30 Nov 2008, 11:50am

This is to Say

I have eaten the …

No that’s not it.

I put a few blogs on rss to consolidate them into one aggregate feed. Grazr and LJ won’t play tho. I posted poetry things at Pesbo tho. I won’t repeat myself here today.

Life’s a celebration of aggregates of one kind or another. Net gains, net neutral and cementing what was loose and wobbly?

I don’t know but something must call for a bit of turtle for breakfast, right?
This pic(k) of pecans, hot caramel sauce and ice cream to put the hot pepper put brownies to good use, night or day.

This used to be our yearly anniversary food: sharing a turtle and a fajita at a Billings Bridge Restaurant that no longer exists. It’ll be 17 years in January.

Last night was pleasantness. We came home after social sometime after 2 a.m.

My! Thank goodness we didn’t have to rise early. I probably will be tired after a two day lag…hrm….Great, flagging energies on dental checkup day. Ah well. If it’s not one day, it’s another. It all nets out to good. And City Hall tomorrow.

Now gotta run and see the folks.

Quote: “Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.” –George Sand (pen name of Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin

Reconciliation with What Is

store doggie Is it the shortness of sunlight that makes days seem so short? Or my length of trough of focus that can have me sit absorbed for 9 or 10 hours fiddling on a cricket’s fiddle with these normal human hands?

By clock a day has to be the same. I don’t think the ratios of going out vs. staying in are radically shifted. What did I used to talk about when blogging daily? I suppose there was a certain amount of blathery-jabber of lookie there. Like:

Look here, at this doggie in the window.

I’m trying not be this dog, as adorable as he is. (So fur? No. Good.)

What’s parked in my mind is this funny thing:I expected we’d be living here for years so I avoided taking photos of daily life in home. I knew if I got a photo I liked I’d post it and I would work at cross-purposes to my sense of privacy. Because a cool photo trumps pandering to oneself. I guess that’s a variation on don’t allow yourself to think and you won’t misspeak. We know that doesn’t happen. I think I only cheated myself there.

Now I’m in the position of 2 weeks left living in this space and wanting to cling onto every grain in the floor boards. Cat’s cradle.

Each item is infused with my attentiveness, as if should be by habit. If life is lived as if sedated or in a coma without alertness, that’s a loss. Conscious living is a goal. Noble perhaps.

Perhaps attention naturally falls to sedated because if we are on alert always we become overstimulated and that’s not sustainable or healthy. We need by biology to cycle thru slumps to rest for times of particular tenderness.

If one always is becoming absorbed in small beauties, I suppose that too is a momentum loss. One would Mr. Magoo around the world. Time and place for each thing.

I turn back to my other hand. Being aware isn’t the same as being lost in attending to a detail. There’s some pendulum swing distance between.

An orchid is a flower that blooms so tenderly. Mickey Gilley sang, “I overlooked an orchid, while searching for a rose.” What matters is to stay present to what is, balancing that with wishes of what might be. Loving the present and future both without the love of one causing spurning constructing ideas of bitter grapes for the other.

If not for competing desires to make headway on this writing project, I’d probably sit watching the angle of sky that I won’t be able to see next month. Not moping, you understand, just intently, intensely, intentionally appreciating.

Fortunately my serially focus mind (I knew it had to have some hidden advantage) doesn’t allow me to tumble into the romanticization.

We go out on a high note. Every place to live has advantages and disadvantages.

supper in bed
Mind watches mind: There’s a certain impulse to cocoon, take stock, treasure up, rest up, make appreciative tallies. It is safe to honor that. It is not an indulgence if it is for a short while. It can be broken clear of again, sublimated by turning that moody eye towards thankfulness towards people who are doing good and I haven’t spoken of. It can be redirected into a softer word when tired or irritated in the primed understanding that life is enormously short and fragile.

Patterns repeat. I’ll run roughshod again soon enough. I’ll get hepped up or pinched over something else soon enough and the wave amplitude will change. While I am still willing and able to access quiet softness it’s safe to slow down and pause more often than normal to come out of task-mind and instrumental conversations and hammering something into proper place. A sense of breathing without any emotional obligation.

There never is a time when all things align, except perhaps momentarily. If I were peak thinking, heart, health, setting, social at the same time, it would be Nirvana. What we have is this. At the end of the day, or ideally throughout it, you have to decide it is ok. It’ll do. It’ll get both better and worse from here and just pivot different. That’s a given.

Quote: “Agatha Christie has given more pleasure in bed than any other woman.” – Nancy Banks Smith

27 Nov 2008, 4:46pm
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FW: Good Wishes

The best you can say sometimes is to pass on the talking and let someone else take it away…

What would you wish to have happen by the end of today?

This is what a film makers, Kenneth Chu and Benjamin Reece asks 50 people in New York and in New Orleans. They are gorgeously filmed and put together.

