chapters, 47 Rideau Street. It lasts an hour or hour and a half. The music is by Marie-Josee Houle.

Marie-Josee Houle

Poetry is by Sam Alwani, Amanda Earl, Peter Gibbon, Marcus McCann, Kenneth McGrath, Pearl Pirie, Janice Tokar, Victoria Vernell, and Catriona Wright.

Thought: To a degree if one can’t title it, or can’t summarize it, it isn’t done yet, but life’s too short to polish every pebble. Can’t let the ocean become out of work.

Links: Child soldiers remaking themselves into peace leaders and How to rationalize and, Ottawa makes the list for angriest world city (based on search for the blogged phrase I feel angry), which may mean we are just more free to articulate being angry as it washes thru us and we unclench on either side? Who knows.

Quote: “Three requirements for a good dialogue: intelligence, candor, and good will.” – Socrates

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