10 Aug 2009, 4:24pm

Knocking on Opportunity’s Door

Ah, there is always time for what is worth doing. I plan on workshopping poems tomorrow, seeing a friend Thursday, going to an Arts Court reading [pretty cool as it turned out], seeing mom a couple times this week, blogging the HNA and Purdyfest in times around then before we take off for Dublin, but breath is the foundation of sky.

Lessons from furry gurus…loll for a moment in the moment, relax completely, then sprint.
My aunt’s cat.

My aunt’s cat being ignored by the other momma cat.

For the Haiku North America Conference (HNA) there was a broadsheet “Alleluia” with poems by Sheila M Ross, Guy Simser, Claudia Coutu Radmore, Mike Montreuil, myself, Terry Ann Carter and former U.S. Poet Laureate, Billy Collins with good wishes for the conference [Patti would be thrilled]. A cool enough thing in itself.

My haiku was,

July 2nd, Rideau
the red bra unhooked
from the hedge

Over the conference, a woman did a double take at my name tag and told me that she had seen the same bra and when she read the poem she had the uncanny feeling that she had not been alone before when seeing it earlier, but that I must have been walking behind her. Rather neat.

And because when opportunity comes, it can’t be put off — another aunt phoned and said she expects to make a trip to my neighbourhood…want to meet for lunch?

Here’s me with Uncle Cy.

IMG_9694 Serendipity gives serenity. She and my uncle and their niece and I spent much of the day on the town. (Which I would have done, had internet been working anyway but there was extra sense of good timing.) Delightful people. Living towards opposite corners of the continent we haven’t seen each other nearly enough.

And here’s my cousin with the rescued parrots that I mentioned a few weeks back. The green ones can live 50-70 years and the white one can live to be over 100.

Recently Out There: A couple poems by me at A Handful of Stones and Eat Your Words and a photo I took of Bachinsky is up at the Nightwood site.

Long Out There: 3000 years or so of noteable quotes from women

Quote: “The clock chimes and chimes/ and stops / but the river” – Guy Simser, a tribute haiku to Bill Higginson

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