Car and Cycling Road Trips and Purse Meme

Mimi passed the purse or wallet meme to Rollie.

Apparently purses for girls and wallets for guys to explain. Pah, I’ll do both. If you want more bag-peeking Shawna Lamay is still going with the Capacious Purse Project. And before I get into it

Photo Link: age maps – Bobby Neel Adams has put half of the face of person as child beside current later adult, senior half face, adjusted for size. Disconcerting. The photograpaher has done the same half-person technique but with couples.

Now, bag…

Bag is down to 4 pens, and up to 2 notebooks because the end is near for one. (Ending a notebook becomes exponentially slower. As a notebook fills, and whatever I need has been transcribed from earlier pages, I go back over and fill the white spaces with a different color of pen jottings.)

2 sets of keys (if I drive or if I cycle), frequent tea card, change, 3 cent stamp, strappy thing for pant leg when cycling, pain medicine (still not convinced it isn’t placebo but sometimes that’s enough of a notch change to work), wallet, comb, moo cards (only 3 left. might need more.), 30 SPF sunscreen (because I burn as fast as a rocket in reentry), camera and charger, postcards received and one outgoing (August’s poem postcard a day project), address book, map of Quebec for roadtrip (pictured below) and a sheep (need toys) and antique porcelain door knob which I don’t always travel with. I might lose it. Perish the thought.

1. Describe the contents. (done)
2. What’s the most important thing in there? (That knob, oddly enough. I’ve had it for 25 years or so. Lovely shape and hand feel.)
3. What’s the most embarrassing? (nothing)
4. What’s the smallest ? (I’m sure you can work that out yourself.)
5. Is there anything illegal in there? (It’s never a matter of the thing, but the devious use.)
Bonus: I dare you to find a story in the pile.

wallet meme
Wallet’s collection of receipts (aka scrap paper), cash (rare to have that in person), stamps, stub from Fringe?, bluesfest ticket stub (shows how often I clean out this thing), points card (also doubled nicely for scraping flush the extra wood filler), cards, bus tickets (apparently the price went up again since I last bought), pen refill, picture of the Hub (at his sister’s wedding in 2001).

Story? Pictures rather than 1000 words. To expand on that map…

And that map up there led to here: Edelweiss Valley, Quebec

Gorgeous hills to fill moments with.

And this would be where I tried to get cornflowers in foreground and forgot those are tall grasses and slid down into the ditch to my shoulder blades, feet in the water at the bottom and laughing too hard to go right back up the steep bank.

The guy with the monkey on truck noticed my camera and was giving peace signs and thumbs up.

cycling ride
Critical Mass is a pro-cycling awareness raising anarchy ride (i.e. anarchy as grass-roots spontaneous consensus of individuals, not hierarchically led and not corporate). Critical Mass events have been happening since 1992 in San Francisco and has spread to about 20 countries.

There were cheers of “we don’t block traffic, we are traffic!” and thank yous called out to all cars who give space and pause, and one person called “gasholes!” to those who crowd and rev engines to squeal past. Some people fell into place to watch intersections to make sure between stragglers keep up and people call out opinions on route or remind to stop for red lights.

An interesting experience. Makes me see the logic and pleasure of those packs of long distance cyclers. It’s like being in a flock of sparrows. The sense of vulnerability when cycling alone of being picked off by clueless drivers isn’t there. (Sometimes you don’t know you feel on edge until you experience the contrast of feeling safe.) It’s not like a bubble of no-talk car or no-talk walk. Conversations fall in, fall away fluidly. People change pace and end up alongside then not, then back but the whole group stays together. It’s not like the bike paths when rollerbladers take full-width of path with their strokes and walkers are there to do random things. It’s not like bike lanes where cars cross them anyway. Cycling, while usually relaxing, is more relaxing.

There’s no set route on the monthly rides but that time part of it went into Gatineau Quebec along a scenic bit of the river as well.

Quote: “My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” – Charles F. Kettering

29 Aug 2008, 12:46pm
Ottawa Photos

Sunshiny Days

Now, where shall we go today? A lot of thoughts in the head with no clear hierarchy self-nominating.

graffiti boxes
Lies across box after box. Then person ran out of paint for the same brush? or a vote of faith for the Citizen?

sparkle water IMG_8328
A certain outdoor sparkle followed indoors and out.

Wellington St fountain
On 27 degree day water cools eyes. While we were there a backpacker came, washed his long hair in the fountain, dried off with his t-shirt. The wet shirt could keep him cooler a while longer.

Canada Link: Find your Member of Parliament using your postal code
(Citizenship being more than election day, keep the rep in the loop you want since none are certified mind-readers.)

Light Link: The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form, 46,000 limericks and growing

Our goal is to write at least one limerick for each meaning of each and every word in the English language. Our best limericks will clearly define their words in a humorous or interesting way, although some may provide more entertainment than definition, or vice versa.

Quote: “Desperation is like stealing from the Mafia: you stand a good chance of attracting the wrong attention.” – Doug Horton

27 Aug 2008, 1:11pm
Ottawa Photos Poets
Comments Off on George Murray at Tree

George Murray at Tree

George Murray of 4 poetry collections and bookninja was in town last night at the Tree Reading. He was last here for the Ottawa International Writers Fest in Spring 2007. (Steven Heighton and Roo Borson are among the ones coming this fall.) Murray remarked on how, with not a word of flattery, he assured, wonderfully strong the open mic set was.