Music Link: You don’t need money to make music. Listen to the music of the…glasses

Quote: “The writer does the most, who gives his readers the most knowledge, and takes from him the least time.” – C.C. Coulton

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to you American folk.

25 Nov 2008, 9:24pm
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Quick Flash

Always time for a word, isn’t there? Except when there isn’t. The more time you take, the more time you make.
8 days until the end of the public consultation on Arts Cuts.

This image from City Hall at their display on the new count-down crosswalks coming to a corner perhaps even near you.

Other than that? Naturally since I declared an intention to blog something in particular on a day in particular, life made other energy routes. It almost gives credence to the ensh’allah (god willing) or my family’s there’s no sayin’. can’t make plans around here. Almost.

I’ve been at 40 Word Year.

Lit Link: Hunchback Of Notre Dame online in full, or in squashed version.

Quote: “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts… for support rather than illumination.” – Andrew Lang (1844-1912) [ via]

Peace Walks Here

William Commanda celebrated his 95th birthday on Nov. 11. Who? He’s an Algonquin Elder who has dedicated to his life work to peace and had been given the key to the City of Ottawa. I saw him lead this summer at the Odawa Pow wow.

According to Holy Hill Center Grandfather Commanda has an annual Circle of All Nations Gatherings at his home in late July. These have attracted peace keepers from around the world. You can read more of Grandfather William Commanda’s work at Circle of All Nations. I read a little too late that the opening ceremony of Organizing for Social Justice (the conference ends today) was to be led by him.

Also making appearances in town this week: Aga Khan. He is building a Global Center for Pluralism as an extension of his projects for 3rd world development and refugee aid. “It will work with countries to nurture successful civil societies in which every citizen, irrespective of cultural, religious or ethnic differences, is able to realize his or her full potential.”

Did you know the Santa Claus Parade is today where people can donate toys to firefighters to distribute to kids?

Also, today there’s home made treats and a Hot Chocolate Tasting of free samples of fair trade hot chocolate from La Siembra, an Ottawa-based cooperative at Ten Thousand Villages at 371 Richmond Road (11am-1pm) and 1174 Bank Street (2pm-4pm). (There are 180 outlets grown from the Mennonite Central Committee.)

Here’s another event with more lead time, also from Ottawa Events: Nov 26-29 Meta Schmeta: Cautionary Tales for the Self-Obsessed 4 humorous plays with a meta-twist.

Simplest Solution: Snow for A/C? Centretown News talks about the city using it for winter snow thru spring and summer as air conditioning, like an ice house.

Link: Etymologist Bill Casselman has a Latin Epigraph for his website: “HOSPES·GRATVM·EST·CVM·APVD 
DORMIAS·SINE·CVRA”. Go there to see the translation. (He has all kinds of books on funny twists languages have taken or Canadian sayings.)

Blog Link: Neil’s reasoned argument for Gay marriage is the one I like best so far, here.

Article Link: Lit Pump has one on connection between fit mind and exercised body.

Glad Game: Other than all that lot above?

Early next week I can write up about the architect from Rome who spoke earlier this week. He was an excellent speaker and did some interesting work.

I might even tell you more about the blissfully great A B series reading with Michelle Desbarats. She has such sparkling energy and imaginative poem life of such beauty.

All the hours of socializing as an antidote to the self-imposed hermitage of working at home. Such lovely people are in this community.

Solace Rhythm of the Dance is good music.

The rhythm of laundry. (Doing what I have time for and the rest? Mañana was made for this, I’m sure.)

Being asked to do a poetry performance of WB Yeats by neigbours was a kick.

Good incoming: I need to get busy shortly with a party happening here tonight.

Facebook can’t be a distraction. It’s locked me out. Clearly I am a spammer for having the audacity to write on the wall of my own event. (UI designers may apply now to Facebook.)

Glad for making homemade soup yesterday. It turned out fabulously. And magic how it looks and tastes so different from its constituent potatoes, leeks,mushrooms and almonds.

Glad for food processor. (How long would it have taken otherwise to chop mushrooms to creamy?)

Fabulous, extremely long phone conversation yesterday (3 hours(?) with a dear friend who can make me laugh until I squeak and can’t see.)

Glad for that inner shift that I can let my spirits lift without saddling it with expectation and dread that any high will be more than compensated by an incoming low. Less riding the mental riding of the clutch and brakes. Getting better at the this fluidity thing.

My folks have arranged to come visit us next week. (This will be the 2nd time in about 6 years.)

I’m finding a rhythm for Food blogging again.

Glad for hearing the story from Cindy of a woman teaching lullabies to anyone interested. It was the first time she’d heard the Lithuanian lullaby from anyone but her dad singing it to her; powerful. Then a group of 15 singing in unison. The program for immigrants to teach any Canadian to sing non-English songs runs in a park field house in Montreal.

Quote: “The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.” — Edwin Schlossberg

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