Peterborough Hospital

The staff is warm and kind to keep gramma and family and friends as comfortable as possible.

Even the building itself is gracious. The architect took into account its use and place. It’s got a wonderful awareness of its setting. For example, a return wall of stone leads out to a patio. While still in the corridor, a running vista like an Italian painting unfolds as you walk.


The vantage points frame.

Looking back thru the cutout in the wall towards the hospital.

quiet time
The wood enclosure cups on a rooftop against a quiet horizon line for calming.

Peterborough hospital
The new Peterborough hospital has been open 2 months now. It was done by Ian MacDonald who spoke as part of the architecture lecture series in 2006. The Toronto firm won the Governor General’s Medals in 2002 for House in Mulmur Hills #1.

On the way home, the highway is elastic. It’s funny how many small villages get forgotten on each trip.

downhill construction cones
last cone
Marmora steeple

Neon angel-doves.

Or practically, the effect of bumptybump and night road on camera.

Quote: “A day spent in a round of strenuous idleness.” – William Wordsworth (who I suspect was speaking more tongue in cheek)

At least I can make myself useful some of the time handing out hugs.

Facebook news: “When Scrabulous was taken down, it had half a million daily active users and Hasbro’s/Electronic Arts’ official Facebook Scrabble game had only about 15,000. Two days later, the official Scrabble beta is up to 63,000 daily active users. Wordscraper has 3,600 daily active users. Now the race is on. Where will the bulk of Scrabulous fans go?” – Techcrunch

Movie Link: Flight of the Red Balloon plays Bytowne until Monday. Gentle, subtle, rich, and incredibly slow paced. Walk out of a movie, non-stressed? Is that legal, strictly speaking, by convention?

Music Link: Havelock Jamboree is August 14-17. It’s been nominated 8 times, along with the Calgary Stampede, as one of the Top 5 Country Music Festivals in Canada. Look at some of the lineup coming for the 2008: Kris Kristofferson, Glen Campbell, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, Earl Scruggs With Family & Friends, Mickey Gilley, Joe Diffie and Juice Newton. As as close as you’ll get to Branson or Nashville in Ontario.

29 Jul 2008, 9:33am

Hellos Counterpointing Goodbyes

Diana, who has gone on at least summer hiatus, dropped a phrase that keeps looping in my head: a need to narrate my life.

I’ve watched blogs for years and particularly with daily life blogs constellations of people form and then cascade and wink out en masse. It doesn’t always happen but its almost an organic life cycle. Having wide reading, doing continual intake new readers and continually become fans of new writers keeps critical mass.

For the same logistical reason one needs contacts across many areas of life. Should one suddenly lose interest in one interest, the connection with all those associated people can drop. Should model airplanes, or whatever specialty niche, be your only manic passion, then you’re in a perilous non-rounded position. Maybe that’s informed by my hedging bets, or maybe by admiring people who know deeply and widely, Renaissance (wo)men. Everything informs everything else.

Death bell curves significances. What was meaningful becomes downgraded to patter. When resources are scarce, one draws in closer and makes finer distinctions on what is valuable, or pushes outward looking longitudinally to gather more while one can.

IMG_7538 I’m thinking around transitions and passages, as I’m apt to do. It seems gramma (i.e. Brian’s grandmother) is fading out. She’s been given 1-3 days more.

As a result I think again about how we need to greet strangers (and those we know) like cocker spaniels do, if only to offset the endless iterations of emotional goodbyes. More joyful running forward with hellos and jumping into life would make bogging down in schlep of inertia harder to do.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is fair, whatever is pure, whatever is acceptable, whatever is commendable, if there is anything of excellence and if there is anything praiseworthy-keep thinking about these things. – Philippian 4:8

If all your friends are your age-peers, you’re in the position at some point that everyone you know suddenly drops like flies, as happened for a stretch of years in the 1980s to my dad. Heart attack and stroke season of life. If you cultivate grandchildren and grandparents and all in between, you’ve got a more stable base. Eggs, basket, y’know.

With constant outflow, one needs constant replacement inflow because if there is a constant, it’s that people go. Except those you expect to of course. 😉 Murphy.

Mompoet‘s popped off on blogging sabbatical too. Unlike research sabbatical, blog sabbatical takes you away not toward. I wonder about tribe online and face to face. Where does one by default fall back to as one’s place of renewal, safe from criticism, in as permanent of membership as one can get? For many, most, it’s not biological family but kin you pick up along life. Who stays. Who disappears but pops back every few months or years, or leaves the timeline and merges back in after a decade or two. The irregularity ensures life doesn’t get boring but maybe boring is underrated.

It’s a balancing act. There’s fewer greater pleasures than knowing one thing to the greatest, most extensive depth possible so it becomes the filter through which the universe can come. To know someone or something inside out is absorbing. Expertise seems a platonic impossible and even the striving means you aren’t giving your attention broadly and missing swathes of other potentials. Yet one has to cut one’s sense of loss, and at best hope for a reincarnation merry-go-round in the long term and in the short term limit the amount of regrets as carry-on in flights of exploration.