Some who opt in can get the text or audio recording of their poem posted at the site of the series before its replaced by newer readings. For another couple weeks you can hear a few last night’s open mic people (but at previous readings): Guy Simser, Baird McNeill, rob mclennan. On another page Murray Citron was reading translations of Itzik Manger‘s Yiddish poems based on the book of Ruth. Host Rod Pederson, M.T. Al-Mansouri, Dean Steadman were among the regular crew who did the open mic lst night.

A nice fluidity goes with the habit here, reading ones own material, or something you want to share, such as Pierre Boivin sharing Irving Layton’s Misunderstanding. People do either or both. There were two new faces as well, smoothly articulating in their visions: Christine McNair and Gillian Wallace. Christine’s poem on the odd names the air force give to their planes flew well. Gillian Wallace read a series of poems, including one on a hysterectomy of what was never used, and yet not. All in all powerful stuff.

Lee Anne Boudreau opened with her first open mic appearance in 4 years. She held the audience with an excerpt from her 10 page story of a senior preparing to get ready for his brother’s funeral. He’s trying to sort out how his brother of better and wealth and health ended up going before he did. A theme evolved over the night with one of Guy Simser’s poems being about his losing his brother. They shared everything over life. From the same sports teams to past girlfriends. Death by drowning popped up (or rather sank) in Murray Citron’s poem and a couple others. Guy Simser also read a poem from his 5 years cultural immersion in Japan.

Murray read from the rush to here (2007), from The Hunter (2003) and from the new set of poems that are shaking into his next manuscript.

Each book is to clear the palate from the last. After Hunter he reversed course and was strict to form. the rush to here is sonnets that avoid rhyme (instead rhyming concepts) so his next will embrace it. He read Rearview Mirror, Rush and The Corner. From that last one:

I’ve met my match in my son, the mirror
image of his face constantly separating
from mine: I walk beside a wall of glass,
come to the corner, he goes the other way.

If he was going to field requests I would hope for Wilt with its “moment of relevation so intense/ it self-destructs, like a storm’s litter/might be swept clean by its own force” or Spilling Through the Break with it’s lovely surreal accuracy and humor of “The parents are getting younger, strollers/ pushed by strollers,” leading to,

Babies tread the air with fat legs, pinned
at the end of our arms against the night sky.
The gravid women have gone on strike, have clamped
their knees and grow like blasts in the vaccuum.

He also talked a bit about this odd generation trained by hearing the quick-parse of marketing slogans, movie trailers and whatnot, to make a sound bite. We can cough back the structure automatically. How do we relate to appropriation of someone else’s story? When in mass media like pop culture of 911, does it become our own story?

George Murray closed with poems inspired by James Richardson’s Vectors: Aphorisms & Ten-Second Essays. Ay, me, handwriting jots and dark room, bad combo. I can still read:
#27 “They put crosswords into the obituaries as a reminder.”

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sandwich board summer toes
Take advantage of the warm weather while it’s with us.

Other Booky Goodness: Red Pine’s Poems of the Masters: China’s Classic Anthology of T’ang and Sung Dynasty Verse arrived in the mail today. BookMooch is a good thing. :)

Poetry Rubric: A cleaner version of what I posted in Janauary: a chart to assist assessing or editing poems. [broken link fixed]

Feed Link: Now for your convenience, an amalgamated feed of my most frequent blogs thru Grazr While I disprefer RSS feeds myself since I find myself more passive reader than interactive and don’t like the stripping of contextual colors and fonts, I realize for some people it’s more ergonomic. Grazr made the setup straightforward. It’s a good site and service, even while suffering from the degenerative IT vowel loss that has already struck flickr, tumblr, twitxr, zooomr, drivl, moblr and blippr.

Quote: “A period of least resistance is upon us. Quickly,/ finish everything! Only nothing/may be left undone.” – George Murray, p. 47, Cage, The Hunter

25 Aug 2008, 11:26am
Divertions Photos


kaleido_ekaleidotile kaleidospice kaleidoword kaleidochive kaleidohost kaleidoskirl kaleidotin8 kaleido_poppy2
Dazzling and Mandala-like, these results of the Kaleidoscopes tool/toy bring a sort of meditative absorption.

Want to guess what any of the source images are? Golden(-painted) fleece chase anyone? (But it’s fun…)

News Link: 1000 paraded with pride march yesterday with an estimated 35,000 along the streets watching. And I forgot about it. Remarkable how much can happen so near and my bubble of quiet not vibrate at all.

Quote: “Search for meaning, eat, sleep. Search for meaning, eat, sleep. Die, search for meaning, search for meaning, search for meaning.” – Doug Horton

24 Aug 2008, 12:18pm
Ottawa Photos

Images, This

A few pictures from around Ottawa on a walkabout or two. Have yourself a good rest of weekend, aiming to treat life better than its treating you, (as says someone blogless I can’t point to.)

bank st
Construction topsy turvies Bank St.

Reflections are sometime at least as clear as actual.

A volunteer pansy stretches outside the gates of Parliament.

pound grafitti
Poetry gets disseminated.

berry good tea
Quiet time with warm tea in warm sun and warm company.

Poetry Links: written on the sand is lovely and so is this project: perforated dots so that they line up to make words only on summer solstice, the lines revealing over a course of hours. That links to project. Clear image of installation is at Larry’s. And elsewhere, Anonymous Mag where all writers and editors will remain blanked out. Intriguing idea stripped of author, in a way.

Quote: “Ask yourself, If I had only sixty seconds on the stage, what would I absolutely have to say to get my message across.” – Jeff Dewar

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