23 Nov 2009, 9:12pm

Alrighty then

If success does have a smell, it’s pine, isn’t it?

If you got errors leaving comments, that shouldn’t happen anymore. The plugin for subscribing to comments is working now. (Thanks be to Hub!)

I have been reading, or out, much of the time, it seems, yet it feels like I’m always home as well.

I think I’ve been largely in listening mode, despite what all the posts growing, elsewhere suggest.

At one, Jim K. says, in part,

“At some stage the reader expects something,
is denied it, and makes up their own tale to
glue the thing back together. That delighful
itch of any unfinished joke or an Ashbery, or
even the start of a Philosophical thought from
a structured poem that makes you rummage
yourself. “

I appreciate how articulate others are.

There’s been a goodly bit of “rummaging myself”. And a lot of need for sleep and for downtime. A lot of waving between marooned, mollassed into dull thinking and then sense of clarity.

Good things and tiring things and then a lot of neutral. Some Silly (such as Monsterpiece Theatre Taming of the Shoe and that existentialist classic, Waiting for Elmo).

A day goes, shallow breaths or deep breaths.

Quote: “It is possible to commit no errors and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.” -Captain Picard to Data, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Peak Performance

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