Good Things Happening: Round Up

Part of Saturday will be the fall edition of the Ottawa small press fair at the Jack Purcell community Center at Gilmour and Elgin. It’s in its 15th year now. There are all kinds of uncommon things. Come for the paper, magazines, chapbooks, spine-books and ideas, stay for the social.

Apt 9 will be there as will Mansfield, room 302, Buschek, Bywords and a few dozen others.

It’ll be a full next few days with all the literary events in Ottawa.

(Full speed or full stop.) Next week looks to have these extended chunks of time. That should be handy. I like to work flat out for 8 or 10 hours even if my back might have words with me later.

I’ve let one manuscript lie fallow long enough to get distance. It’s time to get back in the saddle.

frost on the saddle
But bejeepers, there was frost on the saddle when I returned!

Ah well, moving warms one up more than sitting does.

Step 1: a) Eye from a distance.

Step 1. b) Take a practice run towards it.

Step 2: Open files but don’t look directly at the files.

Step 3: Contemplate USB adaptors to pre-warm for butt on seat comfort.

Step 4: Walk to clear head.

Step 5: Start to transcribe in hard copy changes.

Step 6: Stock up on enough groceries to last a week or so, just in case there is a massive freak snow storm or a huge run of concentration.

Step 7: Rearrange desk. Intersperse with peeking at files and fonts and margins. Wow, I’ve never seen average movie rankings that low across demographics.

And so on.

Willa is an 11-year old Toronto girl who shaved her head to raise money for a shelter. She raised $1500 in a week.

[via Kate Trgovac] That post also talks more about the girl campaign and has another video up about Olympian Jennifer Heil on the Plan program for girls.

Link: Whale or mermaid?, a response letter to a women’s fitness campaign.

Glad Game: A sneeze to reset the back into place, without even knocking over partition walls is a double-pleasure. The back settling into proper alignment is like a word on the tip of the tongue arriving.

Glad I ate a proper breakfast. It only takes a few minutes longer than scarfing down something random. Well, random, ill-advised as a meal, but edible.

Lovely conversations in person and email. And interesting discussion at Brenda’s on risky performance art.

The last writing workshop had a good chemistry. The three new faces relaxed into it. Lovely give and take in a group contemplation of intents, mechanisms and effects of two very different poems. (Cri de Coeur, Deferred by Margaret Christakos and Sorrow Moves in Wide Waves by Lorine Neidecker.)

An opener to a scrabble board that used the whole tray with “removals”.

Thanks is a good time to share the wealth of time or other resources. Two bucks and a quarter for a meal at the Mission.

Miss Vicky points to women’s shelters that are doing good work too.

Happy holidays to the American readers who are celebrating!

        P.S. New mail! a couple chapbooks of Michael Mann’s creation of unarmed with things by sheila e murphy, Gary Barwin, john m bennett, daniel f bradley, bill bissett and loads of others, and a little black strap chappie by George Bowering. Neat-o.

        Step 8: Read mail.

Quote: “Notice the difference between what happens when a man says to himself, I have failed three times, and what happens when he says, I am a failure.” – S.I. Hayakawa [link on failed via David]

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