Poem Link: After Experience Taught Me by W. D. Snodgrass

Side Note: Egad and there is toddler screeches coming from the hall.

Whew: Akismet has caught 176,455 spam. Thank Akismet.

News: in the works for Michael Moore? taking on homophobia and anti-gay Christian right next.

Odd Link: oh my goosh, search

Quote: “Life in Lubbock, Texas, taught me two things: One is that God loves you and you’re going to burn in hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, filthy thing on earth and you should save it for someone you love.” – Butch Hancock[autoloads songs] [via Figleaf, NSFW]

27 Jul 2008, 1:08pm


I saw some graffiti to capture, but went back a few hours later to find wet paint signs in front of the construction boards. Ephemeral as words on air, these sharpie jottings.

Here’s an image from last week:
seen leaning
Boards of color leaned against a brick wall under rain left their sparkles and color mix with pavement sparkles.

It’s a quiet sort day of putter about cleaning, a non-verbal sort of day.

Local Link: Ottawa Folk Festival runs Aug 14-17

Quote: “All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard no horse sing no song.” – Louis Armstrong

25 Jul 2008, 11:12am

Blessed are the Pace Makers

It’s easy to get nudged or paint yourself into a corner, but with time and practicing holding your ground, a devil-may-care,-but I-don’t-have-time-for-flustered attitude may prevail.

Reflection takes an instant and can last indefinitely.

Link: Stefanie Posavec maps words thru rhythms, the essence of communication [via Serif of Nottingham] and speaking of communication, Dave’s chart of body language indicators

Quote: “If you don’t make things happen then things will happen to you.” – Lanes Company

Good ‘uns and the Other Stuff

There’s a small bit of amusement in a Lindt & Sprüngli. In 5 languages it is enough to say store in a cool dry place but only in one language is it necessary to define cool at not over 18 degrees.

curly Some time I’m going to make a font from letters curling up at the edges like that. Then what? Haven’t a clue.

Lovely thing in the mail: listening to the rain, an anthology of Christchurch haiku and haibun which interrupts reminds me… A large haiku contingent came to the Tree open mic (Sorry Colleen, I forgot to take pictures again of the reading again.) Won a Omnibus 3 from Gaspereau Press there tho. That’s a good concept for a catalogue; a sampler instead of blurb and review blurbs. Having it reminded me Spine exists. I had almost got to the cash register a couple times with that.

Super-Hub procured a part for our vacuum and took the machine apart and repaired it. We can now vacuum again.

Glad to have a couple projects underway myself.

Amusing to take to logical absurd the women going from, or between, clubs, them clung to each other as if on a pitching ship. Their elbows being hooked remind me of a barrel of monkeys as they totter on their high heels. I wonder if I followed if I’d see a tangle as their house of cards swayed and tumbled completely.

Looking back across 5 year time gaps, I feel satisfied with changes I’ve consciously made with body language from extremely closed fan. Default used to be with arms and legs crossed whether sitting or standing, head down, looking away making pointed finger and hands behind back or flappy wrists and little eye contact or focus to not being so distractingly absent. One is socially registering as absent unless one talks and does so approachably.

My arms are lead hollowing out and the floor clamps for my feet aren’t so reliable after the amount I’ve jangled at them. Still body has memory of its own and rules are still forming. I made it my practice for 15 or 20 years to not touch, even to the point of arranging body space and hands clasped behind back to signal and remind myself not to gesture on people, equating touch with invasive (in family culture of non-touch), temptation-causing (to anyone), religiously defiling (in the case of Sikh and Muslim law of touch from non-family female) or awkward (spreading negative energies of uncertainty). There’s a lag. My habit from belief outlived belief but I feel close to what I can call a freedom margin of comfort. Having enough free neurons to observe helps. And asking people explicitly. That helps too when reading alone fails to give enough data.

Good things are incongruous. Even for all the noise in my head, this home is remarkably quiet. Contrast heightens, accentuates the negatives. Almost a week now since our cat’s systems shut down. Nasty and good how the body goes on autopilot. On waking, I automatically get out of bed and look at the place on the floor for the water level in the cat bowl. Automatically go down cat food aisle, a punch of nausea. I hadn’t been aware of how much of the day I was sat upon. It’s like having a broken toe, like a bumper-car ride.

I am rarely at ease with being mushy. I don’t like to leave myself open to haters. I’ve always minimized cat references here, tho she had “her own” blog.

Glad for gregorian chants. Something soothing about group voices.

And in other news, it’s mini book expo time. This year 50 publishers & authors are offering 309 titles (592 individual books) as reading copies in exchange for reviewing them. New titles daily. [via CanCult]

Live Jazz by the courtyard in the Byward Market to sooth the soul.

Didja Know Links: henna sinks in red or brown depending on your health among other factors, and can be a sunscreen to give reverse henna pattern tans

Quote: “Not with anger, not with fear. 
For negative thinking is a luxury we can’t afford.” – Yoko Ono

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