25 Apr 2008, 7:10pm
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Winger and Douglas

Rob Winger and Rhonda Douglas read in the last installment of the Canal Mug series, Ottawa, April 24. This is a poetry-month only series so that ends it until next year.

rob winger winger

reading winger
Rhonda was backlit so no pictures of her turned out but JohnW has one here. She doesn’t tend to do much overlap of poems (which is lovely trait) when she reads but among the new-to-me-poems, I was also glad to hear the one read in the AB series again about Cassandra’s prophesies for the trees. Loved the poem of truth, how it gives itself away in “a small intake of breath, come and get me”. It’s from her upcoming book Some Days I think I Know Things.

Rob Winger read from Muybridges Horse and a new manuscript or two, one which takes the common tropes and easy subjects and pastorial views of the environment endemic to some poems and messes with them to great results. He also read new ghazals from another series. That kick started me back to the anti-ghazal again, that John Thompson and Phyllis Webb brought into more light.

Vote: Apparently you can vote daily until Sunday night. (Not retroactively for missed days tho. nuts.)

Light Link: lies I’ve told my 3 year old recently

Cat Training Humans Episode#362: Novelty is superior to comfort. Papers put on human bed are superior for naps to normal human pillows.

Quote: “I am not impressed by size, but weight, in poetry. Or maybe it is that I am impressed by wait.” – geof huff

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