10 May 2008, 7:09am
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Re: reading the post-modern

Day 1 of 3 is in for the symposium. Amanda’s got some of her highlights up. I haven’t scratched a thought together yet. Lots of notes, some of which I hope to be legible.

I took a few photos tho:

Ian Rae, Cheryl Cowdy Crawford, Richard J Lane spoke on a panel on Post-modern spaces

Ian Rae on Anne Carson and Cheryl Cowdy Crawford on reading the suburb as post modern Canadian space.

Lindy Ledohowski spoke on Kroetsch and Kupchenko, paradox of regional ex-centric.

Alexander MacLeod and Dennis Cooley spoke on regions of post modern.

And it’s almost time to go out again for more. Even with my front muscles compensating for my back I was glad I still had the knack of translating jargon and getting that syllable count: meaning compression down to a just the straight gist ratio. Ah yes, this is why I embrace plain speech and flights of getting lost in wordage both.

Quotes: “Canadian literary history is writing Canadian literary history. Capiche? – George Bowering (via Jason Weins on A Short Sad Book)

“The world is getting smaller but Canada is getting more Canadaer” – Douglas Coupland (via Erica Fischer in Ideologies of plce/place of identity)

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