27 Dec 2008, 12:05pm
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Recap Meme: Year in Clippings

The start of first post of each month of 2008, but first,

Quote: “The other day I got out my can-opener and was opening a can of worms
when I thought, What am I doing?!” – Jack Handey

…And tomorrow? My favorite photos posted from each month…

December: Where to begin? Where one left off or somewhere new?

November: Junot Díaz was in conversation with Adrian Harewood on stage about The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.


October: pixelated If thoughts turn with the months (to family in December, to love in February, to vacations in June) for October, they turn to warmth, soup and crocheted afghan comfort.

September: Ottawa has a baseball team. Who knew? At least a few thousand, apparently. And Ottawa had its first baseball team in 1898 in the Eastern League.

August: I can exactly picture an image and want to build on. I have a little idea of when I made it…

July: In brief, lately…Enjoyable Canada Day gatherings. Event horizon has a family gathering. Only a few days until we read at Tree on Tuesday as Ottawa’s Hot Voices.

June: A number of the Postmodern conference discussions last month had to do with the struggle to define where one is in postmodernism. How far along are we? What does post-modernism mean at a local and national level?

May: Let’s see. I haven’t posted. Lately I have taken no pictures (nor prisoners). I’ve not read or seen anything to summarize…

April: May 4 is no-pants-day. Not too early to prepare for wearing less?

March: Glad: To have had 2 weeks worth of things to think about over 3 days.

February: Get your own blank license from SBPoet. Also amusing is the Real Writer blank certificate via fantasy novelist Janni Lee Simner.

January: Fill in this empty potential with all the dreams and actions you want to muster…

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